Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day To Our Pawppy!

Its Father's Day!
We thank you Pawppy for being a good daddy to us, and being patient, (mostly), when we are not always on our bestest behavior...
So Pawppy was sitting out in the yard, and we sat on his our bow tie finery to honor him:)
Pipo was having a pretty good time out there, and even tried the grass under his paws...
Dalton was a bit more anxious, but hey, he did sit there for a while!
He still has fears of Pawppy, and often freezes up or runs to his 'den' (doorless crate), when he sees Pawppy coming near. He still piddles in fear both for petcretary and Pawppy...sigh...but we only use the 'belly band' when we are at other peeps' homes...we go through lots of carpet cleaning solutions, BOL!
Even after almost 9 months of living here in 'luxury', love  and safety...its so frustrating for us to deal with this poor wee anxiety stricken doggy. Maybe he needs a doggy psychiatrist to help him deal with his issues. His best times are outdoors, or alone with petcretary.

Anypaws, here are our pictures with Pawppy, including our Sunday Selfies:)

We helped petcretary make some more cards:

There were some sad moments, too...though we ourselves are not familiar with these kitties - now precious angels; we are posting the mementos that Ann Adamus of Zoolatry made for them; so that you can pay them a visit and add your purrs and woofs of comfort if you have not already.
We are honoring Fathers everywhere today in this Sunday Selfies Blog hop, hosted by the Kitties Blue


  1. Wow! I got this blog changed back to the way it was before, and now you can comment like in the past once again. Hooray! But...well, when it changed all your comments vanished! Oh, My:(
    So I copied them, and will put them here as one large comment. Sorry, now they are all from Anon, LOL!

    Pipo/AngelMinko Dalton/AngelMrJackFreckles

    From Jan's Funny Farm:

    We tried to leave a comment on your blog but we are having internet
    issues and pages don't finish loading if they do at all. At least we
    can do a little bit online after over an hour with tech support. More
    needs to be done, but we want to visit some friends while we can.

    Love the photos of your hubby with Pipo & Dalton. It is so sad that
    Dalton has such issues. Glad you are patient with him so he can learn
    to relax around people.


    MARJORIE DAWSON 6 hours ago -

    (We reckon you enjoyed the grass a lot Pipo it's the best part of a garden (except the catnip plant MOL!!)


    Mark Muller 1 day ago -

    happy fathers day to your daddy... it is always wonderful to see men and cats or dogs... it is so touching and a sign somehow that this world is a good place ;O)

    Whitley Westie 1 day ago

    What sweet photos!

    -Kinley Westie

    Marv “Marv” Marvelous 1 day ago

    Guys! You Pippo and Dalton look most wonderful with your Cat and Doggie Daddy! And I wish him a Happy Father a Happy Father's Day!
    Your cards are wonderful too!
    Have a fabulishious week

    Summer Samba 1 day ago

    Nice selfies! Poor Dalton - I hope you find a way to ease his stress somehow.

    pilch92 15andmeowing 1 day ago

    Those are great selfies. Happy Father's Day to your wonderful Dad! XO

    charlie Downunder 1 day ago

    Crikey .... those photos are great aye?? Pawppy looks as if he is having a good Fathers' day. Although he looks a lot happier with Pipo on his lap than Dalton. Poor little Dalton ..... he must have had some bad experiences in his early days, aye?? What a lucky bloke he is to have found you. It will take time but I'm sure he'll settle eventually. I'm getting better with my anxiety. Mum and Dad can go out and leave me home alone now. BUT only for 4 hours!! If it's any longer than that I trash the place. Happy Fathers' day Pawppy!

    Erin the Cat 1 day ago

    Hi Guys! Time will out, I am sure, and all will be well for Dalton. You have to reverse what traumas he has, and that takes time and the love that you show him.These things never leave us, though, but we heal to a degree and that is all that counts. Great selfies EVERYONE, and have a great week!
    Toodle pips and purrs


  2. Hey, we actually forgo to check the notify button so that we will get comments back to ourselves...MOL/BOL!

  3. It sure looks like you had a wonderful Father's Day. My ghostwriter had to work that day. But we'll have a special yum yum dinner this coming Sunday.

  4. Happy Belated Fathers Day to Pawpy! As usual, we are behind again... It is nice seeing him spreading out his love to you. We hope Dalton relaxicates someday. And thanks again for the lovely card!

  5. Such lovely pictures for Father's Day :) Hope you all had a wonderful day! Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3
    PS Have you already tried Bach Remedies for Dalton?

  6. I love your dear Father's Day pictures! So glad to meet you all. xx