Sunday, June 3, 2018

Already June!! Guest Selfie Sunday

If you would rather visit us in WordPress, you can visit by using this link: There is open commenting allowed there. Sorry it doesn't work in this blog anymore. The posts here will be similar and duplicate this blogger/google facilitate commenting and ease of use. 

I have sent a note to google/blogger to try and revert our blog back to its original state but still no answer or solution. The link will not let me do it, even though its supposed to allow it. Tabbies sent me some help notes, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts, but it was all the same things that  petcretary had already tried. The other issue of not receiving notifications is a sitewide blogger issue, and they say they are working on resolving it...but we won't hold our breath.


Petcretary went on a road trip this past week, to visit our Auntie (her sister), and transport some furniture to unfurbro-the-younger. 

So there wasn't much time for picture taking of us...though she did get some nice images of our doggy cousin, Eddie. So that is why we are having a Guest Selfie Sunday!

Hi, ya'll, I am Eddie, Dalton's Canadian Doggy Cousin.
I love to chew on sticks...

This is MY stick!
Teaching my stick how to behave like a...well, like a stick!
I gotta chew my stick, OK?
I might look if you have a treat...
Is that a treat for ME?
I really would love to go exploring in the neighbor's yard...but my Mum says its not allowed...and their three pups might not like me in there either. Shucks...
I had to stop and think about how to do these selfie things...

I think I nailed this happy in the evening sunshine selfie!
Eddie - My 'offurcial selfie'!


Basil had a Birthday on June First, but he is delaying his catabration, cause he is not feeling well at this time. So please go and wish him some POTP and Get Well Soon purrs and greetings.


We are hopping along with all the Sunday Selfie takers at The Kitties Blue who are the kind hosts of this weekly feature.


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