Sunday, November 29, 2020

Post Thanksgiving Selfies


Yes, we are very late but still seasonal with our selfies this week...BOL!

Since our own leaves are all gone by now, well, we had to make do, BOL! Sorry for the wee bit of fuzzy focus...

I am ready for that turkey, OK?!


We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

While petcretary did not have to be at her work, there was more than plenty to keep her way too busy here at home.

There was a roaming kitty a few days ago, and *she* had to move it out of harms way from our van twice, then since we were already n there, she put kitty in the yard....and saw er escape post haste, but she was already driving away! BOL! When she got home, we could sniff her but she wasn't around...later still petcretary was on FB, looking for how to let a rescue lady know some info, and lo and behold there was 'our' kitty! She was at the neighbor's place, where the lady had brought her inside. And she posted info about 'the lost kitty', who does she belong to, very friendly, etc. What kitty normally goes right up to strangers and even lets herself be picked up by them. A very social kitty indeed! And since petcretary does not have her phone number, well, she can't tell her who she thinks said kitty belongs to. *She* did leave a message on the neighbor's FB page, but with the new FB, well, she can't send it to her...sheesh. Well, she tried. Maybe if *she* knows that lady is home she will knock on her door.  Sadly we cannot take her in here, cause the only kitties that petcretary is not allergic to, are orientals.

Anypaws, we were in the van...well, cause we had to go to *that* place...but Dr Ben said we were fine and see you next year! Hooray!

While we were there, Angel Pipo was given back to Petcretary. He has a beautiful little walnut box, with an engraved nameplate on now all the original bloggers, (and Dogster/Catster), furry ones are reunited. Someday *she* will get them all together for a photo session...

Pawppy is doing quite well, he gets around using either the walker or the cane, depending what he is doing. The walker gets more use early in the morning, when the hours of laying in bed make him feel stiffer and a bit unsteady. He can now even put on his own socks and shoes! That was a milestone!

He started physio early this week, and got some exercises think do at home as well. There is very slow but steady improvement in his weak leg, the nerve damage will take a long time to heal, the doc thinks maybe even up to a year. Wow.

We had a nice Thanksgiving celebration, though there was no church service, as we are used to doing. Stupid virus...There was turkey and fixings, all more or less following our keto/paleo mix of eating. IE, no grains, no refined sugars, or even none at all, no processed foods, unless they were made by ourselves...and lots of veggies, fruits,  and various protein sources. Plenty of good Earth Ale, too (water...) It is restrictive, but we are not hungry! Well, we do get hungry, but not in an abnormal craving sort of way.

She baked two grain-free loaves, one full of seeds and one just plain, with almond flour. Both were yummy, but the best one was with all the seeds, it gave a hearty texture. She made her own cranberry sauce, too. A bit spiced up, with oranges and ginger and other typical 'fall' spices. And she made a nut crusted pumpkin pie, YUM! With a good dump of whipped cream on top, Mmmm! Sorry, no pictures, she was too busy...

And we got a few tidbits of the white meat in our bowls, too, YUM!

Black Friday was quiet here, cause we did not indulge! At least not at stores...and since the medical bills are piling up...well, we shop only for what we need these days... and truthfully, we never really have done much about joining in with the greedy crazy peeps that try to snag all they can:(

Today we made Teddy's Turkey Salad! That was really good, thanks for sharing that! We put a good amount of spring mix (greens) on our plates, and put the salad on top of them. Then we had our seeded bread on the side! Delicious! (Us hooligans didn't get any of that, though...)

The viral explosion at petcretary's nursing home is awful...but thankfully, so far all of her tests, (2x a week),  are negative, and we hope and pray they stay that way.

Petcretary was one of four first commenters at The Tuesday Teaser, this past week...again at Teddy's blog, so she got this 'badge'!  Alas, while she was right with her guess, she was not first with it, BOL!

We are in the weekly Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! Thanks Miss Janet and your crew, for faithfully hosting this fun blog, each week! We love it and we love you!


  1. ConCats being the first commenter THAT is pawsome. It happens in the middle of the night so I always forget LOL!!!!

    I am glad Dad is doing OK. Physio makes a huge difference.

  2. Lots of purrs to you all for a speedy recovery and staying safe from the virus until the vacine comes available. That sounds an awesome fresh and healthy diet, and one that is sure to work well for the whole body. Mrs H follows something similar, but not keto as that is tough on certain parts of the body.
    Stay well purrs

  3. Glad you both had a good check up. It is good to have Angel Pipo back home too.

  4. Happy Sunday guys. many purrs to pawppy for a fast recovery, and that your petcretary stays safe. Our mom has to get tested every week. Happy Sunday.

  5. What lovely, festive selfies!
    And how good to hear that Pawppy is doing well.

  6. We are furry happy to hear the dad is on the mend. Special angel POTP to the mom to stay well and stay safe.
    Enjoy the left overs, yum yum yum! xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  7. Darling selfies pups! I'm glad your Pawppy is improving. Best to all.

  8. We hope your Petcretary stays safe and your Pawppy continues to make positive progress towards recovery. Purr purr purr.

  9. Great fall selfies from you two today. We're glad to hear your Pawppy is doing well with his recovery. We're keeping our paws crossed that your mom stays safe at work.

  10. A good check up is good news! Glad that Pipo is back home again. We love our angels just like we love you

  11. Good to hear you had a good Thanksgiving!
    Nice to hear the checkups were good and that Pawpy is doing well also :)
    Purrs that continues!
    Purrs too that Petcretary stays safe at work. I am sure the residents appreciate her efforts.
    Purrs, Julie

  12. Those are outstanding selfies!

    Maybe that kitty wants to come live with you?

    Woofs and Purrs,
    Ollie, Tama and Genji

  13. Hi Guys! We are so furry happy to bes back! And we gotta say wes has missed yous guys! We are so glad that Pippo is now home and that your Pappy is doing better. We has been worried about your Mom and working where she does... we are furry happy she has not gotted that virus!
    We also must say, your photos are spectacular! Your Mom takes really exceptional photos. We wish or Mom's were 1/2 as good.
    Wes sends yous much Love and Purrs
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Mom Barb

  14. Those are great selfies! So festive for Thanksgiving. We continue to purr for your pawppy and that he gets better and better. And for your petcretary...that she continues to be safe from the virus.

  15. Thanksgiving with you guys sounds yummy! My human wants to try Teddy's human's recipe this week too.

  16. we love the good news and we love your festive selfies!!! and we love turkey salad... that is something our mama can eat too... or not?

  17. It's better late then never ! Your selfies are very nice !!

  18. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery.Looks like you had a big feast with the Turkey Salad,xx Speedy

  19. doodz....pleez due knot say ewe N joy...BURD....what with all de pie N spudz !!!

    we iz buzzed happee pawppy iz on de road ta ree coveree... small stepz.... N we
    iz all sew glad pipo iz home ♥♥♥♥♥ we noe petcretarry iz glad two...

    heerz hopin everee on stayz safe N healthee ♥♥♥♥♥

  20. WE're glad to hear you had a good Turkey Day! You pups are adorable!

    I got stuck working almost the entire holiday, including staying until 3am last night! Blah! We're lucky we don't have any covid and have been free of it since last summer. We're keeping fingers, and paws, crossed that it stays that way, and hope things don't get too bad at your nursing home. We're hoping Pawppy continues to get better too.

  21. All is very well at your place. The turkey sounds yummy. Pawppy is doing well. Mom uses both the walker and cane too. The walker carries stuff like meals and tea. When she has the cane she cn't carry anything.


  22. Wonderful selfies ! We're glad you had a great Thanksgiving celebration ! Purrs