Sunday, November 10, 2019

Road Trip Selfies

Before we get started we need to remind you of this PSA:
A Public Service Note:
As of Jan 1, 2020, petcretary will no longer be making all the Birthday and Gotcha Day cards. She will make Memorial Cards, and maybe a few others. She is spending way too much time on them, (Sometimes up to 8 hours on a card), even though she loves making them...Sorry to have to put an end to those...if you want one and have not had one for your special furend/furbaby...send her a clear image with an unobtrusive background at least 4 weeks ahead, and she will get one out to you. Just leave a comment, with contact info.

Last week, petcretary loaded up the van, with all kinds of doggy and people things. Then she said goodbye to Pipo, Dalton and Pawppy...pawppy is going to be the 'live-in' pet sitter:)

Well, anypaws, she put me, Benji in my car harness and made me fastened into the front passenger seat with the seatbelt fastened to my harness. Oh, MY! Off we drove and Dalton was standing at the fence wondering why he was not in the car with me, I think.

We drove and drove and drove until after 887 miles I was just doing a lot of zzzzz's...

Then we stopped. Hey, this is not home?! It was a gas station...and I woofed at the peeps at the entrance, because I didn't know them. BOL!
I left some p-mails for other pups to know I had been there...
Then we got back in the van and drove for another long time, but this time it was only 87 miles...or so.

Then the van stopped, but we were not getting out...just waiting and waiting and waiting...there was a long lineup of vehicles, and not only one line but several. And big huge trucks too. I grr'd at some of them to tell them to stop blocking my view, Tee-Hee!
Finally we were at the front of that long lineup...and petcretary paid a lady some $$, she opened the gate and we went through. Phew, now we could get onto that big steel thing in front of us, *she* said it was The Blue Water Bridge.
At the other end of that bridge we had to wait again, and again the wait was LONG. And there were five of those long lines, and two for the big trucks. Sheesh we drove all that way to stand in long lines and just crawl? Whatever Petcretary, as long as we are together, its not that bad.

Then *she* opened the window and she started chatting with a young man, and she handed him some papers. He gave them back to her, and said, 'enjoy your visit'.

Then off we went again...for another 887 miles or so...though petcretary said that all of those so called miles of length was about 320 miles in reality...

When it was dark o'clock, we finally stopped at a house I did not ever see before.

Hey! I do know that smell! Its Eddie, my doggy cousin! OMD! We drove all that way and across a border to visit Eddie!

So now we have had some good romps in his yard, I got to visit the neighbor's big dog, and across the street another neighbor invited us there to visit with Gracie. The peeps had some nice wine, but all we got was some doggy treats, BOL!

The next day after  arriving, two other peeps came to stay with us...both my unfurbros! Wow-wee!
That was fun and we had some good 'snuggles, Hmmm...but I was not allowed in their bedroom...

I also had to wait for 887 hours in a pen while my Auntie and petcretary and the unfurbros went on another road trip by themselves to gather with cousins as they have done each November...kind of like a small reunion!

*She* says I have to be in a pen cause I like to chew on too many things, or make holes in pillows and such like. Anyways my pen was comfy with toys, a soft bed and a water bowl...I went to sleep, but when they came back I let them know it was not nice to not let me come along to see all the  rest of the cousins...well, um...nevfurmind...I made her take me out for a long  walk in the rain! That will teach her, BOL!

Well, so here are some selfies made on this trip. No Pipo or Dalton this week...sorry dudes, but we cannot make a selfie of you when you are there and we are here!

In the car, waiting and waiting and waiting...

'Do you think we can figure out how to escape??!

Eddie & Benji

Eddie, Benji & Unfurbro-the-elder

I want to kiss you!

I did kiss him...any problem with that?!

Eddie begging...
Joined by Benji...who can resist those pleading eyes?! BOL!

We made some cards before our trip...

Marcus & Taylor

Domino: May 1, 2003  ~  Nov 5, 2019

Lets also remember that Nov 11th is Remembrance Day, and Veterans Day, or Armistice day, depending where you live. It recalls the ending of WW11, on the 11th day on the 11th hour in the 11th 1918.
A somber day of remembering and teaching those who were not there to never forget the price of the freedoms we have.

We are joined up with all the other selfies at The Kitties Blue


  1. Wow, that's quite the adventure!

  2. wow what a fabuzlous time you had! and you can ask da nelly how to escape, he is a prison breaker in any way LOL

  3. That looks like a really fun road trip!!! Thanks to our Veterans, heroes one and all, we appreciate you!

  4. It sounds like you went on quite an adventure.

  5. Love all these sweet photos. :)

    Pinot xo

  6. What a trip, I hope you've recovered.

  7. What a fun trip! And you took great selfies. :)

  8. dood !! how total lee awesum ya getted ta vizit with de cuzinz ina nother countree....ya shoulda stopped in trout town...we think we iz bout 885 milez frum ewe give ore take...hope yur vizit waz fun, safe travelz home; we hope pawpy doez knot get inta trubullz :) ☺☺♥♥

  9. What a fun trip! Ghostwriter says she hasn't been to Canada in a very long time, but she remembers waiting in line to cross the bridges.

  10. Sorry for being sooo late to bring your Petcretary Birthday wishes, while you were bringing mine so on time...We hope you all had a wonderful day and W we also come to bring you Extra Pawkisses for stopping by at my bloggie and bringing lovely Birthday wishes to us. Thank you sweet furriends🐾😽💞