Sunday, November 8, 2020

Angelic Styled Sunday ~ And A Pawppy Update

Well, it has been a crazy week for our family. Sad, stressful, anxiety filled and otherwise filled with uncertainty and turmoil.

Election stress, Pawppy's Surgery, Pawppy's return home, and Pipo's passing. Also this week would have been the week of fun and happiness for Petcretary, as she always reserved this week to travel to see her family in Canada. Well, Covid put a kabosh on that:(

Well, since we cannot change what is, we have to live with it all, and try to make the best of it.

All the hub-bub regarding Pawppy helped petcretary have things to occupy herself with, instead of falling apart over Pipo. Being a health care worker herself, she has learned over the years that one has to deal with the things of the moment and then later you can think about other things. Yes, the loss of Pipo is severe and it was sudden and she feels awful about that, on the verge of tears or even in tears...but the next day Pawppy had his surgery...she had a hard time keeping it together at times. SO much on her plate. Probably she would have anyways. LOL!

Then the peeps at the hospital deemed that Pawppy was able to go home a day earlier than originally planned. Yikes, she had nothing set up here yet. She was going to do that after visiting him that day...quick change of plans, some phone calls and a wild scramble to get the bed into the livingroom...cause stairs are out of the question right now...and to move all the kitty beds, litter pans and doggy gates out of the 'main drag' to prevent falls, etc. And a few other things...

So yes, Pawppy is home and today is better than his first day back, when he about fainted to the floor twice. 'She' was there to park a chair under him and push him into it before the worst thing(s) might occur...and he sat there for a while, till some food and coffee 'revived' him. Too many pain killers, likely a low blood sugar, and just the fact of getting up after about 12 hours in his bed...thankfully none of that today. At least unfurbro-the-elder is here, so he won't be alone, at least for several more days, until we can be sure he can get around safely. Thankfully Petcretary is off until the 16th...

Benji was SO happy to have Pawppy back! 

Dalton seemed very anxious about this new Pawppy with that big walker thing with a swinging bag hanging from it, that holds his big reaching stick...he growls and barks at him...sheesh. That poor pup is so messed up...but he does come up to him when he sits down in the chair, looking for a chin scritch...

It is so quiet around here, with no Pipo. No kitty running into the kitchen when the yogurt container is opened to demand his lick of the Pipo climbing on to the table to beg for a tidbit of whatever pawppy is Pipo in the Pipo to lead the way through the house, no litter pans to empty, no food to monitor  or meds to give, no throwups to clean up, no inappropriate pee-pees to clean up on the puppy pads, etc. No Pipo to purr loudly and knead pawppy's lap, or warm it up either. No kitty conversations between the peeps and Pipo, or the pups and other words, NO Pipo. Final. 

Who would think that all those chores that are involved with a geriatric kitty would be so missed? SOB...SOB...

When we were getting the bed out into the living room, we found all kinds of lost kitty toys, mostly pom-poms and little fur batabout balls, sort of like pom-poms. And a crocheted toy that we had gotten from Miss Ellen from 15&Meowing. More tears were shed as 'she' tenderly gathered those up and placed them with some of his other things we are going to save...

We want to THANK ALL who sent emails, comments and other comforting thoughts our way. We appreciate them all, and hopefully will respond to them all....eventually. 'Blogville' is a very supportive community, and we love how in times of stress and grief, they all gather around to help; each, however small or large  gesture, is filled with love and concern.

OK, here are some of the card/memento/graphics we received in Pipo's honor.

Thank you, Ann, from Zoolatry

Thank you, Janet, from The Kitties Blue

Thank you, Sherri Ellen, from The Purrfect Pad


Petcretary actually found some time to make a memorial memento for Angel Pipo...feel free to use it if you wish, he would be honored.

Pipo   ~  Dec 26, 2004 - Nov 3, 2020

Here are we hooligans, we miss our kitty brofur...but we still have our good furends and furmily!

I had my head in the tall grass at the fence...BOL!

That silly pesky grass is still there...Nothing much sticks to Dalton...

