Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Look At Our Independence Day ~ We Promise Not To Scare You With Fireworks...

That's right, no scary boomers, cause they are all done, that is how behind the times we are...MOL/BOL!
The neighbors across the street put on a big show, Sat the 6th, it seems Saturday suited them better than the Fourth itself. They have a huge property with a big empty field, so the company one of them works for, asks them to sponsor their annual employee picnic and fireworks...which is a big 20 minute show, quite professional, and pretty to watch, if you are not a pet. Sheesh. They even have three of their own dogs, we bet they put them in the cellar or made them wear earplugs...petcretary was working so she missed it, but pawppy did enjoy it. The night of the fourth, there were lots of boomers going off all over the place, but it did not seem to bother us three very much. We did not hide or cower. Of course it helped that both petcretary and pawppy were home to help us stay calm.
Both unfurbros were here on the Fourth to enjoy all the doings of the holiday. All the peeps went to the local airport to see the big 5 hour airshow, its and annual event along with the Balloons. (International Field of Flight) This year the winds were 'wrong', so no balloons floated over our area, sometimes in past years they even landed in the fields around us! The big feature this year was the F22, It is HUGE! And very LOUD!
At the end of the airshow, there was a 'Heritage Flight' with the F22-Raptor of our modern day, and the P51-Mustang, a very small plane from WWII.
And there was a Chipmunk, not the rodent but a plane! It was manufactured by De Haviland, a company from Canada, and also in Britain and Portugal. Petcretary remembers that plane from her childhood days when her family went to an airshow in Trenton Ontario, where there is a AFB base. The RCAF Chipmunks were a bright golden Yellow, and the other models were silvery with  red or the yellow, or they might have been red and white All with minor/major differences to suit the various military needs they were associated with.
Petcretary took pictures with her camera, but she has such a convoluted process to get the images from off of it, to the computer that she just decided to use links to show you what she saw...we call that lazy, BOL/MOL!

Well, it seems of late we can't ever get our posts up on the Sunday they should be...but well, better late than never is a fave saying of petcretary,
Here are our pawtriotic pictures and selfies for Independence Day, The Fourth of July...MOL!

Phooey! Always taking pictures....

 Hope you all enjoyed Independence Day, wherever and however you celebrated!
Here is a yummy treat...excuse us now while we have our snack...

 We made a few cards...

Sweet William the Scot became 10; he isn't feeling very well lately, you can read about it and leave some needed POTP by clicking this caption, which is linked up with his blog

Melvyn turned two!

This sweet trio celebrated a Gotcha Day. All on the same day!!

Percy turned 15!!

Some of you may recall Ashlynne from our Catster Days...she had to make her voyage to the heavenly realms of the RainbowBridge. You can find her family on Facebook, by clicking this linked sentence...

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  1. your photos are like a firework, but not with that booms! and bangs! they are a party for our eyes and you look so super fabulous!!!

  2. You guys all look so festive!

  3. Beautiful photos, guys, and I am so happy that the 4th has passed. Now if only the neighbors would realize it and stop lighting off fireworks every weekend!

  4. guyz...we bet de show waz awesum...for de peepulz....yur selfeez bee rockin, late, earlee or mid week....

    M pleez tell pectretarry if herz on facebook; to pleez tell Bonnie... how very sorree we iz ta lurn bout Ashlynne; we just NOE her dad Beepers greeted her at heavenz gate....Godspeed Ashlynne ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Ghostwriter says you don't have to apologize for posting late. She knows what it's like to have to work on weekends and holidays. She worked 3 to 11 on the 4th. Dad and I stayed at home and watched the fireworks on TV. You pups and Pipo look great in your patriotic attire!

  6. Sounds and looks like you all had a great Independence Day.

  7. Y’all are really rockin’ those hats!

  8. You all look so great in you patriotic hats! And we thank you for all the comments. They are a happy embarassment of riches...