Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Selfies With A Silly Pipo And Silly Pups, Too!

We have gotten a new computer to replace the stolen one, and a few days ago, unfurbro-the-elder moved the files from her borrowed one onto the new one, and pawppy got ahold of the backed up files, (Thankfully we had those, so we didn't lose anything too important), however, now we have to hunt and peck for a while till we get it all sorted out. Well, at least we won't bother our heads with that, we will let petcretary do it for us, MOL/BOL! So that is why we are so late. It was hard for Petcretary to find the pics she needed, even though she had just added them over the past few days. Sheesh. Technology can make you so frustrated sometimes, MOL/BOL! Good  thing that we don't have to do it, we are good at letting *her* do it, tee-hee! (With lots of help from pawppy and Unfurbro-the-elder; thanks so much you two!)

Pipo let down his guard the other day, and let petcretary take some pics, he was mellow and quite silly for his mostly dignified meezer self. However the lighting was from a lamp, and so petcretary had to fix them quite a bit, so you can see him better...

We still need to load pics from the real camera as opposed to the phone ones we were posting...but first things first!

Here are the doggy  hooligans. Benji continued to dig and dig...such a big hole petcretary almost couldn't see him in there. OMD! Wow! And not just one, but several! Don't want to walk in our back wooded area in the dark...
Well, he must have had a good reason to dig like that, there was a well mauled rabbit in the yard later on...and a huge fat mole, too.

Dalton digs too, but his efforts are not nearly as spectacular! BOL!

They both went to the vet peeps for yearly shots and check-up...all is A OK! Yippee! Well, except for the do-do stuff...they said Dalton has parasites...but *she* thinks its Benji, cause he is the one who gets into the most of the yucky things. SO we will have a chat with the vet, and maybe both of those rascals will get the treatments...hah! Eeuuw!

Well, you know we did make some pics for other furs, too:

Yin & Yang

'Da Phenny'
Hopping rather late with the Kitties Blue who are the hosts of this weekly feature; and we thank them heartily for doing it, too!
We hope we did not miss too much this past little while, maybe now that we have this new computer up and running we will be able to do things more quickly and easily...once petcretary relearns how to use a MAC, hah! You can forget things so quickly...
And we send purrs to Noel from 15&Meowing who is not feeling good at all...
And to many others who are feeling the effects of  Hurricane Dorian. We pray for your safety and well being.


  1. oh how great to get an a+ from da vet (wo)man!!! congrats!!! and we are glad that you have the back up files... mostly we remember to do a backup AFTER we lost efurrything LOL

  2. Great pics Pipo!

    And a mauled rabbit? WAY TO GO! I keep trying to catch a rabbit, even though momma duzn't want me too (she are NO fun!)

  3. Lookin' good! And good luck, it took the ZH way way way too long to "restore" after a 'puter crash, and she was so frustrated there was a wholabunch of bad-sailor-talk all over the house!

  4. Nice selfies! I'm glad you are getting everything sorted out.

  5. pipo....lookin good dood....hope thiz findz ya ....doin good all sew....N ya noe, frank lee; ewe dawgz bee rockin yur hatz !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ best fishez two petcretarry on de new pea sea ~~ ☺☺

  6. It was nice to see you pups and Pipo too! Glad you're doing OK. I hope Benji doesn't dig his way right out of the yard! Kudos on catching a bunny and a mole too! I haven't caught anything in a while, not that I don't try. The squirrels have been making themselves scarce since we cut down the big tree in our yard. Hehehe!

  7. Oh Pipo have you been set upon by a spirit with all your happy mischief into the doggie zone and letting Petcretary snap all those wonderful pics of you? Why I'm thinking you got them all under your paw. Happy belated birthday Dalton sorry I missed your birthday. Glad all was well at the vet ~ except for the creepy parasites. I've never had them and Lee tells me I had better not get them.
    Your Friend

  8. Pawsome pictures, Pipo and of you sweet doggies too. Glad you're doing fine😸Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday🐾😽💞

  9. Keep randomly tapping those keys. It will make everything right again eventually! Works fer US...