Sunday, November 17, 2019

Selfies, And The Trip From H*ll...

Before we get started we need to remind you of this PSA:
A Public Service Note: As of Jan 1, 2020, petcretary will no longer be making all the Birthday and Gotcha Day cards. She will make Memorial Cards, and maybe a few others. She is spending way too much time on them, (Sometimes up to 8 hours on a card), even though she loves making them...Sorry to have to put an end to those...if you want one and have not had one for your special furend/furbaby...send her a clear image with an unobtrusive background at least 4 weeks ahead, and she will get one out to you. Just leave a comment, with contact info.

Well, Home Sweet Home never rang so sweet in petcretary's mind on the return to home road trip...

Even before we got on the highway she had to make a detour to get her tires looked at because the tire pressure light had come on. Wonderful. An hour wasted...

Then there was the weather. UGH! It was snowing, and the roads were like sloppy skating rinks. Well, she just drove slowly. The trip to the border which is about halfway, took forever, she was going 35-40 MPH in a mostly normally 60 MPH zone. There were some slide offs here and there. When she got to the border, it started snowing hard again. She had hoped to have outrun it, but no it was following her it seems, least the border crossing was very quick compared to the delays she had going the other way. We made a few short bathroom stops...the stressful conditions seem to increase the need to 'spend a penny'! MOL/BOL!

After about an hours driving the road conditions were quickly deteriorating. Far worse than on the Canadian leg of the trip. Petcretary lost count of all the slide offs she saw, and most of them had just happened. Don't peeps remember that snow means SLOW??
So we drove along at a snails pace...and stayed safe. About 3/4 of the way back, that pesky tire pressure light came on again. What?? Yikes! So she pulled off and put air in the tires again. The one tire was obviously soft. She used her pressure gauge that she keeps in the van, and had it filled up perfect. She thought...

When she got back in the van, that light did not go she pulled off again at the next service station. Good thing, that tire was almost flat:( So she called the AAA for roadside assistance. "It will be at least 2 1/2 hours to get help to you ma'am", the voice said...Oh, MY! Well, the excuse was that they were having high volumes for assistance due to the weather and road conditions. So the peeps in the service station were nice and let us go in there to wait as it was only 18F out there.That was about 630pm, and normally we would have been home already...there was still about an hour of normal conditions driving ahead of her.
At 9pm, still no one had contacted her nor shown up to change out the tire to the spare. So she called again. Same'll have to wait, Ma'am. So she gave them another 10pm, she called pawppy again to let him know that we were safe but unable to get on the road again. He made a suggestion: Call the insurance peeps...huh?
Well apparently unbeknownst to petcretary we had roadside assistance as part of our 'package'. Live and Learn. So she called them up, and lo and behold, they sent out a tow truck in about 30 minutes. The nice polite young man had us back in business in about 20 minutes, despite the cold and least there were lights on outside at that 24 hour service station.
 I, Benji made a lot of new friends in that long wait:) I even got to eat my supper there, good thing, cause when we drove off from there we still had to limp, cause for one the roads were still bad, even though by then the snow had stopped...and you can't drive at 70MPH on a spare tire...

We got home at about 1230am. Home Sweet Home, indeed! God had His angels around us to guide us and keep us safe...and though it was a LONG time, 14 hours compared to about a normal 6 or so; a flat tire is way better than sliding into the ditch or worse.
Thank you God for keeping us safe.

Well, when I finally was able to take off my travel harness, I went wild and did tons of zoomies in the snow in our yard. There was about 4-5 inches. Dalton was SO happy to see me, he went more crazy than usual. We had snow wrestling matches...and double zoomies! BOL! And petcretary was too tired to even think about trying to get snow pictures, besides it was dark.

Then the next day she didn't take pictures either, cause she had to take the van in to get the tire issue taken care of. They were able to fix the bad tire, there was a nail in it. Go figure!
And she got a call on her cell phone...did she still need her tire changed out?? if...she is not sure if she will renew her policy with AAA, even after 37 years with them. Sheesh!

The second day back it was Petcretary's birthday.  Happy Birthday to YOU, Petcretary!
She went out with pawppy...and it was cloudy and not nice for taking pictures... now the yard is a muddy mess, cause the temps went up, and we dug in it and all the leaves that were still on the trees are now on top of the snow too.
We think she is just too lazy to get out the camera, BOL!

