Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dr Seuss Day

We are honoring the birthday of a beloved Author of many children's books. Dr Seuss! Well known and loved by so many! And still read today...this den has almost all of his children's books saved from when our unfrubros were wee ones. Now they await the chance to be read once again to grandchildren someday...


Well, we are a wee bit late...
But *now* is fine, too...
It is not about the date -
But about Dr Seuss -
We think that is great!!

All about a particular Hat, which is somehow synonymous with Dr Seuss...

This hat is full of fame...
And it even has a name!
It was on top of a CAT!
This funny striped hat.

We saw this hat;
in *her* hand.
When down we sat,
on our heads it did land.
How grand...
Pipo moved to the stair;
Hat was still there.
Pipo said 'It is not on my hair'.
But I do not care!
Oh MY! He took a stand!
Dalton woofed "how scary.'
On my head, that hat to carry...
So he made it fly!
Oh Wow! Oh MY!
*She* cried, 'Why??'
So still he sat -
Under that hat.
He woofed 'How Sweet'
I got a treat!
We did not fail!
With this hat and its tale.

This is our tribute to the Cat In The Hat!

Dr. Seuss Day Blog Hop 

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!!


  1. Pawsome tribute to the Hat!!
    We feel the same way as you do Pipo ;)
    Dalton, you wear that special hat very well!!
    Happy Dr Seuss Day.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. That was terrific and so are your photos!

  3. What a fun poem! You both make great a Cat in the Hat. Oh of you is a Dog in a Hat! MOL!

  4. A mighty fine poem and a mighty fine hat.
    Purrs, Meep

  5. Pipo, noe of cats here would wear a hat either...Dalton, you look superb! I hope you are all OK and you two are getting along. Its tough being onlies (the only dog or the only cat). I send you and your peeps LOADS of Purrs. Mommy sends virtual hugs too
    Marv and Mom

  6. Mee-you Dalton you look debby-nare! An Pipo you look hansum! Thee Hat iss magickal issn't it??
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

  7. That was a great poem! Pipo and Dalton are being very good. I would never sit still with a hat on my head!