 We made a get well card for Pawppy:

It was also a sad week in Blogville for another reason. Our good furend Summer, lost her sisfur, Boodie. (There were some other new Angels, too, though we did not know them...) So we asked petcretary if she could pawlease make a memento for Boodie as well, and she did! You know what?? She even made it before she made Pipo's.  Awww, that was nice of her, we think:)


Pipo & Minko, the kitties known in the past as WeBeesSiamese may begin to appear here in angelic flashbacks now and then and may comment from  Kitty Heaven as well, after Pipo gets his shiny new strong wings to be able to fly back and forth...Angel MJF may even appear, too:)

Us hooligans will try to keep the blog alive and well with our silly and funny antics and some nice pics too. Of course we will make new selfies...well most of the time!

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our human and puppy hearts for all your love and concern these past few days...and into the future as well.

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  1. My human and I are SO sorry about Pipo, and all the stress you are currently going through with taking care of the male human! I'm sending lots and lots of purrs to the male human. I hope he heals quickly and uneventfully here on out.

  2. Sending loads of POTP and westie kisses to your pawppy. We had a stressful couple weeks too, but nuffin compared to what has happened to y'all. We're gonna miss Pipo so much.

  3. ooh we cried too as you came to da toy part... that was the moment all dams broke here too... hugs to your daddy we wish him all da best and we send big hugs and potp

  4. We're glad to hear your pawppy is home and doing well. It sure sounds like your mom has her hands full. We're keeping our paws crossed and sending lots of POTP to all of you.

  5. Way too much on Petcretary's plate, glad your bro without fur is there to help out. We're sure, Benji, that you will show Dalton how to not be scared and to be a comfort to your Mom and Dad. XOX Xena and Lucy and our Mom

  6. Oh My we are a bit wet eyed now. Again. We so dearly love you all and Pipo was like an Anchor to such a great history of the Cat Blogosphere for us. Ingrid you have done so very much for so very many as these badges mean so very much to us when we lose a loved family member. We know Pipo is now with his pal Minko and Mr Jack Freckles and all the other Angels playing in the warm sun on the green grass, sleeping in the shade of tall climbing trees. Purrs and prayers of support to you and especially to Pawppy who we hope gets well soon.
    Dad, Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Fitz and Einstien

  7. Why does it always seem like those kinds of troubles all hit at the same time? In 2016, my GW had a GI bleed and was in the hospital for three days. As soon as she got home, our angel Joey got sick and crossed the bridge.

    We hope Pawppy feels better soon. And we hope you pups do a good job cheering up your humans, because they sure need lots of doggie hugs and kisses, not to mention antics. Sending lots of POTP and prayers.

  8. hay ewe dawgz.....we heer de food servizz gurl say all de time God never putz on onez
    plate....petcretarry noes de rest..... yet sum times we gotta wunder .... ♥♥♥

    we iz buzzed happee for ewe pawppy iz home N we send prayerz hiz road ta ree coveree
    iz swift; but steady... sew him heelz 10000000000000000000 purrcent

    God's strength two both "mom and dad" now N always....♥♥♥♥♥

  9. We meow in sadness again about Pipo. But glad that Pawppy is home again better.

  10. This post made us tear up, Ingrid, as we felt your sadness in every word. We hope despite of everything, that you can find peace in your heart with everything that is going on right now. We're going to miss your sweet angel very much too, but we know we all see each other again, one day, on the other side💗🙏 Please know that we are thinking of you every day and send Healing Pawkisses to your Pawwppy and to you too and we also wish you for today a very Happy Birthday and wishes that your new birth year is going to be a mucht brighter year, liefdevol en in volle gezondheid for you, pawwppy and the doggies too💗Love, Light and Pawkisses from Me and My Granny🐾😽💞

  11. Oh my goodness, our hearts go out to you! That is quite a lot to deal with all at once. We hope your Pawppy is well on his way to getting well fast. We had tears in our eyes for Pipo and how much you miss Pipo. Our meowmy hasn't seen her Mama for almost one year because her Mama is stuck up in Canada. I guess that'd be our Grandmeowmy. She hasn't even met Otis yet but her bags are packed so she can drive over the border, pronto, as soon as it opens! We are sending tons of hugs your way, take care. 💕

  12. Wishing you all the best of the best at this most trying stressful and sad time.
    Nothing much sticks to me either, though the same can't be said to Mrs H when she gets digging in the garden or raking up leaves and whatnot ;)
    Purrs to all