Sunday, August 18, 2019

Multi-Legged-furry Selfie!

This week I, Pipo, and the pups, are taking a selfie break in order to show you a different kid of selfie, actually a guest selfie from our yard.
Petcretary had her phone-camera handy so she tried to help this dude get a seflie for our blog...

It is a White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar...and this is the info on these furry creatures that she found:

White-Marked Tussock Moth (Orgyia leucostigma)

Size: 3.5 cm
Hosts: over 140 known hosts, including alder, apple, balsam fir, birch, and larch
Range: Eastern North America
Identifying Features:
  • bright red head (with two long black "antennae") and two red glands towards the end of the abdomen
  • four thick tufts of white, grey, or yellow hair on the first four abdominal segments
  • broad, yellow-bordered black stripe along the back
  • fluffy tufts of whitish setae near their legs
  • one long black hair pencil at the end of the abdomen
This snazzy species is found on trees in urban areas. They're indiscriminate eaters—they go as far as munching on decorative hawthorns and acacias—and when populations soar, these cats can defoliate entire trees.
Note: White-marked tussock moth caterpillars have irritating spines that can cause rashes, so handle them with care (and gloves!).

Raising White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillars

Seeing as these guys aren't picky eaters, they aren't too difficult to raise. Just create a comfortable environment for them, give them plenty of food, and let them grow!

Quite the Cocoon!

Female White-Marked Tussock Moths don't have wings. They spend their entire (if brief) adult lives on the cocoon—mating, laying eggs, and dying all in the same spot. Luckily, they (and their future larvae) have some protection; before pupation, the White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar weaves its venomous setae into its cocoon, providing a defensive shelter both for itself and its offspring. 
Here is  a picture of a full grown moth:
Photo and info credit:
So while we are on leave for selfies, petcretary did help us make several cards for others...using their selfies, MOL!! 

We are joined up with all the other selfies at The Kitties Blue who are the host of this weekly fun feature. Thank you! The SundaySelfies feature is Five Years Old this week! Wow! There is a celebratory pawrty gping onn there, Hooray!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Selfies!

Another week  has flown by and it’s time to ‘do’ our selfies again...
Pipo got to enjoy lots of sunpuddles this week...hooray!

We, Benji and Dalton did lots of barking, chasing varmints,and digging...we found and exterminated two big fat moles...though petcretary was less than thrilled with the cavernous mess we left behind, BOL!

We even managed to sit still for a double ‘usie’!

We didn't make birthday cards this week, but we did make other ones.

Noel from 15&Meowing is ill with we made this card for her, and we are purring and pawyering for her to have still many good days. If you want to 'take' this  image for your blog, feel free to do so. Many of you were unable to see it when Miss Ellen put it on her own pages.

Many of you who were former Catster Members may remember Inky. He sadly became an Angel Kitty last month, but we didn't hear about it till recently.
His family has a Facebook page if you would like to visit and leave a comforting message there.
We are hopping along with all the others at The Kitties Blue, who faithfully host this weekly feature. Thanks so much!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Selfie Time!

Yup, its selfie time again, and we are late as usual...well at least sometimes we are on time, but this time...nope! MOL/BOL!

But since we are late we are keeping things simple. And that is good cause the week was pretty quiet here...not much to chat about...let alone mrowl or woof.
The worst thing that happened here was th lawnmowere came back,and had to go right back. Sheesh...they put the blade engagement and gear attachments backwards on the new handle, wow, and we thought they were supposed to know how to fix that kind of mower??! But at least they fixed that trouble while pawppy waited.

And on the patio, the tomatoes were those big fat green hornworms. UGH! Petcretary picked them off and placed them near the bird feeders,and soon they were gone...yummy dinner for some thankful birds. (Sorry Tabbies!).

Well, we want to post our selfies, so here goes:

Thinking about...
The fact that petcretary said...
It was selfie time.

