Sunday, March 11, 2018

On A Road Trip Selfie Sunday ~ With Guests!

Hi furry furends and your peeps!
Today its time to have Sunday Selfies. But since we are also having some road trip fun, we are having our doggy cousins from Canada to do their selfie thing for us. So we have a vacation of sorts from the selfies, bwahahahaha!
One of petcretary's cousins has a new pup, a little gal that was rescued from the Dominican Republic. Now, if that isn't a road (and air) trip !!
Her name is Esperenza, which means hope, and she for sure has hope that now in her new forever home, she will have tons of love and all the comforts a doggy princess needs! She is a sweet little poodle mix. She already has been on her own road trips to visit Eddie!
Esperenza checking out her new forever Mom
Esperenza says this is *my* toy, Eddie!
Our Auntie (Petcretary's sister), came over here a couple of weeks ago...but she couldn't take Eddie with her. Dalton was disappointed, but on the other hand, he then didn't have to share her, BOL! Petcretary gave her a new toy to give Eddie when she got back, because he had destroyed the one she gave him before. It was supposed to be indestructible but he defied that and ripped it to shreds!
Eddie was so happy to get a new toy from petcretary...Auntie and petcretary wonder how long it will last...
Eddie did a great surgical dissection of this so called indestructible toy!!
Could this pup really destry toys so well?? BOL!
Well, here is some road trip history from petcretary:
Dalton has been on a road trip to visit Eddie; Angel MJF went there many times, and he also got to go to Washington, DC a few times to visit Pawppy's Mom, before she had to go to heaven. MJF even got to see the grounds of the Naval Academy and their big museum when he was barely three months old!
Petcretary did not learn how to drive until she was in her mid twenties! Wow! Nope, she had no need to drive, and it kind of scared her, she admits, LOL!
Her Dad tried to teach her, but then before she got the hang of it, she went on an airplane trip to a new job, over 1000 miles away. She lived right on the premises of that job, so also once again no need for a car or a driver's license. She did go on a lot of road trips while living there (Nova Scotia, Canada), since a lot of her friends had cars and they would go together. They once took a drive to New Brunswick, to get on the ferry to Prince Edward February in a blizzard. Yikes. Wouldn't even think of doing that kind of thing now! One time she even went on a bus tour all by herself! Otherwise she would not have ever seen the beautiful Cabot Trail...except she still didn't, cause the fog was so thick it was hard to see anything...sigh...
After she left that job, her and her sister took a road trip to visit where she had just left! Go figure. Petcretary had her driver's license by then, (Which has its own set of tales to tell about, LOL!) and even her own car...a brand new 1976 Chevette. (Which she called a Sh*tette...)
{Petcretary learned to drive in an American Motors Pacer.   She had to get a professional to teach her. She did some practicing in a friend's car. It had just been newly painted...and she was practicing parking in a shopping plaza lot. She was slowly going to the next spot,and suddenly a car backed out, tight into the newly painted fender of her friend's car. Oops. Then man in there said, 'well, when I looked a minute ago, there was no one coming'...sheesh!He must have been distracted. and he was elderly, so he was so worried we were going to call the police to report we didn't...but he did give us the insurance # so my friend could get reimbursed for the next paint job...and no petcretary did not do any more practicing in that car to avert further disasters!}
Anyways, she learned to drive a standard transmission, so that she and her sister could take her sister's car on that trip...but it decided to need repairs and they had to go in petcretary's Chevette. It wasn't that bad, but trying to take an automatic 4 banger up some of those mountains was interesting, to say the least. Think: 'I think I can, I think I can!' She can't show you any pics of that trip, cause that was way before digital cameras and she has not scanned any of them...sigh...
After four years with that car, petcretary graduated herself to another...a standard transmission Mazda GLC. It was a fun car, and way peppier than the Chevette. However on a trip to see her peeps, she was in a bad accident and it was totaled, along with the other car involved. Two new cars, smashed to the junk yard. OMD/OMC! No one was badly injured, thankfully, just pride...and then petcretary got another car, just like the one she smashed...only a year newer.
That second car could have written a book about all the road trips it made! To Washington, visit her fiancee in Michigan, to Ottawa with family from Europe, and many other trips, long and short.
That car got all packed up to the hilt with petcretary's belongings, and made the trip back to our present dwelling, after her and pawppy got married....way way back in 1987! After 4 years of being there with a Michigan plate instead of the Ontario plate, it was too small for the expanded family of unfurs, as by then they had unfurbro-the-elder. So someone bought it that pawppy knew from his work. We wonder how many road trips that car made after it got a new owner??!