Oh, and she said she had to spend a ton of time cleaning up in the kitchen...we had a mouse...or there. They like to make their winter home in a nice warm place.

Oh the joys of rural living...sigh...OK, you all can get off your tables tops now, the mouse trouble is gone, Pipo wasn't able to help, though, cause he doesn't go in the kitchen when petcretary is not around...too many doggies in there, and mostly if the peeps are not around that area is gated off...BOL/MOL! (It was a deer mouse...)

Well now. Here are the proffered selfies for this week.
Sheesh, she just  as soon gets home as the cameras gets shoved at me again. It was nice with out that for a few days...MOL!
It was so cold recently I had to work at keeping my nose warm:)
This is all you will get from me this week, Petcretary...I just want to bask in this rarity of a sun puddle.
Are you really home petcretary?? I sure missed you and Coonie here is just not like you at all, BOL!
Benji said he liked it better when there was no snow! I think most of us might just agree!

We somehow found time to make  cards!



We are hopping along with all the others at the Kitties Blue who kindly host this fun feature each week.


  1. That was quite an ordeal to get home, but at least you made it back safely. Lovely selfies from all of you.

  2. Goodness we are glad you are home safe. We also had bad experience with AAA so ditched them for the benefits we have from our insurance. Those slow leaks can really get you in a pickle. Love the cards

  3. Oh my goodness, such a horrible trip and we're so glad that you made it home safe and sound.

  4. EEEKKKKK!!! Benji an Petcretary that was sum fur raisin road trip fore sure! LadyMew sayss Tripell AAA does not have enuff Tow Truck driverss an too many peepell to take care of....a sign of THE timess! It iss a sorry state issn't it Benji??
    Benji an Dalton yore Selfiess are furabuluss! an Pipo mee frend mee heerss you 'bout just nappin...mee bin don that a lot latelee….too chilley to do anything else rite?
    ***purrsss*** an *nose rubsss* BellaDharma

  5. WOW!What a trip! Glad you got home safely and hope you enjoyed your visit!
    Sounds like you got quite q good welcome when you got home too ;)

  6. That sounds like such a bad trip. I am glad you got home safely. Happy Belated Birthday to the petcretary! Great selfies from all. XO

  7. Well, that was some ordeal! I'm glad you got home finally.

  8. oh that greek guy who needed 87 years to find back at home... I'm so sorry that this trip ended with so much trouble... 2.5 hours of waiting time feels like a year when you in the middle of neowhere...and every mile distance from your home feels like a world travel when you are on the way back... hugs to you...

  9. OMD, I bet she are glad she are home!

  10. We're glad you made it home safe and sound. That sure was quite an adventure. You all have such cute selfies.

  11. Whew! That was not the way you wanted your trip to go. We’re glad you’re home now. Great selfies!

  12. Hi my friends,

    Thank you for Budd's birthday card in August. It was gorgeous and is in his meory file. I can certainly understand where the cards would be time consuming. You do an excellent job but this takes up too much of your time and I appreciated what you've done in the past and heartly agree with your decision.

    Now the selfies I see are perfect. A little close up of an eyeball is always good for me comparing our eyeballs. MOL


    Shoko and Mom Jean

  13. doodz....selfeez be grate N we iz glad petcretarry FINAL LEE getted sum assitenze....984 pawz up two pawppy for think bout de insurance place...who FSG iz gonna hafta chex her paw la sea !!! we iz glad ya got home safe lee; for sure angelz bee with ewe all that day... coz we noe all bout de "we iz bizee ya gotta wait fone call ~~~~~


  14. We're glad you finally made it home through all that horrible weather! It truly seems like during the first big snow of the season, somehow everyone's forgotten how to drive in it, and end up in the ditch. Again, glad you're home safe!

  15. Wowsa! Glads you made it home safe and sound! I bets it's FABulous havin' petcretarry home! YOur selfies are adorables guys!!!
    Ruby ♥

  16. TBT here: There are times when it is worth being thankful to just get home... I had a terrible adventure like that once and I sure don't want it to ever be repeated!