Sunday, November 27, 2022

Post Thanksgiving Flashback Selfies

 Phew, what a busy week has passed us by! 

All the work that was done to remove the 12plus inches of snow went to waste and the temps have been mild all week! We even got up to 62F on Friday! Then we had rain, to turn it all into a big mudpie, LOL! Well, at least we stayed safe, warm, and had exercise. Petcretary had to go to the woodsy back of our yard to clean up a big limb that had broken off from all the snowy weight. Catalpa trees are very messy...but since its way back there she hasn't worried about cutting it down. There is another box elder tree that came down last summer, and we need to get that cleaned up, as the trunk is way to large to drag it to the burn pile. LOL!

Petcretary was off for Thanksgiving, so we had the unfurbros over...and she made a big feast, including mostly all vegan dishes. Well, except for the turkey. Everything else was vegan. But though its not the normal way of eating for our pawrents, it was very yummy, they said.

Due to all the business, we have decided to let petcretary post flashback selfies of us...


Yesterday, there was rejoicing at our den, as the Wolverines from the U of M won their football game, and now they are the champs of their division in the Big Ten. Go Blue.

Funny thing is, next Saturday, Dec 3,  they have to play Purdue for the Big Ten championship, who are at the top of their division...and while we are Michigan fans, Pawppy is a Purdue grad. Hmmm. so will we be a house divided?? Who knows!!

Hail to the Victors!


This past Tuesday, petcretary was on her game once again, at Teddy's Teaser, as she was the first to comment and the first to guess correctly about where the teaser picture was from.

I was the early bird (turkey) FIRST COMMENTER at Teaser class on November 22, 2022.

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Turkey Teaser of November 22, 2022 !!

This Teaser photo was sent in by Mr. Frank – one of the students!    Here’s his description of this place:

“This is a photo of the Meigs County Courthouse – in Pomeroy OH.  It’s unique – and I think the only one of its kind. It is 3 stories … no big deal …. but each floor is directly accessible for the outside. That is, there’s is a 1st level door to the outside …. and a second level door to the outside (no steps or stairs) … directly onto the ground …. and the same for the third floor.  When looking at the front of the courthouse, this has nothing to do with the two sets of steps you see going upward. The second floor door is on the right side of the building … the third floor is on the back side. Because of the terrain/land around the courthouse, a person can walk directly into the building into all three floors.”


Recently we had heard of the newest Angel Kitty to fly off to the Rainbow Bridge, NouNou, so this is the memento we sent to her mom.

We have joined up with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head...who are the weekly hosts of thsie blog hop!  Thanks Kitties Blue! We love you and we love the Sunday Selfies!


  1. Well done, Blue! Enjoy those lovely late November temps. I think a cold front will be moving into our area on Tuesday. It may even bring some white stuff.

  2. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving Day. We love your flash back selfies.

  3. I'm still smiling at your sweet flashback selfies you both are so cute and it doesn't matter if it's present or past. I would love to see the courthouse and go in and out each one of the doors

  4. Those are really cute selfies - and We don't actually remember them from the furrst time around, so it doesn't matter if you've used them before.

  5. OOOh you two will be torn at the match!! Good luck both sides!!

    PS Those selfies are just so sweet!

  6. Hi friends, Ojo here! Happy Thanksgiving. Wait - vegan?? Does that mean no turkey?? Also your pawtraits are pawfect!

  7. I am a Michigan State fan, and the Hubby roots for any Big 10 team.
    We have closed family members who've attended both U of M and OSU, so I didn't choose either side when the game began, but it was a good game and we couldn't help but cheer for Michigan during that exciting 2nd half.
    We had an all-vegan Thanksgiving too; yummy!

  8. We're glad you had a great TG feast. I had to work TG day, but had our dinner the Friday after with the family. Chester got some nice big pieces of leftover turkey.

  9. Those are great selfies, very festive! This weather has been strange. It rained here all day.

  10. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving holiday and add me to the fan club of those fun selfies! Onto the next holiday! ❤❤

  11. I love your selfies. I am betting it is going to be a Michigan house.

  12. we hope your thanksgiving weekend was a super good one... and we LOVE this selfies...

  13. Lulu: "That's a very interesting building. Is that a space capsule on the top? Let's all take a trip to the moon!"

  14. You guys all have terrific Selfies! You are so photogenic and it's nice to have some like this of the angels, as well as your earthly pets, too. I'm so very sorry for your recent loss of your friend, NouNou. You did a fantastic job memorializing her, and helping to lift her Mom's spirits. And congrats on being such a clever and speedy guesser, as well as commenter. I'm sorry I can't say that about myself, but we have been trying to help my husband during a spell of long COVID and it takes months before possible recovery. Hugs & Kisses, Wendy

  15. I am so glad to be back here to catch up on your news. AND I want to say I love the pictures of you two. You are two woofies that bring a smile every single time to my mom and me. We think you are handsome but adorable too. XXX. Mom is a fan i of the SEC. We know about your Wolverines and good on your team. They are very worthy of the honor they earned.

  16. Supurr flashbacks, and mew guys are looking totally terrific!