Monday, April 6, 2020

Leftovers, New Beginnings and Guests!

Yes, we sure wish there were nothing but leftover memories of this horrid COVID19...what a disruption to the whole world:( So far we are healthy, and there are no peeps at petcretary's workplace with this illness. Thankfully. But each day the situation changes...we just pray fervently that it will bypass our residents and the city in general. There are some who have it, but we hope with the quarantine regulations that it will not spread too far around. It sure is a scary thing. So we stay mostly at home except for occasional forays to the grocery store, or a walk in the fresh air. But not this was damp, raining at times and not very conducive to a nice stroll...however it was a lot nicer today! The sun decided to shine! Yes!! The other day during the week, it was lovely out, and petcretary grabbed her camera and went to see what she could see. There were still leftovers from last fall, new beginnings to herald the Springtime...and she even some some obliging creatures who consented to giving their selfies for our viewing pleasure. Therefore us three will take a break form showing ourselves...afterall it is spring break...hah! Nobody can travel or go to museums or even state parks. So everyone is having a staycation!It is also Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, if you are of the Christian faith...but we have no palms here, and no face to face church we will wave virtual palm branches...oh well, maybe next year! Here are some leftovers...they are kind of interesting and even pretty! First, some cat-tails...
Now some grasses...
Old leavers and a milkweed pod...
Here are some goldenrod and Queen Anne's lace...
Here is an old 'something' amongst the newly swelling buds...
These are so pretty, not sure what they may be, maybe leftover snowballs?
This is a big insect discovered after the picture was taken...guess it wanted to have his selfie on the blog!
Here are some leftover berries...bittersweet.
Now we are getting some other things...(Tabbies o'Trout Towne, just skip please...)
A RedWinged Blackbird on an old cat-tail.
Singing his heart out!
A Cardinal having a break from his spring tunes...
The trees and shrubs both in our yard and along the marshes to the north on our road are beginning to have fat buds where the leaves will soon be, or blossoms.
Weeping Cherry
Pussy Willows
A different kind of Pussy Willow
Spring flowers will soon be showing off their beauty everywhere.
Daffodils...not quite ready...
Meanwhile we have these pretty periwinkle and blue bells...and another spring bulb which petcretary has forgotten the name of, LOL!
Grape Hyacinths......
Columbine and bleeding hearts...
Bee Balm
Now we have some guest selfies to show you:
How about some cows!
And some horses also obliged with their selfies for you to admire:)
There you have them...our nature stroll shared with all of you our friends and its so good that we can not worry about 'social distancing' when we blog. Petcretary walked for about a mile north on our road, she could actually follow that road for several more... Yesterday was Bowie's First Birthday...(From LoneStarCats), so while petcretary no longer makes birthday cards, she did for Bowie, cause he has not had any card from us yet in his young life. Also he wasn't feeling too well, so we add not only our birthday greetings, but our purrs, pawyers and POTP.
Update: It seems that whole furmily needs a ton of POTP right now, Bowie, and his brofur Travis, and also his sisfur Angelique. And poor little Finely the doggy with her bad hip, well she got sick too...and the emergency vet had to help both Bowie and Finley...and prescribed meds for all of them. OMC, OMD:( You can visit the kitties here: LoneStarCats You can visit Finley and her furmily here: KinleyWestie
You kitties and pups...and your peeps who are caring so diligently for all of you: We send you a ton of love, hugs and our most fervent pawyers for a full and speedy recovery. Pipo and his doggy brofurs will return soon... Meanwhile Stay home! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! We are joined up with al the other Sunday Selfie Blog Hoppers at The kitties blue. They host this feature each week, and we are so glad they do it, and we are thankful for their faithfulness in doing it for all of us to enjoy...for 295 weeks already, wow!!
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  1. Happy palm sunday... and we love the guests, they are cow-l!!!

  2. Thank you for all the beautiful photos. The Cardinal made #1 nostalgic as we don't have them in Europe.

    Sorry to hear about your friends being unwell.

    Purrs and Woofs,
    Tama, Genji and Ollie

    1. Thanks! We have quite a few of them...among many others.
      Whenever I am in Europe, I love seeing all the different birds, and the variations of similar species.

  3. Whatever else is happening in the world, there is always beauty in nature.
    Your blackbirds are much prettier than ours. Here they are plain black for the males and brown for the females.
    Two have made a nest in the hedge opposite the window. As I sit at the computer I see them constantly flying in and out with beaks full of worms.

    1. I think your blackbirds are the relatives of our Robins. In Holland they call them Merels. Your little robins for sure are way different than ours, LOL!

  4. That was a nice walk you took us on. We have our paws crossed for the Lonestar Cats and their family.

  5. I'm glad you all are okay. Those photos are all so wonderful. We're sure sending tons of purrs to the Lonestar family, that is so very scary for all of them.

    1. Thank you. Lonestar kitties are doing much better. Purrs and POTP help:)

  6. I'm determined to have a pussywillow tree for next spring; cannot believe I don't have one now!

    1. We ourselves do not have any of those, but they are growing wild in the nearby swampy areas.

  7. Such lovely pictures!!!
    We are behind you as far as flowering things go But at least the snow is gone :)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  8. We enjoyed seeing all those wonderful pictures! We are just starting to see the daffodils and hyacinths bloom, and have many plants coming up from under last year's leaves.

    We hope you all stay safe.

    1. Our daffs are blooming now.

      So far we are staying safe and not being attacked by COVID19...

  9. Such beautiful photos. Our pussy willows went by a month ago when we had a few days of warm weather. Stay healthy. XO

  10. I am purring lots for your human and the residents at her work.

  11. We recognized all the flowers but one the purple one. We thought those were peonies popping their heads up. Ours are up and Lee put the wire frame around them so they won't lay over when their flowers get heavy. Wish we could take one of those horses for a long ride. We pray the nursing home where you work escapes this horrid virus.
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. We do not have any peonies here, they do not like our sandy soils... That was a bleeding heaert plant I think.
      Somehow all my pics are gone.Sheesh:(
      You CAN see them in my Wordpress blog, link in the sidebar.

      So far we are thankful that we have no Covid19 where I work.

  12. Beautiful pictures ! I also love the cow and the horse ! We are also locked up since 3 weeks and only go out for shopping food or medication. Fortunately we have a yard so we can sit outside if the temperature allows ! Poor people in big cities !

    1. Thanks!

      We would go nuts too, if there was not yard here...and since we live semi rural, we can go for nice long walks on our country byways.

  13. Such beautiful photos! They definitely took our mind off of the world today.