Sunday, November 19, 2017

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving ~ Selfies On Sunday

Wow, Thanksgiving is almost here!
And you know, petcretary has not gotten out her camera in many selfies were not easy to come by this week, MOL/BOL!
We don't mind...too much...but she did manage a quick session to capture these 'Getting Ready Selfies'!

There was a R.O.A.R. event with Santa Paws, so all(!) of us went there to get our picture taken. There were all kinds of doggies and kitties there waiting to do the same thing. And...there were lots more of them hoping to find new peeps to call their own, like Dalton was, a couple months ago. There was even a pair of JRT's that were about 4 month old, and one of them was a MJF lookalike. Hmmm...good thing our den is full, said he, MJF, 'cause I don't think I could handle yet another young un', BOL! Petcretary though tempted did not succumb, and she did not even ask to see him cause well, then she would have been incurably smitten:)
Well, since he was young and his furbling as well, they do stand a good chance of finding that perfect new den. Soon we hope!
The R.O.A.R. lady was glad to see her protege, Dalton, and said he looked like he was thriving! Well, of course!!

The peeps in line ahead of us, had a puppy, a fluff ball of about 8 weeks old, looked to be a shepherd mix. And they also had a tuxie mancat. Well, they had Santa hats for themselves but not fur the furry ones...go figure! So petcretary lent ours to them so they could all be festive. She thought they looked adorable in that 'finery', and of course so did we, when it was our turn.
You will all have to wait till later to see our Santa pics, BOL/MOL!

OK then, here are those selfies you wanted to see:
Pipo has decided to just peer out of his cubby-hole at those silly pups and their antics...oh well, at least he showed you his sapphire eyes, MOL!
Oh, you need me to put something ON???

Can't MrJackFreckles just wear it for both of us?
MJF in his 'pre-Thanksgiving attire'; his Selfie.

I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, BOL! This is my 'pre-Thanksgiving Selfie'.
We made a couple of cards this week:
A Happy Birthday Card:

You can find Sassy here.
 And a sad OTRB one: Brought to our attention by Caren from Cat Chat, and there is a link there to visit...
You can go to Cat Chat and find the link to pay your respects.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Visiting Selfie Sunday

Petcretary and Dalton took a road trip this past week.
They went to the Great White North...howevfur it was as green there as here...but we did get some snow dustings after she got back...and they got some more!
Anypaws, Dalton had tons of fun with Eddie, our new Canadian cousin. Eddie stands quite tall, but he weighs about the same as Dalton, who could stand underneath him, BOL!
Dalton traveled well...and he even gets into the van by himself...well, he needs a boost but he does get in there...(MrJackFreckles never wants to get in...and even grumps when he is put in there).


On the second day, Dalton and Eddie went into their respective crates...and Auntie and petcretary drove about 20miles to visit their own Aunt. Tante Arendina, as she is called by her nieces and nephews, became 98 on Nov7th. So even though it was a tiny celebration and rather subdued, it was still a joyous event. Tante A is very deaf, has great difficulty seeing well, and is quite frail now. But she does still know us and enjoys seeing her relatives. She even got to 'skype' and have a wee chat with one of her nieces in the Netherlands. Later after petcretary and Auntie left she had a visit from one of her nephews.
Tante Arendina celebrating her 98th birthday. 7-11-2017
Our Great Aunt and our Auntie
Our Great Aunt and our Petcretary
Arendina W. 7-11-2017
When they got back, Dalton and Eddie had a big romp in Aunties yard. Lots of barking and silly stuff going on, but they do get on well together.
There are interesting sniffs to be had in Edie's yard.
Come on Eddie!
Wanna play?!
Woof, Come on lets go!
Wooferay!! Lets PLAY!
Sheesh, Dalton, you tire me out!
The next day it was the return road trip...good thing, the weather was beautiful, and the next day it was wet and the snow showers started up.
Dalton: 'Eddie, don't be sad, I'll come to play some other time'...
 Dalton  being a Texas pup, transplanted by circumstances to Michigan, was not at all impressed by that cold wet stuff on his tootsies, BOL! Wait until the snow really is here. MJF just looks at it, and likely sighs to himself and then goes out and does his 'privacy please' as fast as he can, BOL!

