Sunday, May 31, 2020

Last Day Of May!! Sunday Selfie Play-Day!

Wow, May has slipped by, and so very fast!
Today is the last day of this month, and the second full month of
lockdown there were several days in March, too...and we are continuing in semi lockdown mode at least till June 12 or maybe even June 19. Sheesh, enough already. We want to be safe, but businesses need to be able to function, even if differently, else there will be unmitigated disaster for many of them.

Today is also Pentecost, celebrated by Christians around the world. It is also the first time in weeks that we will have an in-person Church service. We don't have a very large congregation, so its pretty easy to stay safe distances away from others, and there will be many other measures in place for safety and sanitary issues. But to have a real service, now that IS a blessing!

Now peeps just have to convince the gov. that she should allow hair and barber shops to reopen too...since petcretary works in health care, she knows it IS possible to be safe even with the closeness needed to get a haircut. We just need to get *her* on board, MOL/BOL!

On to other things...

The pups are not too worried about social they arranged a play date...actually they do this any time they get outside! BOL!

Those hooligans started off by chasing that ball...then they decided a rough house game was more fun. Who'd a guessed?? BOL!

That ball as of today, now is in the trash, because Benji decided to work on it, and he had several of the 'spokes' chewed off. Then when *she* took it away he started on an already defuzzed tennis ball, and ripped it up to shreds. Hope he didn't eat any of it!

Ok, here is a recent Pipo up close picture...he was in the sun, so it made for a fun selfie.
I used to rough and tumble like that with Angel Minko sometimes...sheesh, I miss those days...but no way will I do that with those two hooligans, they are way too rough for my elderly bones...but I do whap them betimes to keep them in line. Never too elderly to do that!! MOL!

Time to HOP!! Join up with all the others at The Kitties Blue, the hosts of this fun weekly feature. We are grateful they keep hosting each week, so faithfully!


  1. I am looking forward to the day I can go back to therapy cat work - but I know that is still a while off.

  2. That was some game! It felt like we were watching sports tv - maybe you could get on the dog channel, there really is one now though we have not watched it. Furry glad to hear the mom and family are staying safe and well. xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  3. What a fun day for the hooligans! Pipo, you are beautiful sweetie.

  4. What fun you all seem to be having.
    Pipo, you are lovely!

  5. Yes, we are getting quite tired of all this lockdown stuff. At the nursing home they only have 2 virus positive people left and those 2 dont have any symptoms. It'll be great when everyone can come out of quarantine! Oh and Chester is way overdue for grooming! He's a big floppy-moppy right now!

    Hope you pups can have a lot more fun romping in the yard! And hoping for lots of sun puddles for Pipo!

  6. Xena: We play just like "those two hooligans."
    Lucy: Sometimes I even let her win, BOL.
    the Mom: Our beauty shops are open, and some church denominations, and some "non-essential" stores. And we are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases. I knew the answer.

  7. You two pups sure were having fun and that's a wonderful selfie Pipo!

  8. That is a lovely selfie, Pipo. The dogs were having fun with their hooligan games!

  9. Those pups seem to have a whole lot of energy but I think I will sit with Pipo in the sun. Its a Cat Thing

  10. Nice selfie, Pipo! Those dogs sure are having fun.

  11. oooh we would love to play with you!!! we are glad that may is over... and we hope june brings good things to all of us...

  12. It looks like you two sure are having fun playing together. We like to do that too especially when we are outside.

  13. Look at those woofies go! I love to see all animals playing....happiness plus. No whapping please...use the word "NO" with care and they will listen.

    Pipo is a handsome dude and could be my brother....the resemblance is uncanny,


  14. pipo; ya look most handsum dawgz bee lookin crazed !!!!!!!!!! :) we think petcretary should get am a kong; they iz spozed ta last for like for everz we haz hurd ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  15.'re funny, Pipo...MOL...Love the Selfie and to see the wrestling of your brothers. All is open now in the Netherlands and we're allowed to go to our neighbour Countries again too...finally😺 We have missed our outings😸Pawkisses for a Happy Day to all of you🐾😽💞