Buddy Budd, a very good longtime pal of ours could really use some POTP and purrs.
Buddy Budd could use some good POTP
And so could Dakota, a wonderful pup, the brother of Cody.
POTP for Dakota
 We helped to make some cards, too:


We are hopping along with The Kitties Blue.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Guest Selfies And Other Things

For this selfie blog hop we are taking a back seat (Aka: we are no shows...), to show you some guest selfies. One of Eddie, whom you have previously met, and now there is Gracie who Eddie thinks is his girlfriend...she lives across the street from him and he's a frequent visitor there, where these pics were made.
We had quite a busy week, but what else is new? BOL/MOL!
The lawn had to be mowed again, with the borrowed machine, but this time Petcretary had on padded gloves instead of the usual garden gloves, and she found a foam ‘noodle’ that she covered the handle with. Lots of sore muscles from pushing that thing, but no blisters, Hooray! Then after that was done, were called to let us know that OUR mower was repaired. Phew!

It was lovely and bright for many days last week, this weekend was hot, but not like the heat wave we described last week...and we feel so bad for all the peeps in Europe who are enduring blistering heat, unrelenting, and so awful when most peeps do not even have air conditioning.

On Tuesday, we joined up with the Tuesday Teaser blog, we like to go hunting for the whereabouts of the mystery places that are presented to us each week. This time round we were the guest providers of the mystery picture:
This picture of petcretary's cousin was the teaser pic for July 23, you can see the post HERE.
And for our contribution we got this badge:
My photo was used on the TEASER CONTEST on July 23, 2019 !!
Thursday July 25th, was the 32nd wedding anniversary of Petcretary and Pawppy. The unfurbros treated them to a wonderful meal at a restaurant, they serve organic, locally sourced food, and it was very yummy! They even indulged in dessert of cake and ice cream. That is a treat they do not often have at home, Mmmm!

Happy 32nd Anniversary!

We need to keep some friends in our blogging circles in ou thoughts and maybe send them well wishes or cheering up ones, if we have not already done so. They would appreciate it a lot.

Marv's Mom and especially and his Dad, need tons of POTP

Zoey is not feeling too good right now...

Marg had a very bad fall, but she is slowly feeling better, lets hope she heals up quickly.
We also made cards...well of course!




We, rather our guests, are hipping along with all the other selfies, at The Kitties Blue.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Selfies In The Heat...Of A Michigan Heat Wave

Selfies in the heat...yes, unpleasant with high humidity and pop up severe thunderstorms. At least we did not loose power like some folks north of here, nor get flooded out like some others. Our patio plants did get knocked about and some were pushed right over. A large 'volunteer' sunflower was now the squirrels will have to try other means to access the bird feeders, MOL!
Several cities made cooling shelters available to peeps to hydrate and find relief from this high day the heat index (humid ex), was 110F. Oh MY:(

Even at petcretary's work they made iced water and fruit infused water available to all staff.

Earlier in the week, when it was not quite so hot, petcretary was able to borrow a lawn mower to get the grass cut. The mower we have is still in the shop, it must be a strange thing to have to order a new handle...Bwahahaha! So frustrating. Ours is a self propelled one, so it mostly takes about 3 - 3-1/2 hours to get the majority of the yard mowed. The borrowed one *she* used was a power mower, but not self propelled...and the handle was NOT padded. Sheesh, even our old fashioned reel mower has padding. Anypaws when she got done, her hands were sore to say the least, and even though she wore gardening gloves,  she had some blisters. One is about the size of a dime, right on her hard to keep covered, esp at her work. Someone said, why didn't you call off work for a day or two? Um...really, for a blister?? So she got some good dressings from her work store room and she worked three days. She is tough. ha!

Well, hopefully this coming week the mower will be back with a good handle so then the chore will be easier. And hopefully this torrid weather will end.

I was all splayed out on the cooler parts of the carpet

When *she* interrupted me for selfie time she said...

I am too lazy for that in this heat, so this is all you'll get, MOL!

Sheesh, she doesn't even let the heat stop her...

Ok, that's enough petcretary...Bye now,..

Sheesh, I am from Texas but I don't much like this hot weather at all.

It makes my tongue hang out...

And it makes me hide my ears too, BOL!

My tongue is longer than yours,Dalton! BOL!

Really long...

I don't like this hot weather much either, and I came from Texas too...

I think I will hide my ears too...then I can pant better...
We made a few cards:
Timmy Tomcat
Kinley & Brinley
Even in the heat we are still hopping in the Sunday Selfies , hosted by The Kitties Blue.
The Kitties Blue aka The Cat On My Head, are celebrating their seventh year of blogging.! Wow, amazing!