Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Selfies ~ SpooKATular Pumpkin Style!

This is a neato pumpkin sent to us by the talented Nellie, we think it looks great! Thanks so much!!
Here are the pumpkins that petcretary's team at work made this year..they are a bit different than last year's.

So you can see there were eight teams making these pumpkins...then after they placed them on the mantle in our lobby the asked the residents who live here to vote for their favorite one. You can see them all lined up at the top of these images. It was fun all the way!!

Why don't you make a choice of your favorite one too??

The residents picked this one!
MOL!! That was the one petcretary's team put together in about 20minutes, Oh my!!

Here it is being finished up just before it went to the display.

Can you see my tail??

 Now make a guess as to what creature this is representing...yup...a kitty cat! PumpkinKat!She is SpooKATular, MOL!

Of course you didn't come here to see  a bunch of gourds...MOL! BOL!
You came to see us kitties and our dog-guy...we know it!!

So here we are...

Pipo was not into the selfie mode that much this week...but we let him have his way to keep him here are his not looking selfies, MOL!
This is as good as Pipo would allow you to see this Halloween eve...he must not like this day too much, MOL!
 Minko was a  bit more willing...just a bit...sheesh...

Dog-guy was for sure more cooperative! YES!! Thank you, MrJackFreckles for making sure there was a good selfie for the world to see...
Petcretary thought this week was going to be a total fail...
MJF: Thanks for helping the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!!
Then Minko decided to join up with his dog-guy buddy...and they made some double selies, even though mostly Minko wanted to take a nap, Hah!! Go figure. Of course after a while so did dog-guy, MOL! BOL!

Petcretary completed Basil's Word Search past Thursday. She got this nice fall colored badge for that achievement.

We are joined up with the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. Meze woulds pick number 7 toos... although Katie Mom saids 3 am sparkly and 8 am furry cutes...
    You all looks purrific and furry goods with all the pumpkin stuffs. Hard to picks out the best selfie among all the cuteness. Weze gots a scary suprise at the end of our bloggie today! Mol.
    -Angel the Fetch Kitty

  2. Those are fun pumpkins! All of your selfies are lovely.

  3. Those pumpkins are great! I am glad your Mom's team won, I do like the pink ribbon one too. And I love your Halloween themed selfies. Minko and MJF look so adorable together. You all look wonderful though. Happy Halloween- hope you get some nip and treats. XO

  4. Very festive selfies ... you three know how to celebrate :)

  5. I think that was a pawsome idea to make those pumpkins where growlmy works. I'm sure it was fun for the residents also. We did like #7. Love the pictures! Happy Halloween!

  6. Oh wow, that was pumpkin-tastic guys, we loved them and we love all your amazingly gorgeous photo's today, mew all look purrfect!

    Happy Halloween

    Spooky purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  7. Hi all, I was torn between 7 & 8, but they all pale in comparison to your own selfies! purrs ERin

  8. Ya'll be lookin' gawjus as always. Big hugs and lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. doodz & dawg dood.....ewe iz lookin MEGA AWESUM two day....troo lee...N we canna honest lee
    pik a fave o rite pumpkin......let uz now when they haz terned inta piez & we will try then !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  10. Happy Howel-ween!!!
    Great costumes (and Pumpkins) Guys!
    Thanks for being part of my Pumpkin Patch this year! It would not has been the same without yous!

  11. the kitty! the kitty! We are so happy the kitty won!
    Meows, Bibi & Meep

  12. Those are fantastic selfies of your crew. Those pumpkins are so cute and funny. Bet it was hard to choose those that were the best because they were all good.

  13. So sorry we're so behind on reading our favorite doggie and kitty cat blogs. Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the fall weather.

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  15. Tnanks all of you for stopping by to admire Miss PumpkinKat...and us too of course!!
    Petcretary has been out of town...and actually out of country, MOL! That's why we are so far behind...we'll come by soon don't worry...MIAOW! WOOFS!