Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Selfies ~ Pawyers Needed

Once again, Sunday has come. How the weeks slide by so quickly. Its already February!
The loving month...
Petcretary is pouring all her love on MrJackFeckles these days. He needs lots of help to go outside, and he only eats with her spooning the food into his mouth. Dalton tries to help, but more than likely he is waiting to pounce on the bits that fall out of MJF's mouth. Sometimes he has to go in his crate to give MJF peace while being fed. A couple of days ago, MJF did eat a whole bowl of Dalton's kibbles...but then, no thanks, I don't want anything...(They both do get the same grain free noms, but MJF gets freeze dried raw also...).
We are having snow last night and today...several inches of it. MJF was in such a hurry to tinkle when he went out this morning, he just let it out on the stairs...then he slipped in all the snow on the stairs...going the rest of the way down. So out came the shovel...but even then the stairs were too much, on his way up, so petcretary carried him back inside. Then the silly dog he is...indomitable spirited terrier...he went right back out to watch petcretary shovel the walk...even though the wind was up and the snow is still flying.
MJF spends a lot of time just 'splayed out' on the carpeted floor...or on his bed.
He gets doggy joint medications, and some other supplements to help with his wellbeing.
I am sooooo worn out...

He could truly use some pawyers and even kitty purrs.

Too worn out to make a 'real' selfie...sorry furends...
Speaking of kitties, MJF came to see what petcretary was doing in the bathroom last night, and Pipo came in there too...(Why do they always need to know what goes on in there?? )...and when MJF turned to leave, Pipo whapped him with his smacky paw. Sheesh. Poor MJF, that wasn't too nice, Pipo. You need to do that to Dalton to teach him who is the boss, but not poor MJF, he won't do anything to you right now...
What do you mean, this is the kitty lookout spot??

Can't I use it too, to make is my squirrel viewing spot.

Hmmm..smells like kitty here!
I do believe there was a trespasser here...

I am reclaiming *my* spot. See my smacky paw??!
And this is my 'So There...*you* stay off selfie'...

Well not much else happening around here, but barks and miaows and some grumps from MJF when Dalton is too much...

We did go to a Birthday Pawrty for Buddy Budd...and took along a card, too:
Happy 18th Birthday, Buddy Budd!

We are hopping in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by The Kitties Blue


  1. We are sending oodles of POTP to you MJF! Getting old isn't fun when you are a terrior and used to ruling the world. Take it easy on the steps and let yourself be pampered! Sending love to all of you during this difficult time.

  2. We cross our paws and hope that MrJackFreckles feels better soon. Purrs

  3. dood....we R sendin all R best cat purrayers, best fishez, N askin st francis ta rev up his blessings
    for ewe......we hope ya get ta feelin better N ya start eatin again like ya shuld....ya gotta eat buddy
    ta keep up yur strength....hugs two ewe MJF♥️♥️♥️

  4. It really hurts our hearts that MJF is having so many problems. Getting old stinks. We are sending lots and lots of purrs and POTP, and we will have Mom add him to her prayer list. Even though unwell, MJF still is super handsome as are all of you. Thanks so much for hopping. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  5. Deerest Mistur Jack Freckless mee wants to tell you hoiw much you meen to LadyMum an mee. Yur one of thee kewlest doggiess wee know an wee purray fur you efurry nite.Pleeze bee carefull out iss a wild Winter. In thee past 4 dayss wee have had 3 FEET of snow! EEKKK!!!
    Dalton you look grate on thee tower....mee finkss you need one of yur own. Pipo it iss a compleemint that Dalton finkss hee iss a K-A-T, mew mew mew....
    Lady Ingrid with all thee snow LadyMum went to shovel 'a bit; fur Aunty Reeni.....well thee snow ree-moo-val man putted thee snow INN her spot an Visitor'ss spot an 3 other peepull'ss parkin spotss. LadyMum tooked all most an hour to shovel out fur Aunty an now shee can barelee walk. Butt shee did sungin to find that snow dude an *paw whack* him a good one!!!
    Mistur Jack pleeze try to eat sum more.....mee not want you to go anywhere....
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~
    Pee S: Mistur Jack yur 'not-a-selfie' selfie iss furabuluss!

  6. I am praying for MJF and all my kitties will purr. Pipo, be nice to MJF and give Dalton a whap like your mom says. XO

  7. Sendin ya lotsa POTP Freckles (and purrs from Travis, Crockett, and Angelique). Ya know we luvs ya tons. <3

  8. MrJackFreckles, we are so sending warm healing thoughts and prayers to you so that you feel better soon. Your family loves you so much and wants you to be well and happy with them for as long as you can.

    Hugs and wags.

    Abby Lab and the Johnson Family in Chicagoland

  9. Poor MJF. We are sending purrrrrrs <3

  10. MJF I send you a BIG weimaraner hug and I hope hope hope the meds will help your joints .... I also send lots of POTP and healing thoughts... but not with LaPoste we use the telepathic way, so it comes faster than amazon prime ;O))))

  11. Mr MJF got a bit of an unfair smack paw there I think, but maybe Pipo was just trying to help get him to wake up a bit? None the less we are sending loads of healing purrs and have the locals purring up a storm too, though I hope thats not caused your snow as some are a bit tone deaf MOL
    Toodle pips and healing purrs

  12. Big warm hugs for Mr. JF - we are purring for you, buddy! Little Dalton is quite the adventurous explorer, even going into Pipo's turf. No doubt he will learn cats do not like sharing much.
    xoxo, Meep

  13. Sending prayers and lots of purrs.
    Your friends from Dogster
    Angels Mia & Milo

  14. Hey Mr Jack Freckles We are purraying for you here. Even Angel Nellie Bellie has got her purr motor going on full! I, Marvelous think you are one exceptional woofie!
    That Dalton i quite the dog, I'm not sure that my hairy slobbery sister can climb my cat tree, but in Midway, she does climb into the bay window from the sofa and tells tha cats to stay out of the tree in the window when she is laying there!
    And Pip, my Mommy says that you have the most gorgeous blue eyes!
    Extra Purrs for MR Jack Freckles!

  15. Lots of snuggles to Mr Jack Freckles,Dalton you are funny,xx Speedy

  16. Thank you all so furry much fur all the purrs, Pawyers and POTP on behalf of MJF. They were all appreciated to the max. We could feel the love here, and they even helped Pipo & Dalton feel OK during those hard times we were all going through, I think somehow they felt neglected...but now we can put or attentions and love on them...