Sunday, July 19, 2020

Its Sunday Selfie Time!

Yup, another week has flown by and now its Sunday once again!
We are in a heat wave, and the weather peeps have issued a  heat was still 84F when petcretary left her work at 1045pm. Yikes!
We need rain, too, badly...we did get some the other night, but it wasn't enough to revive the grass. Our black walnut tree is shedding a lot of the immature nuts and its leaves too. Those trees are messy at the best of times, but its got an early start:( Maybe that means there will be less big walnuts falling down later? Last fall they were like tennis balls, and they were in great abundance.)
Petcretary goes around with a watering can...well lots of them; to keep her patio plants and some other yard plants from dying of thirst, also several oak saplings.
The only thing growing well is weeds...well, of course!

About a week ago, Benji decided to stop eating like a vacuum cleaner, and he was only nibbling at his noms with encouragement...then on the weekend he stopped eating anything...unless hand fed, and then only small bits and pieces. Even his fave things were disdained.
He did eat a wee bit of baby-food meat, and some junk canned doggy food...cause eating junk is better than not eating in *her* opinion...and when we got to the vet he did agree. The vet found Giardia in his now he is on medication to eradicate that...and some meds to relive nausea...and pumpkin for the runs he was having....well, he is eating about 1/2 of his regular food now, so that is a good thing. He likely picked this bad stuff up in the back woods where he likes to dig and rummage around...he puts everything in his mouth...and who knows what he gulps down. Sheesh.
Dalton follows him around a lot, and often mimics his behaviors, but he seems to have better discernment about what to stick his schnooter in, or what to gobble up.
Never a dull moment around here.

Pipo is holding his own, he eats fairly well, and love to taunt the hooligans from the dining room table or the window. They all like to watch the critter channel:)

Dalton was having fun outside earlier, he treed a squirrel, and then sat there in the shade watching that rodent...who started down the trunk...and came a wee bit closer and closer in increments...he surely was not aware that Dalton would have been able to maybe get at least the tip of his tail, he can out run a squirrel; he never gets one, because they hear his tags so they run off with a head start. BOL! Anyways, petcretary was watching from inside wondering how stupid that rodent might get to be...but then pawppy came home and his car spooked the squirrel right back up the tree and from there he jumped to the neighbor's tree and got away. No part 2-sequel as yet...

A discovery from Pipo's past!  ca Dec2013 (Sometimes looking through one's archives reveals buried treasures!)

This is what I, Dalton,  thought about not getting all the special noms that Benji was getting...

I, Benji, wasn't feeling too good this past week...

This past Tuesday, Petcretary was playing the Tuesday Teaser at Teddy's blog, Two Spoiled Cats.
She was thrilled to be one of two first commenters, there, she has never been able to get there early enough! She did it this time though! Yippee!
And then she managed to also be the first one to guess where the image had been she was a double winner! We congratulated her with dancing and kissies; woofs and purrs!
Here are the badges she earned for those efforts:

Alas, we had to once again make memorial/memento cards for some of our furends.

Mina, from Manxmnews

Mau(Mauricio) from The Cat On My Head

We are in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, as always hosted by the Kitties Blue...and even while in deep sadness they didn't want to not have the we thank them mightily and send them much sympathy and big hugs...


  1. It's great to see your portraits. Pipo's eyes are amazing!!!

    I hope you get some rain soon!

  2. I hope Benji is soon feeling all better. The 2013 portrait of Pipo is beautiful.

  3. Great selfies! Hope you're feeling all better soon Benji!

  4. Wonderful selfies - so expressive.

    Benji, hope you're feeling better.

  5. Here's hoping you all get healthy and stay that way, even in this intense heat.

  6. Sending purrs and prayers for good health all! I love your selfies, y'all are so darn cute!

  7. Giardia is certainly no fun. So glad you got your treatment, Benji and are on the mend. Pipo, that picture shows off your beautiful face markings. And darling Dalton, you don't want to go through what Benji did to get the special foodies. XOX Xena, Lucy and the Mom

  8. Your selfies are wonderful! I sure hope that the all better finds you soon Benji.

  9. Nice selfies! We sure hope Benji is feeling better soon. And that you got some rain today. We got lots this afternoon.

  10. Oh Benji, sometimes our 'treasures' turn out to be cursed! ☺ Glads you are feelin' betters! And glads that Dalton didn't follow suit, that wouldn't have been funs. Pipo, that is one FABulous photo my furiend!
    hopes you all have some cooler days ahead
    Ruby ♥

  11. We hope Benji feel better soon and have our paws crossed for him. You all look great in your selfies.

  12. We are sending purrs to Benji and hope he continues to feel well.
    Our temps are starting to go up, but we also have cloudy days and that helps keep things green. The critters are all around and happy that mum still puts out seed.(Yes she is a spoiler)
    Georgia is still happy and we will probably get her to the Vet for a good check up and see about her lack of appetite.
    Thanks too for correcting mum that "red" finches ate purple. As soon as she read that she said"oh yes, that IS what they are called"(she was too lazy to look it up ) MOL!!
    We love your pictures too :)
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  13. selfeez bee rockin awesum thiz week !!! troo lee:) & benji we iz sorree ya had de bad bug N we hope two day yur app a titez much improoved...pleez stop eatin stuff on de francis' blessingz ya feel WAY better soooper quik :) ☺☺♥♥