This road trip and car fun is helping Madi to celebrate being 16, today! Wow! Happy Birthday, Madi!! Sweet Sixteen.

Oh, Madi! Your car on the roof reminded petcretary of the time she did something similar...she had her car balancing on the ridge between the driveway and the sidewalk...the front wheels were not touching, nor were the bottom ones...and it was balanced like a teeter-totter! Oops. The Triple A peeps had to come and use a winch to get her out of that pickle...right in her own property! MOL!!!

Rusty from Jan's Funny Farm, recently had a birthday too:

And Blogville had to say goodbye to Sei Chan.

We are Birthday/Sunday Selfie Hopping along with the Cat On My Head
We are Birthday Road Hopping along with the Birthday Gal, Madi!


  1. Oh my the new puppy cousin is ADORABLE! What a cutie! Have to tell you YOUR driving experiences have been rather horrifying!! xoxo DakotasDen

    1. And I could even tell you more of such horrors, MOL/BOL! But...I should not say this; living in Calhoun county; the one with the most car/deer encounters; but while my van has been affected by those big critters, petcretary herself has nevfur been driving when that happened, and she hopes to keep her record that way. She does often see those silly deer when she drives home from her work each night...

  2. Puppies and Kitties are so adorable...and turn into precious devoted pets.
    OMCs that story of the dangling car was purrfect
    Hugs madi and mom

    1. It was so embarassing! But it fit the idea of your theme so purrfectly!

  3. Our #1 learned to drive late in life too, but she has more than made up for it by now!

    We think Esperanza is a real cutie, and are glad she was rescued!

    Woofs ad Purrs,
    Tommy and the Chans

    1. She doesn't know how she ever managed without one, MOL!

      I think 'Speranza' came out of a hurricane situation, just like Dalton did...just a different part of the world.

  4. Esperenza iss cute as a button!!! Wee wish her all thee best inn her new lfie. An Eddie you an mee are Brofurss as mee made thee 'non-skid' runner skid!!! Mew mew mew.....
    An wee are still berry sad about sweet Sei Chan :(
    Hope you will stop bye an visit soon.
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  5. I thought just maybe you were tempted to adopt Esperenza. Looks like all you puppies now have wonderful happy homes. Long may Eddie keep testing the indestructible toys... tell me, do you get a refund when the destruct? I don’t when my mice break mol
    Toodle pips and purrs

  6. love your story!!!! I sometimes wonder what we thought as we were teenagers.. on a ferry in a blizzard ... with high heels through the snow, barefoot on glowing pavement and all such stuff... maybe we had an army of guardian angels that time ;O)))
    hugs to esperenza she is super cute... and all the good luck for eddie hope he once can find a toy whats actually indestructible... if then please give me a sign, we look for this toy since years LOL

  7. guyz...waves two yur cuzinz....itz veree nice ta meet ewe all !! we laffed at petcretarry's line bout peppier N a FSG had one N once de pole lease stopped her for speedin; him said
    her waz drivin 85; de FGS said; uh....but de speed o meter onlee goez ta like 75.....her did knot get getz a tickit sew......yea..... ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

  8. Esperenza is so cute! The Petcretary had a lot of exciting road trips.

  9. Esperanza is adorable. That is too funny about the so-called indestructible toys :) Great story about the road trips. My sister had a Pacer, I thought it as cool with a big windshield.XO