Sunday, October 20, 2019

Tick-Tock-Tober Selfies

A Public Service Note:
As of Jan 1, 2020, petcretary will no longer be making all the birthday and Gotcha Day cards. She will make Memorial Cards, and maybe a few others. She is spending way too much time on them, (Sometimes up to 8 hours on a card), even though she loves making them...Sorry to have to put an end to those...if you want one and have not had one for your special furend/furbaby...send her a clear image with an unobtrusive background at least 4 weeks ahead, and she will get one out to you. Just leave a comment, with contact info.

Time to show off our backends, this week, MOL/BOL!
Look closely and you can even see my bunny's tocks!

Me, being silly and *she* got my tocks.
We have the gator's tocks in our jaws...BOL!
If I dig enough, even my tocks will not be visible...
Where are your Benji?
Benji is going to hide while showing off his tocks...
Yee-Haw! Its TockTober!

Of course we made  cards, too...but no tocks allowed on them, tee-hee!
Dakota had a Gotcha Day...but today is Caren's Birthday!!
Franklin catabrated his Gotcha Day

Our Tocks hopped to it along with The Kitties Blue, thew weekly hosts of this fun feature.


  1. Nice tock shots! You do work too hard on those cards, so it is time for you to take a break.

  2. We love your Tock Shots and love all your photos. We know how blogging can take a lot of time and are sorry to hear about your not doing cards anymore but we understand completely! Purrs dear friends have a wonderful week

  3. Pawsome tock shots all! Your cards are so beautiful, you can tell that you put a lot of time into them. Take a break, spend more time with the furbabies and do something nice for yourself!

  4. Great tock shots gang!!!!!!
    Good that you had fun in the process too :)
    We do appreciate the cards you makes.
    We also appreciate the enormous amount of time it would take to make one.
    While they are lovely, we also agree that you need to make more time for yourself and have more time to enjoy your off hours. Life is short,do things that make you happy :)
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ and the mum

  5. Petcetry, you do beautiful cards and they are so appreciated. I can certainly understand not doing them anymore with the time you put into them.

    You furries have terrific tocks....we hat to pull our eyes away before we had an atock of the greenies. mol


  6. Nice tocks y'all!

    We've always luved our cards, but your growlmy definitely needs a break!

  7. that is the pawfect start into tock-tober!!!! and we love what fabulous tunnels you can dig!!!

    1. There are over a dozen of those humongous holes...OMD...sigh...he'd make more if I let him, he digs like that during un-snoopervised when I am at work and pawppy lets them use the doggy doors ad lib.

  8. Great Tocks! And we completely unnerstand about slowing down on the cards and stuff. It is easy to feel you have to continue some kindness you start, forever...

  9. MOL..I like the double tocks...MOL..but you all have good tocks for the occassion😹Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday🐾😽💞

  10. grate tockz post guyz...N dood....fora wee minit we thought ya waz runnin with a reelz rabbit ya had catched !!!! :) ♥♥