Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Selfies With The Hooligans


Angel Pipo, as rendered by Laura Strickland, from The Cat In The Clover; she is a friend from our Catster days, some of you might remember her.

Angel Pipo will be 'home' soon, and then he will be reunited with Angels Minko and a place of honor.

Us Angel Meezers will now go around the blogosphere as Angels WBS. 

We used to be known as WeBeesSiamese,  back in the days when we were on the earth together…which was shortened to WBS...hence the new moniker, Angels WBS (Pipo & Minko)

Well, once again Sunday is upon us, which means its Sunday Selfie Day!

Us hooligans will show ourselves in a wee bit...

Thanks so much to all who have sent POTP for Pawppy. He is getting better, a wee bit by wee bit...but at least he is going in the right direction. We had a scare on the 10th, he lost balance and smashed his face into the door frame...and had to make a trip to the urgent care to get stitches...sheesh, as if he didn't have enough troubles. But he says he thinks his leg which was very weak, is somewhat stronger now.

Petcretary marked a year's journey around the sun this past Friday...the unfur-bros brought us a meal and we feasted! It was a strange celebration, on account of this evil virus mess we are in, but we did all enjoy ourselves. You know what??! No pictures were made...haha!! She got a few phone calls, and some emails as well...and some greetings on Facebook...

The weather has gone from balmy to downright chilly! Friday night it went to about 25F, Brrr!

But now its rainy and windy as well....our brief trip from autumn to summer has returned to the proper season, hahah! We do need the rain though, so we will not grumble, and we also are glad it is not snow!

On Tuesday, petcretary was the first correct guesser of this image, in Teddy's Tuesday Teaser.

Hinterdorf, Zermatt, Switzerland

She got this badge as her 'reward'

Well, here are the selfies you all were waiting for:

It rainy and cold, so I am pouting...

I wish it would stop raining...I want to outside to dig more holes...

We are  in the  Sunday Selfies with The Kitties Blue


  1. Pipo Angel looks very beautiful. We remember Laura and her crew and still have a copy of the book on poop they wrote. Our purrs to you all and more POTP to the Dad. We wish you a happy belated birthday and many more to come.
    xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  2. You boys are so cute in your selfies. We have high winds and rain here today so we won't get to play outside much.

  3. That is a beautiful picture of Angel Pipo.
    Lovely selfies from the hooligans.

  4. That's a great picture of angel Pipo! We're glad to hear Pawppy is getting better.

    We have high winds today too, and rain is headed our way. It's a good day to hibernate.

    Nice selfies of you pups! Stay warm!

  5. Happy Sunday Selfie day. Your pups and kitties are just adorable :)

  6. I am glad Angel Pipo will soon be home with you.
    The hooligans are mighty cute too :)
    I send purrs to Pawppy and purr he is OK.
    Purrs, Julie

  7. Most beautiful selfies, and as for the snow, well here's hoping it stays away long enough so that when it does come, it is a welcome treat.
    Healing purrs to all.

  8. I'm glad to hear your Dad is doing better, we're sending purrs and pawsitives his way! Darling selfies everyone!

  9. Egads, hope he recovers quickly!
    Funny how the weather goes from summer to winter, then back again.
    It can stay like this for a long time; I do not enjoy Winter.

  10. Well done guessing. I am never up at the right time so I would never be first guesser LOL!!
    I will miss Pipo, his face was such a joy to see. * hugs *.

  11. That's a lovely selfie of Angel Pipo.
    And you guys are looking great too.
    We are glad Pawppy is on the mend. And belated birthday greetings to Petcretary.

  12. Such cute selfies! You couldn’t possibly be hooligans. We’re glad your pawpy is getting better...and Happy Birthday to your petcretary!

  13. super selfies!!! and well done for da teaser, that was a tough one ;O)

  14. hay ewe dawgs; we wizh ewe coulda been at catster/dogster; may bee MJF can tell ya about it frum a waza awesum web site !!!

    dood...ya look grate in yur wings.....troo lee....gleek's mommy made ewe an awesum badge !! ♥♥♥♥♥

    we iz sorree pawpy took a tern N we hope by now knot only iz hiz lg like way mor stronger but hiz nogginz aye oh kay two

    anda happee bee lated 21st ta petcretarry; we hope her day total lee rocked N heerz two a yeer a head
    filled with happeez N healtheez ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ !♫♪♫

  15. You hooligans look awesome....great selfies.

    Angel Pipo will always walk with us after all she is siamese.....if you please!