Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving Weekend Sunday Selfies

Well, petcretary was here all day on Thanksgiving, but she had no time to make a blog post for us. We did get some yummy bits of that feast she made, Mmmm! Both our unfurbros were here too. Plenty of laps for Pipo! And lots of good walks for Dalton. It was quite cold on the day before Thanksgiving, and also on Thanksgiving, so Dalton wore his warm winter gear as did the peeps he pulled for the whole two miles, BOL! He was evfur so grateful for that warm coat:)
Petcretary kind of cheated and made some old selfies into new well, at least we did not have to endure clothes and camera time, Tee-hee!

Today and Saturday she had to work...back to normal here!And quiet too, the unfurbros have gone back to their own doings.
Last Nov 14th, we attended Dezi's Birthday/Gotcha Day pawrty.

Her Gotcha day was officially the 22nd, but they combined the events. It was a fun pawrty! And Dezi sent us this card:
We went there in masks, because it was a masquerade pawrty:)
We also were singing at her pawrty and we were in the band too.

She sure does throw fine and fun affairs! (Well, her sisfur, Raena planned it and organized it too...). Thanks for doing that, gals!
By the way, their Mommy, isn't feeling too good, maybe you could all purr hard fur her, and send her some POTP and pawyers, too.


We made some cards, too:
This next card is a wee bit early, but tomorrow is Sawyer's Gotcha Day, (He is from the family of our good blogging furends, who are the weekly hosts of our blog hop of Sunday Selfies!), so we made him a card too:

We are hopping in the 'furmouse' weekly feature of the Sunday Selfies, hosted by The Kitties Blue. Thanks so much for keeping this blog hop going for SO long!!


  1. Good to hear you had a good Thanksgiving!!!
    WE love your pictures!
    Mum is lazy, she needs to get into scrapbooking,but don't hold your breath ;)
    Your purrson does cards really well.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Your petcretary makes such nice cards. I cans see you had fun at Dezi's party. I am glad you scored some Thanksgiving treats too. Very nice selfies from you both. XO

  3. Wow What great selfies! Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving.

  4. What cute Thanksgiving photos! Glad y'all got some of da foods!

  5. You made some fine memories there with those Thanksgiving photos! And I luved your masquerade photos for Dezi's pawty! That paw-ty sure rocked, didn't it?! It was sure fun to see you there. Head pets. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  6. I love the masks, you two look most mysterious! I love your selfies too - you look ready for turkey!

  7. that are super fabulous thanksgiving pictures and we hope da biggest turkey of all da land landed in your bowls ;O) your masks are artpieces, bravo to your petcretary!!!!

  8. Sounds like you all had a wonderful, and tasty day, MOL Funny how life gets so exciting and then so normal at the change of the hour!
    Toodle pips and purrs to you all

  9. Glad you had a good Turkey day feast! Yum! My ghostwriter has been working through the entire TG holiday. Today is the last of a six day stretch. (I think she shouldn't be working so much.)

    Stay warm!