Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day Selfies...Better Late Than Never

Petcretary had to work on March 17th. St Patrick's Day. So she was 'Irish For A Day' , and wore a green shirt and some beads. Lots of residents wore green things, too...hats and beads and shirts and hair pieces or those funny headbands. Some of the men had on green bow ties. It was kind of a fun time. Despite the fact that not a few of them were feeling sick...there is a stomach bug running amok in there, UGH. Petcretary hopes she will remain unscathed...so far so good...
I, Dalton have been getting some nice long walks in, using a new front fastened anti-pull harness...and now my old one is 'shed'...and I do not wear it anymore; just my collar and tags. But that anti-pull harness is a bit strange and it shifts when I give tugs or walk fast. One time I even almost got out of it:(
So petcretary is saving her pennies to find a better one. She says those things are expensive, esp the front clipped ones. I pulled like a sled dog with my other regular back clipped one...and um..I am too small to fit in MJF's old nose harness...I am only about half the size he was.
I am getting to be a hunter pup...I have cleared the yard of three snakes...though why that makes petcretary sad is beyond me.  She says she wants those snakes, cause they keep the mice and other naughty rodents under control...and garden snakes are not poisonous, they are our friends. Well...I am a terrierist and I say away with them! However she did rescue one and put it over the fence. Sheesh, I wonder how long it will take before it comes back to bask in a sun puddle...that's when I find 'em, BOL! I have almost got me a mouse in a leave pile, and I have dug up lots of mole hills...though for some reason petcretary is not happy about those digging sessions, either. Sheesh, there is no pleasing that woman!

Pipo likes to  keep a watchful eye on the outside doings from his window perch. Otherwise he likes to sit in a newer nest like a little cave right beside the desk that petcretary takes our dictations from. He thinks it is quite cozy.  So far Dalton has not tried to shred it...but he still takes apart the other ones and he has ripped some of them as well...what a silly dude he is. Pipo is enjoying the bits of warmer weather and sunshine we have been having of late. It is not too warm, but the sunpuddles do help. There are now 3 crocuses blooming. That means springtime for sure!

Pawppy got a PhotoshopElements program for petcretary to use in her picture/card making endeavors. OMC! OMD! It makes her head spin...so complicated. Maybe she will learn it eventually. Maybe being the operative word. Likely with extensive use she will begin to figure it out. The user manual is almost 400 pages long, Yikes! Right now she makes part of the card, then finishes it elsewhere. Maybe a scrapbooking software program might be less intimidating.

Se did make a few cards this past week. Nothing like her old ones of course...she sure hopes that maybe they will try to add the functionality of the original site she used....but she will not hold her breath.

Ernie from The Island Cats

SCYLLA From ATCAD. (Sorry about those grid lines...petcretary missed seeing them until it was too late...)
We made you another one, Scylla, this one doesn't have those silly lines, Phew!

Giulietta from Kitties Blue
Crockett from LoneStarCats has a Birthday on the 20th of March.
We are joined with all the other Selfie Hoppers, at Giulietta's Birthday pawrty, cause they are the weekly hosts of this feature.


  1. your st. paddys selfies are super beautiful... and yes we hope that stomach bug disappears soon from your area and it will not bug your mama...
    btw: we had a very long discussion at FB for the best anti pull harness...all breeders and users elected the winner of the harness-challenge, it's the animalin multi harness, it's a little pricy but we will give it a try, the sessions at the boneshaker are eggs-pensive too ;O)))

    1. I think I saw that one on Amazon...yup, it *is* pricey alright! Yikes! But hey, if it works that is what counts, more than the $ in the lady's pockets, BOL!

  2. Ooh you both look dazzlingly Irish and green. I dare say those snakes weren’t as they didn’t have any luck! Best give them a miss if they keep rodents at bay, as that is good. We don’t have snakes here, as a rule so I have to chase all the mice, honest. Mol
    Toodle pips and purrs

  3. You both look very festive in your St. Patrick's Day finery! My human loves snakes (always has), and she is a little sad too.

  4. We missed St Patty's Day entirely. The city had a parade the week before it, so we weren't ready then and forgot about it after. They really have to stop messing up our schedule!

  5. Luvley cardss Lady Ingrid! Yur so tallented! An Pipo ann Dalton green suits both of youss' so well....yur fotoss are furabuluss. LadyMum sayss you have berry soul-full eyess Dalton an mee agreess.... BIG puppydoggie eyess.....
    Wishin efurryone a wunderful sunny week!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  6. dood....tell uz we dinna reed what we just did bout ewe bee in ...in de ...nest....
    WHOA ~~~~~~~~~ say it iz knot sew ~~


    yur selfeez lookz awesum az due yur cardz, we noe petcretarry will get used
    two her new gift from pappy two !!!

    stay healthee everee one N heerz two a grate week a head ☺☺♥♥

  7. Lovely selfies ! You all look so festive with your hats ! Purrs

  8. You both looked so festive for St. Paddy’s Day! Ernie says thanks again for the birthday card. He really loved it!!

  9. Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day! You both look great all dressed up to celebrate. I am glad the petcretary has not gotten sick. Very nice cards she made with her new program, looks like she already has it figured out. That was nice of your pawpy to get it for her. XO

  10. Such sweet...sweet, adorable....squeee...St. Paddy's Selfies, Pipo and Dalton :) We have the biggest smile ever on our face <3 Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3