Saturday, April 22, 2017

Honoring Angel Dory With A Flower Friday Blog Hop

Sweet Dory of Dory's Backyard recently became an Angel, so we are having a glorious flower blog hop to honor her. She *loved* flowers SO much.

Up our way in Southwest Michigan, spring has decided to start up; Bang, just like that our weeping cherry tree went poof and became loaded with a beautiful bounty of blooms within its bowers. But on April 20th there was bad weather, wind and heavy rain, which made the sidewalk pretty in petals, but the tree is no longer full of all those pretty blossoms like you see here...

At first this tree shows some color and then the buds start to turn a pink shade...and this is now at the point where the blossoms are opening.

The next day the color is deeper and there are more blossoms open.

This is the third day...

The tree has gone 'poof'!

Now its fully in bloom...sorry for the blurred look, it was rather windy...

 Here are some closeups, in no particular order...

Only a few blossoms are open here.

We have daffodils...

We have bluebells and snowdrops...

We have a few grape hyacinths...

And there are even some tiny 'flags' which are like miniature irises.

We have bleeding hearts too, but they, while growing into the huge shrublike plants they have grown to be over the years; are still only in bud, no blooms yet.

Our lilac tree is soon going to blossom too.

In the back porch a patio-pot was overwintering, and it too decided it might be nice to show a bloom...petcretary thinks it is periwinkle.

 There is a hint of the wild violas that grow in random spots here:

Its truly spring, the season when all the flowers wake up and show their beauty once again.
And then there are the  not so auspicious 'f'lowers', that is the tree flowers that are on the maples, oaks and others. They are the bane of petcretary and many others...they make her sneeze and sneeze...she is allergic to them:(

So out comes the medicine and avoidance of warm windy days in the pretty outdoors. At least there is good allergy medicine, when petcretary was a little girl there wasn't much to choose from that helped...

Dory, we know has woken up in the heavenly realms as a lovely little Angel, complete with wings and a flower tiara, of that we are sure.
Each spring and many other days, indeed forever whenever we see new blossoms we and all of Blogville will cherish the memory of Angel Dory.
We send love, hugs, purrs and licks to her earthly furmily.

This was me in my younger years at a pawrty, (For Pawppy's Mom's 90th Birthday), and I was obliged to wear this flowery lei! BOL!
But you know for evfurrything there is a reason and a season, so now I can show you these pictures as my flowery tribute to a furry loved and treasured Angel Dory.
((((( ♥ )))))

This post of flowers and other garden beauty is dedicated to Sweet Angel-Dory


  1. Oh my goodness did we enjoy seeing the tree come to life before our eyes. What great photographs.
    I know for sure Angel Dory was amazed as she had a front row seat watching it too.
    Michigan is for sure in the midst of spring.
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. The tree photos are just pawsome. We don't live that far from you (Chicago) but have not seen a beautiful tree like that since we moved here. Thanks for sharing in the memories of our friend Dory.

    Abby Lab

    1. Yup, and now the tree has all green leaves and no more flowers! Got the pics just in time!

  3. So beautiful....and also a beautiful tribute to Dory. Seeing all those Michigan flowers makes Mommy homesick since we moved away from Michigan 25 years ago. We don't have flowers like that in Florida because it's too hot. But on the bright side....we haven't seen snow in 25 years either.

    1. least this past winter was not the snowiest in our history...Petcretary came here from Ontario, Canada about 30 years ago...and she likes that here we still have 4 seasons, though sometimes it feels more like winter and then summer right away!

  4. A very Beautiful flower tribute for Dory. thank you for joining our hop to honor her
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. Thanks, and it was good to be part of this special day.

  5. Weeping trees always have such said poetry written about them when they hold such beauty. Mr jack Freckles I think your tree and tribute to Dory is lovely. Now if I were in the dillys Lee would be yelling at me to get out. Pray you are feeling better Mr Jack.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Hello,SWTS! Thanks!
      I was asked to go into those dillies, BOL! Else I too would get yelled at!

      I a feeling almost normal again...just a bit pickier with my noms. I would rather have a cookie, BOL!

  6. Wow! That's a beautiful tree! Our neighbor has a weeping cherry tree, but it's only the size (and shape) of a beach umbrella! What wonderful flowers in your yard too! You're a good boy wearing the flower necklace. I'm sure Dory is smiling real big!

  7. What perfect flowers for Dory...We especially like your flowery lei Freckles! Thank you so very much for all the beautiful artwork too!
    Love and Hugs,
    Jakey, Arty, Bilbo & Angel Dory(Mama and Daddy too!)

    1. That lei picture series is from the early 2000's. I was such a youngster then...
      I am glad you all were happy with the memento I helped the petcretary make.

  8. What a gorgeous tree and lovely flowers! Happy Earth Day...

  9. What pretty flowers! And dat tree are gorgeous! Fanks for participatin in da Flowers for Dory blog hop.

    1. Thanks, Kinley! And it was my pleasure. And petcretary's.

      Our tree lost all the blossoms in the bad weather we had after those pictures were its all covered in green leaves. Quite ordinary, BOL!

  10. You have beautiful flowers. Our Oak trees are fully leafed out!

  11. Wowser, dat cherry tree wuz gorgeous! Spring has definitely sprung in yer neck of the woods-- and it's beeyoutifull!!

    1. Thanks so much!

      And now all that tree has is green leaves. The blossom time is so short, all it takes is a thunderstorm... So at least its preserved on my blog:)
      Howevfur now the dogwood is blooming...but it nevfur barks, BOL!