Sunday, November 19, 2023

Pre Thanksgiving Selfies!

Well, we had some pawsome weather this past week, though now its not as warm..and we had rainy days...but, still we enjoyed them while we had them!! Even the grass greened up and had to get cut...which cleaned up leaves at the same time as they got mulched!

Petcretary went into the old back shed...yikes! It was loaded with all kinds of walnuts and debris from the stuff that fell through the hole in the roof...what a mess. A limb fell on it a while ago and made the hole, and the squirrels have taken advantage of it.

Well, Petcretary asked the neighbor to help her, and they covered the whole shed with a huge tarp. Just to keep further rain and mess from falling in...and sometime in the spring the project will be to demolish that mess and get rid of all the junk we don't need anyways...(Pawppy isn't able to do work  using ladders, or walking on the soft ground, not to mention the (thousands of) walnuts on the ground, that is like walking on ball bearings, Sheesh!) So we are thankful for good and helpful neighbors.

A few days ago, of course after the vet office was closed...petcretary found a fully engorged tick in Benji's neck ruff. So out came the tick tool, and she ousted that vermin...she contacted the vet the next day, but he said just watch for signs of illness.Apparently they don't recommend prophylactic treatment like the docs do for people. Sheesh! Well he does get monthly tick and flea prevention, but that must have been a really hungry tick, or he didn't taste the tick-off medicine, BOL! We've found ticks on both pups, just wandering around on them but never embedded ones. Eeuuwww!

So here are our selfies, recently done...and we are thankful that we got to stay  Au Naturel! BOL!

It was REALLY sunny!

Thanks for shading me, Petcretary!

Dalton's first Thanksgiving Selfie...Benji wasn't here yet...

A year later, it was Benji's first Thanksgiving Selfie
Who knows what props and apparel will be featured this year!?
Petcretary will be working, so our special day will be later, when the unfurbros can attend and when Petcretary can get all the foodables put together. Health care doesn't stop for holidays...and we know she's doing a good thing there, helping all her 'little old grannies and grandpas'. She and we are thankful she can still do that kind of work...she's been working at that nursing home for over 12 years, now.

We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies. We are thankful they host every week!


  1. Thank goodness for helpful neighbours. Those ticks are nasty little things! Cute selfies of both of you.

  2. you were both so very cute and adorable on your first thanksgiving, and we are thankful you both ended up with your pectretacry and pawpy. we know about the can't do stuff outside in certain situations. Beau's dad is 87 and in poor health. wish we had a neighbor to help. prayers the tick gives no side effects. Beaus mama did 8 years of 3 days a week volunteer work at nursing home, we know how sweet it can be

  3. We are glad you have good neighbors too. Meowie is furry grateful for hers.
    Thanks to you petcretary, for hanging in for 12 years in a tough job. You are the best!
    xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep
    P.S. Hope you get your gobble on real soon.

  4. You can't beat good neighbours, they are such a blessing. We love your Thanksgiving photos. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. We love your selfies. Helpful neighbors are a great thing to have around. One helped our mom get our lawn tractor unstuck after she backed onto a small boulder and couldn't move the tractor without some help.

  6. EEKS!!!
    The 'T' word, and more than one...yucky.

  7. Good neighbors are a blessing. I hope Benji is OK. I love your flashbacks from Thanksgivings past. XO

  8. Awk...a tick?! Way to go, Petretary by getting rid of that freeloader. Here's hoping you guys have a pawsome Thanksgiving.

  9. You may need to change the brand of tick medicine you use for the boys. The ticks should not have been crawling around and the one embedded should not have happened. It may have become inert for them. Some cat flea/tick repellents are like that. Frontline for example lost its effectiveness years ago. I don't know if they ever re-formulated it.
    Thank goodness neighbors helped you, I don't have any like that and have to hire everything done or it doesn't get done. Tell the boys they look great!

  10. Grateful for good neighbours but TICKS OMG!!!!!

  11. I'm glad that evil tick is gone now! You're selfies are fun you two and we wish you a most Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Nice selfies! Thank cod petcretary found that nasty tick on Benji and got rid of it.

  13. Glad you got rid of the tick. Cute photos!

  14. Pawsome selfies! Hope those ticks stay away!

  15. Those are great selfies. Petrectary does awesome work helping all the old folk, and we are pleased she has the nice neighbours she surely deserves.

  16. isn't that crazy that this awfulk ticks are still there? we hope they will disappear soon... all the good luck with your spring project, we hope it goes like planned... ;O)

  17. Lulu: "Your pre-Thanksgiving selfies are great, boys! So handsome!"
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, ticks! They were horrible this year. We kept bringing them in and Mama kept burning them in her little ramekins. By the end of summer Dada was constantly imagining he had them running all over him!"

  18. OMC those are the BEST portraits for Thanksgiving!!!! And who would not be thankful for you darling doggies, now known to us as The Darling Doggies. And kudos for your wonderful mom who does some ot the world's best work with elderly people Uh...mama....aren't YOU....LOULOU!!!! Don't go there.

    1. Well, sometimes she takes care of peeps that her own age or even younger...yup, she's ancient too...don't let on that we told you...