Sunday, August 15, 2021

Seven Years of Selfie Sundays!!

Wow, seven years!! We were not even 'invented' back then. LOL! We thank the Kitties Blue  (The Cat On My Head), who started this fun blog feature, and have kept it going this long. Huge Congrats to The Kitties Blue for this milestone!

Here are our original selfies, they were Pipo, Minko and MrJackFreckles...(We were not at the very first selfies posts, but we joined up soon after it got September, 2014.)

MrJackFreckles (Sept, 2014)

Pipo (Sept, 2014)
Minko (Sept, 2014)

So those were the first 'official' selfies, yikes, such bad pictures!! LOL! Looks like they needed a lot of assistance to even get a selfie, Tee-hee!

Here is an ussie of us pups for this week's Sunday Selfie post.

Its been quite hot most of the week, and we had some bad storms, we were not the most interested in selfies, BOL! At least the weather has cooled to more reasonable temps and there are no storms forecast in the next few days.

This past Tuesday at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser, Petcretary was late getting to class...oopsie! LOL!

But then she was quick on the draw and was first to guess the right place! Hooray!

She guessed this picture: It is Lucchio, Italy.  The old fortress atop the hill is called Rocca di Lucchio.     You can check out what Wiki has to say about this town by clicking HERE.

 She got this badge for her first right guess:
I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of August 10,2021 – HIP HIP HOORAY FOR ME!

As you already most likely know, Paddy O'Malley from Eastside Cats, suddenly flew away to the RB...

Petcretary made mementos for his memory... here is one of them. You can see them both here:

 Then just a couple days ago, Pocket, beloved pup at Small Tales, also became an Angel, joining her sisfur Foley.

So once again the creative juices had to flow...and Petcretary made this for Pocket's Family:


We have heard of two other kitties, well known to others, but not to us...(Thanks Ann from Zoolatry for making these lovely mementos for them.) You can visit them here:


Devi from Chat Aux Sphynx

Woody from Cats of WildcatWoods



We have once again joined up with The Kitties Blue at The Cat On my Head for the weekly Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! Feel free to join in with yours!


  1. Such sweet memories! We are sorry We did not know you back then...

  2. Sweet selfies!!! ConCats on being first right guesser on the Teaser.

  3. Concats on the Big Seven Selfie Years! That is a milestone for sure. We love the photos of Mr. Jack Freckles, Pipo and Minko, the "ancestor selfies" and you guys are holding up quite well considering how miserable the weather has been. Ours cleared this a.m. and we can actually think again. Special concats to the Mom for being the Tuesday Teaser Champ--we don't know how you do it but you are extraordinary! xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  4. I wish I'd known you all back then, but I'm so grateful I do now, I always leave your blog with smile! ❤

  5. Its really great to see my dear friends Pipo and Minko back on the blog for this very special anniversary post. Good to see you Benji and Dalton I would never furget you woofies. Its another heavy week for so many with these great friends going to the bridge. Thanks for posting. Have a good week!

  6. It was nice to see MJF and the kitties again. 2014 seems like such a long time ago! Where does the time go? We're sorry to hear about your friends. We knew Pocket and are very sad about her passing.

    It finally cooled off a bit here yesterday. Now we have typical August weather: calm and stable (aka boring!) But as we always say, if it's not snow and ice, we'll take it!

  7. Those are great selfies, both old and new. We were so sad to hear that so many friends have gone to the Bridge this past week.

  8. Seven years means a lot of selfies have been shared! Eric had already gone to the Bridge when they started, but Flynn used to do them.

  9. What lovely friends they were Pip, Minko and Mr Freckles. I miss them but love seeing your new buddies.

    We lost so many this past couple of weeks, it's just crazy.

  10. We remember those first selfies! Nellie and her original blog - The Cat From Hell started about the same time as Pipo, Minko and Mr Jack Freckles! It is so good to see the flashbacks! We are so glad that We can see so many furrends on Selfie Sunday. Too many of our furrends passed over the bridge this week. This has not been a good summer. We love to see you Benji and Dalton! You make us happy! Concatulations to your Mom! She is one terrific lady!

  11. So nice to see the ones that came before. I remember Pip, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles well. ~Ernie

  12. happy selfie-o-versary :O) we love your sunday posts a lot...

  13. Concats on the Sunday Selfies!
    Thank you again for The PO'M badges; he was such a handsome mancat.

  14. guyz....yur selfeez and us eez bee awesum....and conga ratz two kitties blue; seven yeerz iz way
    grate....heerz two de next 7 !! :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Thank you so much my sweet friends. We could not love it more

  16. Angel Pipo, your mom is right we really do look alike. There have been too many of our furiends going to The Rainbow Bridge lately!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,