Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Selfies From The Deep Freezer

Yes, that is what it feels like around here of late. Nightly temps of about -10F, or colder. Daytime temps around 10F or less...and bitter winds to make it feel so much worse. The rads our in our semi rural area are like skating rinks, because the salt applied doesn't work at those lower temps. So we drive to and fro our necessary destinations like work and grocery stores with great caution...well, our peeps do. But there are some who forget so then there are what petcretary calls 'boom-batzes'. And some are bad, with multiple car pileups. Our unfurbro-the-younger; the dude who works for the Michigan Dept of Transport, (think road safety and bridges, etc.), and pawppy who is a traffic engineer for our city, just shake their heads...Unfurbro-the-elder just laughs because his job is done via telecommuting:)

Anypaws we are glad that petcretary keeps our walkways cleared and Pawppy keeps the driveway clean. And we make good use of the block heaters in the cars. Us pups are happy that they also keep a good bit of the grass cleared so we can do our privacy pawlease in relative comfort before we rush back inside where it is nice and warm:)
Pipo just is glad he doesn't have to be out there at all! He loves him a sunpuddle and today at least there are good ones to warm the furs on his backside...ahhh...

Petcretary has been off and running to do errands and other not cat/dog related things, including her work.
So we only have some of the not the best selfies this week...but we *are * here, MOL/BOL!
Its cozy here in my cubby-hole.

Hey, I was trying to nap...

Do I really have to go out in that frigid cold?

All I want to do is sleep....Zzzzz.....

Hey, Petcretary um...well, this is a stinky foot!
We also had to make some cards for other furs and their furmilies.
Cooper Murphy from Kitties Blue is catabrating his furst Gotcha Day! He isn't feeling too good right now, and needs lots of POTP and purrs and pawyers to get better.You can visit him by clicking on this caption.

And sadly, one of our dearly beloved Kitties Blue became a Sweet Kitty-Angel. She will be so missed.

Gleek, whom many of you know from the days of Catster just recently became a precious Angel-Kitty. If your are on Facebook, you can visit his Mom and furmily by clicking on this caption.

And another special furend from our Dogster Days became an angel a few weeks ago. Cooper was one of MJF's first furends when he and Pipo joined those sites. He was a JRT, just like MJF...If you want to send a message to his Mom, you can contact me at ingrid(at)rickmar(dot)net and I will give the contact info to you.

This is our Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, hosted weekly by The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head
Stay warm, folks; warm dry and safe!


  1. Nice selfies - I really hope it warms up in your area! It is way too cold!

    1. We hope so too. But though its is supposedly going to 'warm up' soon, the caveat is freezing rain. UGH. Cold is much better cause then, often, the sun is shining.

  2. Brrr! Dat are way too cold! We got a warm up dis weekend - it's been in da low 60s.

  3. Now those are excellent warm snuggly selfies! The idea of having to drive in those conditions is appalling and thank good ness I have a chauffeur to do that for me MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  4. Those are good selfies! I hope you & your humans stay safe and warm amidst the winter storms. Grandma & Grandpa live in WYO Ming where it is always really cold in the winter & there's lots of snow. I live in a rainy place, but don't have to go outside in it. Hugs! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  5. Your cards are beautiful ! Nice selfies, stay warm ! Purrs

  6. Happy New Year friends! We're glad you're holding out OK with the wintry weather. It was great to see the snow pictures and all your pups and kitty cat holiday fashions and photos. Ghostwriter says she was afraid we were in for a hard winter this year since the last couple were pretty mild. And you're right, some people just never learn how to drive in the snow and ice. Our Joanna saw a big truck slide off the road yesterday while she was driving to work. I heard it's supposed to go up to 50º by next week! It seems we're still not getting notifications of your posts. We'll just have to be sure to check more often. Take care and stay warm! Chester, ghostwriter, and Dad

  7. Those are lovely selfies. Stay warm, and I hope it soon gets milder.

  8. Your mom had a lot of cards to make this week, sorry there was so much loss. Great selfies from all of you and your mom's socks are fun. We had -21 last night, it has been very cold for at least 10 days, but might hit 30 tomorrow-heat wave :) XO

  9. Brrrr! We hope you are staying as toasty as possible and that you get some warmth later next week!

  10. Mee-yow Pipo an Mistur Jack an Dalton an Lady Ingrid wee had tempss of -20 F with windychillss of -30 F fur dayss an dayss!! Today it iss 32 F an wee iss so relieved fur that...
    All yur selfiess are pawsum!!!! Pipo LadyMum sayss you look pawsitivelee 'dreemy'...
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

  11. Oh the weather ~ we can't do anything about the weather. We have been slip sliding away also. The earth has Flying foxes fall from sky after being ‘boiled alive’ in heatwave in Australia and frozen iguana falling from trees in Florida. Something is wrong. Stay in and stay warm.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. We are so far behind! We hope that the weather starts to warm up soon for you guys! Its tough to get out when it is so snowy. They have had some warm weather where Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon live but it is supposed to start snowing lots there again! We have actually has 2 days of sun this week!
    Stay warm!
    Purrs Marv and Mom

  13. guyz...happee bee alted new yeer two ewe all N heerz ta a grate 2018 with lotz oh happeez N healtheez...yur selfeez due de badgez mom made ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥ we haz known gleek for over ten yeerz...wearz doez de time go ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  14. Very nice selfies you two!
    We did not know about Gleek. We just visited on Facebook and paid our respects. Another Catster legend is now an angel
    Purrs dear friends
    Timmy and Family

  15. I hope you get warm soon. We have had some dismal weather out here in Vancouver. But it is warm. Mr Dalton sounds like quite the hand full! He eats floors! Wow! And Pipo, I think some cats just don't like dogs.
    I "sort of" like/don't like Cinnamon.
    We send you warming thoughts and hope a warm wind eventually makes it to you guys!