Sunday, July 21, 2019

Selfies In The Heat...Of A Michigan Heat Wave

Selfies in the heat...yes, unpleasant with high humidity and pop up severe thunderstorms. At least we did not loose power like some folks north of here, nor get flooded out like some others. Our patio plants did get knocked about and some were pushed right over. A large 'volunteer' sunflower was now the squirrels will have to try other means to access the bird feeders, MOL!
Several cities made cooling shelters available to peeps to hydrate and find relief from this high day the heat index (humid ex), was 110F. Oh MY:(

Even at petcretary's work they made iced water and fruit infused water available to all staff.

Earlier in the week, when it was not quite so hot, petcretary was able to borrow a lawn mower to get the grass cut. The mower we have is still in the shop, it must be a strange thing to have to order a new handle...Bwahahaha! So frustrating. Ours is a self propelled one, so it mostly takes about 3 - 3-1/2 hours to get the majority of the yard mowed. The borrowed one *she* used was a power mower, but not self propelled...and the handle was NOT padded. Sheesh, even our old fashioned reel mower has padding. Anypaws when she got done, her hands were sore to say the least, and even though she wore gardening gloves,  she had some blisters. One is about the size of a dime, right on her hard to keep covered, esp at her work. Someone said, why didn't you call off work for a day or two? Um...really, for a blister?? So she got some good dressings from her work store room and she worked three days. She is tough. ha!

Well, hopefully this coming week the mower will be back with a good handle so then the chore will be easier. And hopefully this torrid weather will end.

I was all splayed out on the cooler parts of the carpet

When *she* interrupted me for selfie time she said...

I am too lazy for that in this heat, so this is all you'll get, MOL!

Sheesh, she doesn't even let the heat stop her...

Ok, that's enough petcretary...Bye now,..

Sheesh, I am from Texas but I don't much like this hot weather at all.

It makes my tongue hang out...

And it makes me hide my ears too, BOL!

My tongue is longer than yours,Dalton! BOL!

Really long...

I don't like this hot weather much either, and I came from Texas too...

I think I will hide my ears too...then I can pant better...
We made a few cards:
Timmy Tomcat
Kinley & Brinley
Even in the heat we are still hopping in the Sunday Selfies , hosted by The Kitties Blue.
The Kitties Blue aka The Cat On My Head, are celebrating their seventh year of blogging.! Wow, amazing!


  1. So many wonderful birthdays in spite of the heat!

    Happy (and cooler) Sunday your folks!

  2. The heat makes me feel like panting too! At least it has cooled down a bit for a few days but is forecast to come back with a vengeance later in the week. Lovely selfies from all of you.

  3. Three hours is a long time to spend cutting the lawn. Thank goodness it got cut before this undoGly heat! Mom needs to cut too but it can just wait till it's cooler out! Stay cool and hydrate!

  4. It's "tongue hanging out" time in our neighborhood too! Let's go inside, find an air vent to lay beside ... cool down! Great photos and great wishes to all those pet friends too!

  5. Stay cool beauties! We're in Texas and it doesn't help cope with heat, it's awful everywhere unfortunately. You all look amazing today in your selfies, good work all.

  6. My ghostwriter has been working in this summer heat too. At least the nursing home has a new AC, unlike last summer when the old one conked out.

    Dad's lawn mower was given it's last rites at the repair shop. Good thing he has a new great big roaring dragon loud rumbling machine riding mower thing this year! (Mowing the lawn is the one chore ghostwriter refuses to do!)

    Hope this heat wave breaks soon! We still haven't had any of those thunderstorms. Last night ghostwriter drove home and saw a lot of lightning in the western skies, but it didn't make it here.

    Keep cool!

  7. We are glad you are doing OK. In Chicagoland we got some clouds and rain today and it cooled down. Mom can't believe how many birds are at the feeders, she's already refilled them twice. We think the birdies are really hungry and they just stayed in their nests the last few days. Abby Lab

  8. doodz......we haz 984 pawz crozzed timez 90 de heet iz gone two.....we noe petcretarry hada soundz like shellava time mowin de grass... N we noe ewe dawgs waz like forgetaboutit.... we will use pipo's box & knot go out side .... N pipo we noe ewe waz like...due knot EVEN think bout usin my box for yur biznezz ~~ N we noe R commint iz .....waaaaa ??? !!! :) ♥♥♥♥♥

  9. You look perfect to me. Your woofie brothers are nice looking but I wouldn't want to live wth them. You're a better Meezer than moi.


  10. Thanks for sharing the beautiful selfies. We hope you all survived the heatwave and are much cooler now. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  11. Beautiful selfies ! We cross our paws and hope you'll survive that heatwave ! Purrs

  12. Love those heatwave Selfies and thanks so very much for my wonderful birthday card