Monday, December 11, 2017

Selfie Christmas Bloopers...

Petcretary tried to make some festive seasonal pictures...but a lot of them became bloopers.
So here are some giggle-makers for you all to enjoy!
Hey! That isn't one of *us*!!

I was not impressed...


Not today pawlease...
Can't you just go away?

Oh, brother...

Dalton: What are we doing here, petcretary?  Pipo: Sigh...

Pipo: OMC, Now I have to sit with Dog-guy??  MJF: I am bored...

Dog-guy, your feet smell like doggy

MJF: Aren't I doing a good job?? I thought so... Pipo: I am watching that wee pup down there...making sure he stays there.

Would have been pretty good if D's ears were up and MJF was looking...

Now D's ears are right, but...well, Pipo is not in the mood at all, MOL!
MJF just wants to sleep today.


MJF: I am too sleepy today...sorry petcretary!

Don't know why D is so scared:(
Now even D is getting sleepy, BOL!

Two pups not in the selfie mode...


Me rest a bit...
What, you have a cookie?

Almost in hissy mode here...

Well, now, maybe if I cooperate a wee bit *she* might let me alone!

A semi decent selfie...but well, those ears!

 Siddartha Henry catabrated his third Gotcha Day, so we made him a card:

And thanks to all who have already sent their Christmas greetings to us! They will be shown here in a separate posting when we have them all. If you were on the Bloggville list for card exchanges you should have received our card...if you want one just leave a comment saying so and we will try to get one to you.

We did this blooped Sunday Selfie Hop (on Monday) along with The Kitties Blue, who host this weekly feature.


  1. guyz...yur blooperz R better N R best shotz !!!! & pipo...dood....we noe what yur thinkin N promize NEVER ta tell de petcretarry...knot even for a cargo load oh trout ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  2. Many many fankss fur such a luvley eCard fur mee 3rd Gotcha Day Mistur Jack an Pipo an Dalton an Lady Ingrid! Yur all so sweet!
    An Pipo you sure look fed uppy with all thee Hohoho Katmass stuff. Maybee you can bee-come Jewish/Mewish!! It iss ALOT of fun....mew mew mew...
    Dalton fur yur ferst Katmass selfiess you did grate! An Mistur Jack yur tongue out selfie sayss it all....
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxx

    1. You sure know how to make a fur giggle, Sid-Henry!

      Glad you liked your card:)

  3. I love all your festive selfies. Sorry Pipo wasn't in the mood, but he still looked cute. I love the card you made for Siddhartha, he is a handsome boy. XO

    1. Thanks! Sometimes Pipo does pretty well with picture taking...other times, furget it!

  4. I LOVE the out takes! They make me laugh! My Mom has to take a zillion shots to get ANY for our blog! I am so glad that you guys are not purrfect! And I LOVE your ecard! I've put it on my Christmas Card page!

  5. MOL, at least it was a nice set! I hope you got some good ones in the middle of all these bloopers!

  6. Crikey Mr JF Sir ... those bloopers are hilarious, mate!! I try and make it as hard as I can for Mum too. I seem to get more treats that way. Sure hope you got plenty of treats for your effort . AND Pipo and Dalton too. Crikey Pipo had the grumps, aye??

    1. Thanks!

      Pipo is somehow related to Miss Grumpy Cat, tee-hee! Somehow I think it must be something to do with the lack of Minko's antics and the second pup, Dalton.

  7. Hehehe excellent work on the bloopers MOL Some days thats the only thing we do around this place MOL Well the peep does those, I am more like Pipo
    Toodle pip

    1. Bloopers sure tend to liven up things at least when some giggles are needed!

  8. even when you are not in the mood for a photo-session, you look fabulous... there is no other option possible, you are toooooo cute ;o)
    I'm uncooperative when it comes to festive photos, even with a truckload of treats hehe

    1. Thanks, Phenny! You really should give it a try, BOL! We would love to see yourself in say, an antler hat...or a Santa suit?? BOL, BOL! On the other paw, that would give us all another post to read about DIY disasters:)

  9. Oh Pipo! Oh MJF! Oh Dalton! You are so sweet in your pictures. It must be the weather (or something) because I have been a big sleepy head since Saturday. I love your pictures even if you are not perky. I even liked the first one that looked like Cookie Monster cuddling up to Mr. Snowman! Hope you are having some great nap time-Meep

    1. Thanks, Meep.
      With the current drought in Sunpuddles, I am napping a lot...and disturbing my handsomeness sleep for a picture session...Pffft! Not a great idea on petctetary's part. MOL!

  10. The doggie ones are great but poor Pipo. What's going on?

    1. Pipo decided it was not his timing to make good pictures...and um...well there is this new pup here...

  11. Those were great! We always love the bloopers the best!