Monday, August 5, 2019

Selfie Time!

Yup, its selfie time again, and we are late as usual...well at least sometimes we are on time, but this time...nope! MOL/BOL!

But since we are late we are keeping things simple. And that is good cause the week was pretty quiet here...not much to chat about...let alone mrowl or woof.
The worst thing that happened here was th lawnmowere came back,and had to go right back. Sheesh...they put the blade engagement and gear attachments backwards on the new handle, wow, and we thought they were supposed to know how to fix that kind of mower??! But at least they fixed that trouble while pawppy waited.

And on the patio, the tomatoes were those big fat green hornworms. UGH! Petcretary picked them off and placed them near the bird feeders,and soon they were gone...yummy dinner for some thankful birds. (Sorry Tabbies!).

Well, we want to post our selfies, so here goes:

Thinking about...
The fact that petcretary said...
It was selfie time.

Buddy Budd, a very good longtime pal of ours could really use some POTP and purrs.
Buddy Budd could use some good POTP
And so could Dakota, a wonderful pup, the brother of Cody.
POTP for Dakota
 We helped to make some cards, too:


We are hopping along with The Kitties Blue.


  1. doodz....petcretarry shuld feel lee shamed.... wermz ta burdz.....


    but hay, everee onez selfeez be total lee rockin awesum N speekin oh way kewl
    all de cardz ewe made iz sooooper neet !! ☺☺♥♥

  2. Nothing wrong with a quiet week, well for humans as means they have more time for us, MOL
    Great selfies from you all, and whilst bugs are all good, well sort of, we think they are better in the birds than on the salad crop, MOL

  3. You did get some good selfies in!

  4. Great selfies! I have not heard of horn worms so googled it. They look horrible! I am glad the birds got to benefit from them.

  5. Great selfies from all. Horn worms are awful- they eat so much and are creepy looking.XO

  6. Those were all great selfies! And great cards too. About those hornworms. If they were covered with little white things that look like rice, that is great. Those are parasitic wasp eggs that eat the hornworms and make more of themselves to protect your future tomatoes. Just set the hornworms alive in some bed of weeds