Pipo was glad there was more than a few hours of sunpuddles...but still, we did have too many 'no sun' days. And record low temps too, Brrr! It was 17F here the other morning. The bird bath was like a mini skating rink. But birdies don't know how to skate...they sure do know how to eat up seeds and suet though! Petcretary has to fill up the sunflower feeder each morning. They gobble up mealworms too...and peanuts. Squirrel dudes are not in evidence that much...Us 2 dogs, and a roaming neighbor kitty and dog must scare them away. And besides they have a bounty of walnuts to feast on and dig into the ground, as well as plenty of acorns too.
What fun things has Dalton done to confirm his naughtiness this week?? Ripped up a paperback cover, shredded a scatter-rug, chewed up a planter marker, Gained access to a box of monk-fruit and ripped that open and tasted some of it as well...BOL, it was not loved cause he left it...destuffed more toys, tried to chew on a table leg, and also part of the baby gate. This dude is crazy!! He has oodles of toys and chew things, but the other things must be far more entertaining...sigh...

Saturday was Nov 11. Veterans Day here in the USA, Also Remembrance Day in Canada. Petcretary was working, so she wore a poppy. Only one person knew why she had that on, and she had to explain it to others. Oh well...
Thanks to all those who serve selflessly for us all, sometimes giving their own lives. Freedom and other things we take for granted are truly costly.

Tomorrow is petcretary's Birthday...another trip around the sun, via the earth's travels has been accomplished! MJF says she is going to be more than 4 times older than he, she is older than dirt! Oops, we are not supposed to say that...BOL/MOL!

And we found time to help petcretary make a card...
Delilah can be found @ Kitty Cat Chronicles
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Keeping Busy Sunday Selfie Time

Petcretary had lots going on this week...she does keep way busy!
We are relying on some pictures that are new to you but they are a bit older having been taken in the past few weeks...its been so rainy, dank and even foggy at times. So not good for making nice sunny time pictures. And since petcretary doesn't hardly evfur use the flashy light on her camera...well, then we have to rely on what's in our 'library'!
Finally we got some sunbeams!

They make me feel all comfy and...sleepy...
The best way to use a (rare) sunpuddle.

He always wants to be in the middle of stuff...or in my face even.

At least he is minding his own business for a change...

We did have one sunny day...

I am an innocent dude, incapable of wrongdoing...BOL, BOL!
Pipo and MJF went to see the Vet this past week...all is well, and they were sent packing out of there! It was just time for their regular senior times visit:)
Somewhere along the line, MJF started up with goopy eyes, but an antibiotic and steroid eye ointment have begun to alleviate that issue. Silly Dalton tries to lick off the medicine after petcretary applies it. Sheesh.
MJF still is consistently inconsistent regarding eating habits. However he must be getting enough, because he has maintained his weight. What a dude!
Dalton comes up to pawppy now, to sniff him, but if pawppy so much as moves a finger, he, that skittish dude, is out of there in a hurry, BOL! So we are being patient...
All the rain and wetness, petcretary once again found a doo-doo under the dining room table...eeuuw! Dalton, you need to do that outside, rain or not! One day she might catch him at it, but if not, well, with his way too sensitive nature, she just cleans it up and puts enzymes on it to prevent remarking there.
He now is learning sit and lie down and consistently shakes a paw when asked...for a treat of course! Trying to teach roll over?? Well, if you touch me to make me roll, I shall have to wee wee...since that scares me...sigh...

We had a visit from our Auntie, but petcretary has been too busy to down load her camera, BOL!
This coming week her and Dalton will go there to see Eddie on his own terriertory. More busy time excuses later, BOL!
Eventually we will show you some pictures from those visiting days...

Past Tuesday the 31Oct we were at some funtimes for Halloween...not doing that here in our own den, it was fun to be at a blogville den, Tee-hee!
 We were at Murphy and Stanley's blog.
Here are some images from that event:

You can visit that whole event by clicking here: Murphy and Stanley

Petcretary and Pawppy left fur Church services at about 845 this morning. MJF had the run of the den with his uneaten/untouched dog food bowls within easy reach. Dalton was hemmed in a smaller area with a baby gate. When we got home at about 11 was Dalton? In the dining room, several empty bowls, and a big doo-doo under the table  again:(
Clevfur Mr Dalton had figured out how to get around/ovfur that gate...and well, the rest is history. He sure is an opportunist/terrierist. Back to the drawing board fur petcretary...or shut him in his crate she thinks. Duh...

Don't furget now..we may not be active in paying you a visit next week...but eventually we will, maybe not all of them but at some point we will resume our 'regular' habitual visits:)
Petcretary will be in the Toronto area for a few days, to visit Eddie, her sister,(our Auntie), and her own Aunt who hopes to turn 98!! Sheesh, petcretary thought it was 97...MOL/BOL! Maybe her own advanced age which number is soon to increase has something to do with this memory mishap?? Oopsie!

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