Sunday, December 5, 2021

December!! Pre-Christmas Selfies

 Wow, its already the last month of this has just flown by! Soon it will be Christmas and then the new year...We sure hope 2022 will be way nicer, kinder and more peaceable than 2021 has been.

Well, our tree is still standing; the tree dudes had trouble with their truck so they had to reschedule. So here is one last selfie of said tree:

Its kind of sad to take down this majestic tree, but it really is becoming dangerous. (All the stuff on the porch is the new be assembled...soon we hope!)
And the concrete work is done, so when the weather is cooperative, we can get our shed put up...hopefully we can get it done before the snow really flies here...but if not, well, there is always the spring, LOL!
There is grass seed under all the straw...
Here are some selfies...petcretary was experimenting with some of the settings on the new phone camera...
I know my ears are large, but...

I was really distracted, just like Dalton was...the dog next door was outside...and we had to make sure he was going to stay there!
Here is a flashback turned into a Christmas-y greeting.

Petcretary was not a firstie at Teddy's Teaser Class, but she was right with her guess!

We are in The Sunday Selfies Blog hop.Thanks Kitties Blue for being the hosts!!


  1. Great selfies!
    Hope you'll plant a new tree, to replace the one that is going away.

  2. Those are great selfies of you two and your soon to be gone tree.

  3. LOVE the selfies. They look totally fabulous. Did your camera have a selfie mode? Or was there an adjustment you could make to add depth of field. I only ask because I got my new iPhone 12 (I had my 6S for YEARS!!!) ad need to explore the camera more.

    1. Thanks!
      It was called portrait mode. This is on a Phone 13.(A birthday gift...!)
      I haven't tried the selfie camera...yet!

  4. I love the selfies! It's amazing how good the cameras are on our phones these days - Not mine, but your pictures are wonderful!

    And you are right about their "always being spring." It's my winter motto!

  5. Great selfies! The mom needs to get a new phone so she can help me take better selfies. ~Ernie

  6. We are glad to see the tree got to have one last selfies (even if it is naked) and we LOVE the selfies your Mom took with her new phone! THey are terrific! As is your card and concatulations to your Mom! We hope you guys and your Peeps have a marvellously happy week!

  7. we hope your grass will grow under da fab straw blanket... and we love your christmouse card!!!

  8. Those are lovely selfies and Christmas card.

  9. Lulu: "It must be hard to focus on your posing when there are bystanders out gawking around in the yard next door!"

  10. iz sadz ta see a tree like that hafta go :(

    we hope all de werk can get finished and yur selfeez thiz week
    iz iz yur card :) ♥♥☺☺

  11. love the selfies, even the tree selfie and that is sad it has to come down, also very expensive. you must have a new iphone. I want one, but can't afford it. love the big ears and the two sweet faces

  12. You look real cute ! Very nice selfies !

  13. It is a shame about the tree having to come down.
    Great selfies, though - and We love your Chrissymouse card.