Sunday, January 26, 2020

Just An Ordinary Week...Sunday Selfies!

Ordinary doesn't necessarily mean boring...MOL/BOL!
Even with snow on the ground, those silly pups manage to make mischief.
One morning petcretary opened the back porch door to go out and she found...a frozen and very deaded squirrel! Yikes! Then when she was cleaning up the doggy art from out of the yard, she found another deaded rodent, a mole. UGH! The next night when she came home from work, she found a nice 'poopsicle'...sheesh, so many presents, BOL!

And I, Pipo, was not going to be boring...just before *she* had to leave for work one day, I made some nice pukies all in the doorway to pawppy's office. But later I ate up all my food, with no pukies, so all's well...

The weather has been varied from rain to snow to rain and snow...and fog too, to change it up a bit. Very boring...and dreary. At least there was not too much snow and the peeps did not have to get out the snow thrower this week.
Oh, yes, its the year of the rat now according to the Chinese New Year, so here is a wee image of a cute kitties might lick your chops...for both the cheese and the rat! MOL!

These dreary days means I shall just lounge in this cozy nest, by petcretary's desk
Hi, Petcretary!
Sorry for the bad lighting and focus...
I am getting good at this head tilt thing! BOL!
A good two eared from past fall.petcretary didn't get any good ones of me this past week...tee-hee!

We provided the Teaser picture for the weekly teaser at Two Spoiled Cats...
Here is a link to that post with all the guesses.

                           And if you click this link, its to the great reveal post, Teaser Tell all!

This is the StockermuhlKapelle (Or you may see it as Stocker-Marter Kapelle), at NebenMuhltal 50, Westendorf, Austria, though actually its in a little village a wee bit away from Westendorf called Muhtal. It was built in 1866.
Here is a nicer image of the same chapel in a warmer season:
Here is a link to see it enlarged.
 And here is another link to the list of these cultural heritage sites in Austria...this one is the fifth one down from the top.

And we fooled everyone. No one could find it! (Actually it took petcretary hours and hours over 2 days to find it herself, she saw a picture that her cousin had posted...but not identified...)


We did have to make quite a few memorial cards to try and comfort their furmilies...

Gracie was a sweet little King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, who we visited last November, she lived across the street from Eddie, our doggy cousin.

Millie, from 15&Meowing
Clyde, from Cat Wisdom
Angel, from Eastside Cats

We are selfie hopping, along with all the others at The Kitties Blue; and we thank them immensely for hosting this weekly feature so faithfully.


  1. The weather is dreary here too, so I am also just lounging around. I think Eric and Flynn taught me well.

  2. Those are some really great selfies. Thanks so much for our friends Angel Badges! We really appreciate it

  3. We love your pictures! You all look so good :)
    We have had crazy weather too with snow,rain and sun and wind.
    Yay for being indoors.
    Stay cozy friends :)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  4. You all look great in your selfies. We've had some rainy days here too and hope for more snow soon.

  5. Thank you for the love for our Angel.

  6. Hm. I think my comment got eaten by some spam thingie!

  7. Those are all great, de-lightful Selfies, Pipo, Dalton and Benji and that kapelleke was really a teaser..that we also never found...MOL...Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead to all of you🐾😽💞

  8. a frozen squirrel? wow! we loved the teaser photo... it was interesting to look for little chapels in europe, we saw so much but not one was the right one LOL

  9. Just look at the love in each of their eyes ... every photo seemed to capture a special look, beautiful!

  10. doodz...thatz a lot oh "prezents" ya leeved for petcretarry...we hope her troo lee apurreciated each N everee one !! :) ♥♥ ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  11. Wow! Did you pups catch that squirrel??? Did you take its squeaker out?

  12. your selfies are darling as always! So sad about all of these special kitties going to the Bridge. Extremely sad. As for the shoes, I normally wear a 7 and a half (but my feet have gotten wider as I have gotten older). I sized up to an 8 on these (after reading the online reviews) and the slippers and the sneakers fit perfectly! You can always exchange them if they don't!

  13. Pipo, is that you. You have a black face like moi. Did you also study a romance language like French? French will also mean romance to moi.

    The woofies were busy designing gifts for mom eh? Let just sit and be beautiful.


  14. Well we are glad SOMEONE can catch those Evil Skwerls! We are more in the mole/vole/mousie business.