Sunday, August 18, 2019

Multi-Legged-furry Selfie!

This week I, Pipo, and the pups, are taking a selfie break in order to show you a different kid of selfie, actually a guest selfie from our yard.
Petcretary had her phone-camera handy so she tried to help this dude get a seflie for our blog...

It is a White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar...and this is the info on these furry creatures that she found:

White-Marked Tussock Moth (Orgyia leucostigma)

Size: 3.5 cm
Hosts: over 140 known hosts, including alder, apple, balsam fir, birch, and larch
Range: Eastern North America
Identifying Features:
  • bright red head (with two long black "antennae") and two red glands towards the end of the abdomen
  • four thick tufts of white, grey, or yellow hair on the first four abdominal segments
  • broad, yellow-bordered black stripe along the back
  • fluffy tufts of whitish setae near their legs
  • one long black hair pencil at the end of the abdomen
This snazzy species is found on trees in urban areas. They're indiscriminate eaters—they go as far as munching on decorative hawthorns and acacias—and when populations soar, these cats can defoliate entire trees.
Note: White-marked tussock moth caterpillars have irritating spines that can cause rashes, so handle them with care (and gloves!).

Raising White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillars

Seeing as these guys aren't picky eaters, they aren't too difficult to raise. Just create a comfortable environment for them, give them plenty of food, and let them grow!

Quite the Cocoon!

Female White-Marked Tussock Moths don't have wings. They spend their entire (if brief) adult lives on the cocoon—mating, laying eggs, and dying all in the same spot. Luckily, they (and their future larvae) have some protection; before pupation, the White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar weaves its venomous setae into its cocoon, providing a defensive shelter both for itself and its offspring. 
Here is  a picture of a full grown moth:
Photo and info credit:
So while we are on leave for selfies, petcretary did help us make several cards for others...using their selfies, MOL!! 

We are joined up with all the other selfies at The Kitties Blue who are the host of this weekly fun feature. Thank you! The SundaySelfies feature is Five Years Old this week! Wow! There is a celebratory pawrty gping onn there, Hooray!


  1. We need to go and visit Marv and say Happy Gotcher day. He is a special boy.

    As for that caterpillar...* shivers *

  2. That is some caterpillar! Happy Sunday all.

  3. Wow! That's one interesting looking caterpillar! We sometimes get tussock caterpillars on the milkweeds that look different than the one in your picture. We keep hoping for monarch ones, but haven't seen any yet.

  4. I have never seen a caterpillar like that. Very interesting. I love all the cards you made, you are so creative. XO

  5. Very pretty caterpillar... howsumever he loses some of his pretty colors as a moth - that's too bad. Love the card for all the gotcha days, birthdays and stuffs. Your Mom is furry creative.
    Love and purrz from Katie and the Katz
    - we have a mew blog called KFM Newz. Hope you have time to stop by.

  6. I would love to eat one of those guys! Sorry 'bout that. MOL!

  7. Oh my, beauty, danger and a ravenous appetite, that is some combo. Bit like me really, Mrs H suggested, MOL

  8. That is a lot of lovely cards your petcretary made. The caterpillar is pretty but I did think that those spines look like they would cause a rash.

  9. Gee! That was interesting info on that moth!
    We also liked all the lovely cards Petcretary made too!!
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  10. Mew mew mwe that iss one furry an cute catty-pillur Pipo an Dalton an Benji!
    An mee thinks mee eated THE Moth'ss Borthur a few nitess ago...mee iss sorry!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  11. How interesting about that caterpillar soon to be a moth. We’ve seen butterfly caterpillars but not a moth one.

  12. We bet that colorful spikey caterpillar means it is bad ta eat. And wow, all those cards; and thanks for mine! ~ MARLEY