Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Special Set Of Selfies

Yes, very special, indeed!
Benji had his very first Birthday with us, and it was even his first birthday ever! He turned one year old! Even though he still behaves alike a crazypants puppy, BOL!
However we had to keep the pawrtying at low key, since petcretary had to why did she not take a vacation day for this event is beyond us...
Oh well, at least she didn't forget it, BOL!
Pipo seems to be back to his regular self again, though he did make a big throw up last evening. One throw up of too much food seems to be acceptable, considering that he was throwing up many times a week, and it was just liquid then...though any throw up is yucky, MOL!
Has anyone had experience with the transdermal kind of appetite stimulant (Mirataz)? He gets it on his ear skin once a day, but it seems to not be well tolerated by his skin, (even though we alternate ears), it began to get all irritated. He was on the oral type, but the vet thought this might work better...but we think we may need to go back to it. At least Pipo is quite easy to 'pill'.
Dalton & Benji have fun (though we don't) when anyone around here including the neighbors mow the lawn. Benji goes ballistic, and that encourages Dalton to join in the fracas. Good thing we live in a rural setting so that these kinds of noises from dogs are not causing too much trouble...
Benji helped petcretary plant her patio pulling out all the markers...sheesh! He did some digging in one of the larger pots as well. Maybe he needs his own complete with seeds and tools, just like used to happen around here with the unfurbro's when they were wee ones...and with petcretary when she was a youngster.

A Picture Pawrty For Benji...not a real replacement for a real one though. Hopefully when petcretary has some days  off next week, we'll have a wee pawrty in the backyard...though when there is a lot of action, petcretary is not too handy with her camera, BOL! (We did attend Raena's pawrty...but hey, that doesn't count for me Benji does it??)
Wheee! I am one now!

I've heard its fun to be one:)
If petcretary spent as much time with me as with the pictures she made, I might have had a real pawrty...sigh...

This must be my makeshift/make do pawrty. Sheesh!
I was enjoying some chill time on pawppy's recliner when that camera thing came along...

I was not  really interested in making a selfie this week, but just wanted to make some yummy biscuits for all of you:)

I Dalton will stare you down until you give me that treat...just forget about having me do any tricks...hey, its kind of a trick to get me to put up ears, BOL!

Oh dear *she* stuck a hat on my head...
With apologies to Kismet, we forgot to post this last week

Raena had a combined Birthday/Gotcha Day pawrty, Luau style!

Here is a picture of all the fun we were having at the beach luau party:
These two terrierists/hooligans had to be closely snoopervised to stay out of trouble...BOL/MOL!

I, Pipo went as an observer, laying and relaxing in the sweet blooms of some leis.

Parker; sadly he had to become an angel...
We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies, kindly hosted each week by the Kitties Blue  ~ Thanks so much!


  1. Great selfies!
    And happy birthday Benji!

    I guess something wuz in the air since I puked too Pipo.

  2. If Pipo likes the pills better stick to those. The transdermal stuff might be allergic for him.

    Happy Birthday Benji! You are ONE year old wooHOOOO.

  3. Loved the pics of you, Pipo! Purrfect for Mezzer Colors Day...

  4. Binga gets appetite stimulant transdermally o the rare occasions she's off her food... but it doesn't irritate her skin.

  5. Wow! That was an awesome post!!! Happy Birthday Benjie, you are so handsome in your birthday duds.

  6. Happy birthday, Benji!
    Do you wash the skin on the ear before applying fresh gel. Even though you can't see it there could be a build up causing irritation.

  7. Happy birthday Benji! Hope you got some yummy treats and a new squeaky toy. We're all hoping Pipo feels better.

    My ghostwriter has this weekend off, and we're going to have grilled burgers for dinner. Yum!

  8. Happy First Birthday Benji! I am glad Pipo is doing better. I never used the transdermal appetite stimulant on a cat. I know the pill form made Phoebe act like a crazy girl. You all look wonderful in your leias. :)XO

  9. Benji, I bet you'll get treated to a smashing pawty once your human returns from her vacation. You're very first birthday is one of the biggest events, after all!

    I had a great time at RaenaBelle's luau, too. It was totally fun to see you all there along with other furriends there. Purr purr purr.

  10. Happy Birthday Benji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bet you had fun :)
    WE purr Pipo feels well,
    We love those pictures too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  11. Great selfies! Happy Birthday, Benji!

  12. You all look great! Happy Birthday to Benji!

    The mom used Mirataz with Wally. He didn’t have an issue with it on his ears. Are you cleaning Pipo’s ears? You may have to do that periodically so it doesn’t build up and cause irritation.

  13. pipo...dood....noe joke....tell mom ta putt 100 purr cent pure coconut oil on yur earz afturr her noez de medisin haz kicked in; it helpz with any N all kindz oh skin izzuez N iz knot harm full if ya waz ta sum how lick it off; her can ask de vet if her feelz funkee bout it....but me toona; hada bald spot big az a sturgeonz fish on me back, coconut oil kleered it rite up !! ☺☺☺

    benji; best dawg bones wishez two ewe dood for a most happee furst; hope ya got inta trubull, blamed it on de naybor dawg; had sum cake N pie N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez ~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