Sunday, August 1, 2021

Varmint Selfie Sunday

 Yes, we are doing battle with Varmints around here...the red squirrels and the bigger black ones have discovered our volunteer sunflower. They try to climb them...and then the stems break, then they go and cut them down and steal the whole flower-head and rip them up to get at the seeds...and they are nort even 'mature' yet. Phooey.

So Petcretary got out the red pepper flakes and another big container of cayenne pepper-powder and sprinkled those all over the whole area where our bird feeders are...(Sorry Tabbies...),  Not sure it helps very much, but then she saw those rascals at it again. Two black ones and a red one. The red dude was too quick to catch on camera, and the black one was a wee bit more obliging.

Checking out the possibilities of getting at some sunflower can see the stems of those II already accessed...and you can see red pepper flakes, too...

I brought along a helper...

Having a taste...Eeuw! Hot pepper, ugh!

Off to find better things elsewhere

I climbed the big walnut tree to peruse the situatioin...

And hopped onto the convenient shelf/seating arrangement...

From where I thought I would let that lady who was spying on me to take a selfie of me so you can see how suave I am! See my l o n g whiskers?? Best not to mess with me though, see those claws/weapons??

This past Tuesday at the Tuesday Teaser, there was a new school-building, and classroom. Whoopee!!  Petcretary was fast fingered and got there pronto, along with two others to be the first to check out the whole affair! Very nice she said:)

INGRID, JANET and SHARON!WOW! I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of July 27, 2021! Goodie for me!

She was right with her guess, but was a few minutes behind the official first right answer commenter...

Gosh, I DID guess the Teaser correctly on July 27, 2021 BUT I was NOT FIRST!
The next day we had a blog-wide Birthday party for Marv. He was unable to have it on his own blog, because there was no internet there on account of the bad fires that are raging all over that region. He does have it back now, and we hope he and all others affected by those scary fires will be safe.

Here is the card we made for Marv, to help him with the party spirit...and he sent everyone a badge to tell others that they did attend! (At June and Miss Ann's Blog.)


Us pups are taking a holiday from Selfies, since we have to clear the yard of those pesky varmints...Benji diligently dug a trench to rid us of some mole...sigh...and they had to both tell a two footed intruder to go away...though *she* said to be quiet and sent us in the was a big truck with a shed in a of these days it will be a DIY project...oh-oh! See ya soon!

Squirrel is in the Sunday Selfies Blog-hop! We are thankful that Sawyer is doing well...and he and his family; The Kitties Blue; are the hosts each week of this fun feature. Join in too if you wish!

Sunday Selfies blog-hop is here!


  1. Those squirrels are a nuisance destroying the sunflowers. They are good looking though, much nicer to look at than our grey ones.

  2. The squirrels ARE furry cute. Mummy says She has never seen black squirrels before. Back in England, where She was born, She used to see lots of grey squirrels and She knew there were red squirrels, though She can't remember effur seeing one. But BLACK squirrels? That's a new thing for her.

  3. That squirrel looks ready to put up a big fight with clenched paws and staring right at you! We have pesky squirrels here too and they think the world is theirs. Glad to hear Marv and family are okay, those fires are frightening. In the Northeast we had smoky skies from the fires in Manitoba and Quebec. Cannot imagine how terrible to be in one. Stay safe, everyfur! xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  4. Naughty squirrels, Mummy says we have 2 visiting our garden, they suddenly turned up and was destroying her bird feeders so to stop them she gave them their own nut feeder. Mummy said that once they start coming you can't stop them so rather than letting them chew through the bird feeder it was cheaper to give them their own nut feeder than keep replacing the bird seems to be working, xx Titch

  5. It's sad that the tree rats are ruining your sunflowers before they even have any seeds in them. We hope you two can help keep them out of your yard.

  6. Dad is not a fan of Skwerls ever since they almost burned his house down by chewing through wires. He found out when he went up into the tiny crawl attic to see what the stink was coming from. Yeah dead Skwerl and bare wires an 1/8th inch apart laying on old dust and paper insulation. (The house was 100 years old)
    Congrats on the Teaser! We will see you this week.
    That is great for Marv. We were at his "away" party. Purrs

  7. My sympathies with the varmints, I do not like ANYthing eating my garden stuff HUH!!!!

  8. I just have gray ones, but heaven help any who destroyed my sunflower stalk and ripped off the head. That is awful and you must have been fast disappointed. I only have miniature sunflowers. But soon as I can I want a grown up yours. I have seen red ones on sone of the bloggies here on the CB and yours are the first black ones. I wonder where you are?

  9. Those squirrels can be so pesky! They come up on our deck and dig in the flower pots and make a big mess!

  10. Hello Everybody! Have I told you how terrific your Mom is? Mom printed my card and it is over my bed. We also want to tell her how terrific she is at Teasers! Wow and other firstie! And a Right guesser! Today is smoky! It did nbot get too hot though, and we had no wind so ther rain did not blow through. There was only about 37 drops but both times Mom went through Osoyoos today it was raining. We are hoping some of that rain fell on the fire and cooled things down. We LOVE the squirrel selfies and we hope that you guys have a terrific week!

  11. Those guys can be really annoying!

  12. I am a huge fan of squirrels so sorry, I'm on THEIR side!

  13. I have never seen a black squirrel ! Here in Europe (except the UK) they are small red and very shy, they are protected ! In the UK and in the States I have seen grey squirrels for the first time in my life but they are much bigger and apparently eat the little red once. Fortunately I have never seen a grey one here.

  14. doodz....we hope thiz trix werkz....squirrel bee vizshuz... and can... and will.... try anything ta get ta seedz....heerz hopin de pepperz ree mind de squirrel him kneadz ta bee orderin take out sum place elze ~~~ :) ☺☺♥♥

  15. Sorry those squirrels are getting into your sunflowers but they sure are handsome looking. We don't have any black squirrels here.