Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sunday Selfies a-la Different

Yup, we are taking a furry break so show you some guests that petcretary 'caught' in/on our patio pots. No fur, but wings and skin and what ever insects and amphibians might wear to do selfies, MOL/BOL!
We continued to have way too much rain, everything is quite soggy and water-logged. We may need an ark to stay dry...does this stop the excavation crew?? Nope...but cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes deter them a bit...sigh...there was a brief respite so petcretary went outside to tend to the plants on the patio, and the bugs thought so too...but later the rain started up again.

There has also been an outbreak of the bad illness known as Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), a sometimes fatal illness of the brain, spread by mosquitoes, which were in great abundance this year. So when we had a rainless night this past week, we heard planes overhead; they were spraying large areas with known outbreaks, or detected carriers in the tested mosquito populations. They used what they called an organic pesticide, pyrethrins. The next morning it was so quiet, no buzzing of the little insects and not even bees visiting our blooms...such as the ones that petcretary photographed earlier.

Sure hope that the local apiaries do not suffer losses to their bees. Saturday, petcretary found one very sluggish bee on her flowers...and a few other small bugs, but no butterflies. However it was only in the 50's and very cloudy with rain later on...again:(

By the way, if this has or has to be done in your area, please remember that pyrethrins and related pesticides are very toxic for cats. Keep them safe indoors until you know that the all clear is given.

Anyways here are some 'different' selfies to enjoy!

This bee has a huge proboscis! Like a thick probe.

'Sharing' the nectar-bounty - a bee and a moth... had better stay away from...that froggy...
Not sure what kind of species this is, but it sure has a long proboscis, like a butterfly has.

Laying in wait for a fly or some other tasty insect...

A tired sluggish bee on a waterlogged dahlia...hope she could get home safely, the neighbors here have a small apiary.
Of course there were some cards we made...
Miss Boo
Or you can find Speedy, here, too.

Timmy & Einstein
We are hopping along with many others in the Sunday selfies, hosted by The Kitties Blue


  1. Such gorgeous fellow creatures of the amphibian and insect world. We forget how beautiful and important these guys are in the grand scheme of things, so it is nice to highlight them in the selfies.
    Lots of purrs

  2. How sad that all these other critters have to suffer because of the mosquitoes. :-(

  3. I adore your bees. Well done with such splendid photographs. They are so sharp and clear.

    Have a wonderful week, and the cars are just WONDERFUL!!!

  4. Wonderful pictures and that froggie must have his own Walhalla at your place with so much goodies flying around...MOL😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to all of you🐾😽💞

  5. Bees are a little "fuzzy" and are cute in their own way :)
    I hope the bees will be okay though.
    And those are beautiful flowers!

  6. Love the Sunday selfies! They make us smile☺

  7. Those are spectacular photos, I feel like I am right there in your garden!

  8. We can understand why you'd want to get rid of mosquitoes that are carrying a deadly disease. But it's a shame all the other bugs get killed too. I must say, for some reason we had very few insects and spiders here this summer, and wonder if it's because to too much pesticides.

  9. Of course, the mosquitoes can be dangerous, and deadly ... but our bees are endangered and we hope so much that they were not seriously impacted by the spraying ...
    Your flower-and-insect photography is glorious, we loved every one ...
    And thank you for sharing your beautiful card artwork for all the deserving blog friends who celebrate special times ... you're amazing that you can do all this!

  10. Those are great selfies even if it wasn't your beautiful faces.

  11. Mee-yow wow THE Beess are BEE-uteefull...wee have had outbrake of Tripell EEE here all so Petcretary an Pipo an Dalton an Benji!!! So all horsie eventss are cancelled at all fall Fairss….so unfair rite?? fore THE horsiess an their peepull….
    Yore photoe of THE Bee an Moth together iss speck-tackular! An Fergie Frog iss reelly cute!
    An THE Butterfliess are stunnin….
    Most of our inn-sectss are gone; just sum wobbly Bumbell Beess an 1 furry notty Yellow Jackit who wants to come inn our place! Oh no...LadyMew allergick so hee NOT comin inn!!
    Wishin efurryone a grate week there an purrhapss sum Sunshine an warmth too!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

  12. Those are beautiful photos. It is a pity that spraying the mosquitoes kills the other insects too.

  13. Great shots. There have been several cases of EEE in my state. Our town was sprayed, but we are on the edge so our area didn't get any spray. XO

  14. Such pretty butterflies!

    We've had them spray for mosquitos here before - because of West Nile though, not EEE.

  15. What amazing guest selfies! The flutterbies are especially purr-ty!

  16. oh em cod guyz....petcretarry taked sum lee AWESUM... fotoz....we reel lee N joyed thiz post !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥♥ we canna even pix a fave ~~~~~~

  17. Such gorgeous selfies! We heard that they were spraying in your part of the state. No spraying here...yet...and we hope they won’t have to.

  18. What beautiful flowers! So very colourful. You did great capturing thse bees hard at work. We seem to get bees later in the season, around late August. Then they polinate the sqush but it doesn't grow big.

    Tyebe and Shoko

  19. Wowy, you take much better bee photos than my mom. We get lots of bees of all sizes in Mom's garden and it looks like you do too! Hugs.