Sunday, June 14, 2020

Simple Sunday Selfies

We are keeping things simple this week! And rather short too:)

We are glad and very thankful that we escaped the bad storm(s) that smashed into Battle Creek midweek, the worst being on June 10th. Many still do not have power restored, and it is a huge mess of downed trees and powerlines, also transformers were damaged. Some cars got smashed by the trees and homes as well. A lot of stores are closed. Sheesh, first the corona mess, then protests and upheavals and now this natural mess. There were winds of 70 to 80 MPH, that is hurricane force. Many of the peeps who work with petcretary do not have power, they are roughing it, and meanwhile their freezers and fridges are sad...
We did not lose our power, but just north of here they did, and south of us is where the worst damage is.
We did lose some big branches and countless smaller ones. No trees fell on our back fence, where our 'woods' are.
Strange phenomena: Several hours before this storm, D & B were going nutszo near the base of a tree. I called them off of whatever they were trying to get at, and they were temporarily locked in the house...when petcretary investigated, it was a huge crayfish. How and why it got into our yard is a mystery, and the creek is quite a distance from our yard. Well, *she* got it on a shovel and placed it on the safe side of the fence, and hoped that it would find its way back to the creek area. (And no, it did not pinch anyone...though it was trying to be ferocious!)

So finally, here we are:
I was studying some bit of bug on the floor, when I was disturbed...

You need me for something, Petcretary?

Bwhahahaha, she said could I please take a selfie!! Sure...whatever...MOL!

Serious little Dalton...

Benji's latest habit is to find any reachable towels in the bathroom and teach them a lesson or two, which means he takes them outside and rips them up...Hmmm, not very acceptable, dude!
Innocent babyfaced Benji

On Tuesdays, there is a fun blog event each week, at Teddy's  (Two Spoiled Cats) blog. Teaser Tuesday. Sometimes Miss Pam gives a mystery picture to find out where it was, and sometimes she uses guest pictures sent in by Teddy's pals.
So this past Tuesday, petcretary got this badge for sending in her picture.

It was taken by her cousin who lives not too far from the location.
The Deventer Water Tower, ca1892, (In The Netherlands.)
Nobody was able to guess the location, though a few did think it was a water tower.Here is a link to the post, Tuesday Teaser.  And here is the link to 'The Teaser Tell All'.

We all need to send our thoughts, pawyers, purrs and good wishes to Dakota and to Cody as well...and further, also to Dougie Dog. There are links to visit their blogs under their images.


And we also had to say farewell to Harvey, a precious kitty well known and deeply loved by many, from Dash Kitten (Marjorie Dawson).

We are hopping along with all the other selfies, @ The Kitties Blue. Thanks for always hosting this fun feature!


  1. Wow, it sounds like there was quite a bit of excitement around your house, even if you missed the worst of the storms!

  2. It sounds like you have had rather an adventurous week - purr-haps a wee bit TOO adventurous!

  3. So furry glad to hear you are okay after the big storm. Yes this is a crazy trying time but coming here to see your pics is always a happy pause to the day. Stay safe, stay strong. Purrs, Bibi & Meep

  4. I am glad the worst of the storms missed you. Lovely selfies from all of you. Benji! Don't shred the towels!!!

  5. Good news that the storms left you safe and sound! Towels Benji? Not a good habit to adopt, give your petcretary a bit of a break on the towels this week, OK?

  6. Y'all really do look terrific and I'm glad the storms didn't mess with you too much!

  7. Gorgeous selfies this week! We got that bad storm too. We are fine, no damage, but the area north of us got hit pretty bad.

  8. Oh my furiends, too bad you didn't gets the crayfish! I hopes you at least got to lick it! Do tell, did it taste like chicken??? BOL! anyhu, your selfies are FABulous as always, and Benji, I applaud your towel trick! I wish I thought of that one! BOL!
    I am super glads you are all safe and sound!
    Ruby ♥

  9. we love your selfies!!! we have storm and rain too, that is a challenge... we both go not out when the sky cries... the mama is at the end of wisdom LOL

  10. Those were some scary storms. We're glad you didn't loose power and it didn't damage anything around your house. You all are so cute in your selfies.

  11. doodz.....we iz buzzed happee ya dinna get any stormz damage; spesh a lee livin ina wooded area....
    we hope bye now de powerz bak on & peeepul can try to get bak ta yur selfeez thiz week
    bee awesum bye da way.....stay safe N healthee ♥♥♥

  12. pea ezz....noe one guezzed de teaser !!! awesum job :) ♥♥

  13. Battle Creek, eh? We're over on the other side of the state, in Metro Detroit.
    Thankfully, we didn't get much of that storm here!

  14. It's been one doozy of a year, and it's only half over. I live a few miles from where the tornadoes ripped homes apart in Chattanooga, and 7 people died.
    POTP for Dakota and Cody and Dougie Dog. For their peeps, too.

  15. All these troubles are so bad. One thing we are thankful for is that our electricity wires are unnerground so we almost never lose lights.

  16. It seems like when one thing goes wrong everything goes's a real strange world at this moment, but your Selfies are more than awwdorable, Pipo, Dalton and Benji😸We missed this teaser, we may had known it as Grandpaw was working in Deventer a few month ago ;) Concats on your contribution badge, can we fly with you..MOL...Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday, hopefully without storm and rain...that we have now too🐾😽💞