Sunday, June 10, 2018

Plain and Simple Sunday Selfies

Petcretary is working this weekend, so the blog post will be just some selfies and some cards we sent to other furry ones.
Sometimes the days are just seemingly too short to take time to make lots of pictures...but well, having said that, sometimes she makes so many she can't decide which ones will 'make the grade' to be posted here...MOL!
Anyways, nothing much happening here; no news is always good news, right?!
Here are our selfies:

Feeling kind of bummed on a rainy day, and petcretary had to go to her work...
Here are some cards we sent to our furends:
Carmine had a Gotcha Day

Raena had a Gotcha Day too.
Sammy has his Birthday today!

If you would rather visit us in WordPress, you can visit by using this link: There is open commenting allowed there. Sorry it doesn't work in this blog anymore. The posts there will be similar and duplicate this blogger/google facilitate commenting and ease of use. 


We are bloghopping our Sunday Selfies along with the Kitties Blue, who are the kind hosts of this weekly feature. They are having some computer issues right now so bear with them and purr that soon it will be all fixed for them:)


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