Sunday, January 6, 2019

Busy Times At Our Den Sunday Selfies

Yup, it sure *is* super busy here. Dalton has to teach Benji all kinds of things about life here, and he had to even teach him about our doggie doors. But he is a stubborn terrier, and so he didn't give up, and finally Benji has figured them out! And when petcretary had to do her vacuuming chores, he realized those doors were handy for a panic exit, BOL!
Petcretary and pawppy are dealing with a puppy who has to learn everything, including potty now we are having a den full of gates and pens and crates. Sheesh...but some days we do not have accidents, and its only been a week, so hooray, we are on the right track. At first Benji found it difficult to *go* when he was taken outside, but with some treats and encouragement he's doing much better. He is learning the come and sit commands too...soon we will add some stay and lie down. We had to remove all the rawhide chews here, cause he just devours those. Yikes! And any doggy toys with items on them that can be removed are the victims of his teeth, they had to be removed as well. Just like a human toddler...everything gets into his mouth...he sampled pawppy's computer cord too...oopsie. Brought back memories of Minko...

Dalton and Benji get along really well, sometimes they curl up in the open crate, or on a doggy bed, or they play tug of war. When outside the game of chase is fun, and so is I am going to steal your stick... They go on walks, and while Dalton is a great puller, and leaves plenty of pee-mails, Benji is calmer and walks nicely most of the time. He is frightened by loud traffic though, which is hard to avoid since some of our two mile hikes are along the highway in our village.

At the vet on Friday, he was loved on by all the staff, and he lapped it up! Dalton went along for the ride and social time and he too had fun there. A vet trip with no agenda for Dalton...Benji was declared a healthy if a wee bit 'lean' pup.

Pipo seems curious about this big galoot that ambles about, and ignores him, MOL! So maybe they might become friends...or at least be tolerant of each other the way MJF was with both kitties when he was a youngster.

Pipo still has the whole living room and pawppy's office for his private use. So he can rest in peace away from the  canine crazies, MOL! His eating an bathroom habit seemm unchanged, so we think he is not too stressed with our new addition.
Lets wrassle!

Phew, gotta catch our breath!

Lets go again...

Grrr, you bet!


A selfie stop...

Petcretary says this one was great!

Benji had a go at it too...

Pardon petcretary's ear muffs...and bulky coat, it was a cold windy morning...but she said, I, Benji made a good selfie

I am glad you haven't yet taken away all the soft decorations...

Your potholders make nice pillows!! If you leave them out, I will appropriate them!
Our attempts at cards...
Buddy Budd had a Gotcha Day

Ping & Jinx celebrated Happy New Year with Happy Birthday!
Today Cooper Murphy is catabrating 2 years of being Gotcha'd.
We are hopping along to the Gotcha Day Pawrty at The Kitties Blue, who are the weekly hosts of the Sunday Selfies Bloghop.


  1. Happy New Year!!!!!
    You have some surprises for us! Welcome Benji!
    You are mighty cute.We think you will enjoy your new home.
    Glad too that Pipo seems to like you ;)
    We like the cards you made too. Always a great job.Mum is a bit jealous,heehee
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. I’mmglad Benji is doing so good, he has an excellent teacher! Your art is very pretty.

  3. That is sweet that Benji and Dalton get along. Very nice selfies. I hope you get to keep the potholders Pipo. The cards you made came out very nice. Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! XO

  4. Puppies sure are a lot of work!

  5. oooooohhhhh we love Benji... to get a brother is the best thing ever!!! (sometimes LOL)

  6. You do lovely cards!!

    Benji will get there in the end. He looks cute.

  7. Hiya Pipo and the gang, the cards are gorgeous as always today - mew are so talented! Oh wow it seems like mew've got your paws full with Benji, it's a good job Dalton is there to show him the ropes!

    Pawesome selfies guys and we wish mew all a blessed 2019 and Happy New Year!

    Bestest Purrs

    Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

  8. Sounds like things are pretty busy at your place! There's nothing much going on at my place. Ghostwriter is back to her three day a week work schedule, and I'm very glad for that!

  9. so happy Benji is acclimating well! Just an FYI Dakota and Cody will both be 12 soon and I STILL have a babygate in the hallway and one in the kitchen. I do NOT want Dakota near Cody's toys (still fearful of him eating a small cat toy that would require surgery, and that way I don't have to worry about him in his food or litter either)........and I have a babygate by the kitchen, our kitchen is small, so Dakota is not permitted in there. That way Cody can eat in peace and I don't have to worry about long Sheltie fur catching fire when the oven door opens either. I'm just a "tad" paranoid, aren't I? lol

  10. pipo...dood....ewe haz my sinceerest......sorreez buddy....even tho mackerull izza cat...
    eye noe all two well bout space invaderz...... even if de new dood iz cute ~~~~~~

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

    tuna of moon ♥♥♥