Sunday, April 15, 2018

Stormy Sunday Selfies

It is storming outside. We are under a winter weather advisory. The next county just a mile north of us is under a winter storm warning. So we always go for the worse case scenario...we are having rain right now, and lots of wind. We are getting freezing rain, as this is being typed, that started after petcretary came home from work. Phew. Most of the freezing rain is north and east of us, but who knows where it it hits the worst. Then we may get snow and even thunderstorms. Its more like midwinter rather than spring...we had some bluebells in a wild patch and they were so pretty and bright. Now they might freeze and get crushed by snow. Sheesh.
This morning when the temps were still in the 40's, it was pouring rain. Buckets of it. Dalton was not a happy dude at all, and he left a present on the mat right in front of the doggy door...Oops.  Too bad petcretary did not catch him at that so that he could be redirected to go outside. He puts his schnooter through the doggy door, checks the conditions and then seems to decide whether or not he will go down the steps to the grass...if petcretary or pawppy are there, he can be made to stay out till he does the 'job'.  He has not done this in quite a long least the present was a solid one...a piddly one would have been more work to clean up...BOL!

Dalton tried on a bow tie this week, to be a bit dressed up...but he was not too impressed. Maybe it should have been a red one, BOL! (all his collars and harnesses are red...)
He deaded two moles/voles, and three more snakes. He is a busy dude when he is outside! Petcretary sure wishes he would not go for the snakes...And while she is glad he gets those pesky moles, he does a lot of not requested gardening to get at them in the runs they make. As if the mess from the moles was not enough, now there are lots of digging spots to aerate the lawn...
When we were on a recent walk, Dalton lunged and suddenly had a mouthful of something...which was moving! Eek!
It was another mole. He dropped it, and it wasn't finished off, so he tried to pick it up and it reared up and tried to nip him! OMD! But he didn't let that stop him, and that varmint was off to varmint heaven...
But when petcretary tries to direct his attention to squirrel dudes, he pretends not to see them and freezes up if she has picked him up to show him...even after over 6 months he is still scared of so many things.
We would love for him to have a playmate/brofur, but while he remains so scared of us, pawppy and petcretary do not think its a good idea. He should be more bonded to us and way more confident in his demeanor and behavior.

Pipo was glad we had one day of nice sunny weather...but at least there are plenty of warm resting spots in our den...pads and mats and kitty cups and proper beds...and not a few doggy beds to steal as well! We got a window shelf for him. Howevfur there was only one good spot to hang it on, and Pipo acted frightened of it when he was placed there to show him what it was. Even though there was good access to get on and off of it. So it got put back in the box it came to us in...sigh...
D: Hmmm, I wonder if Pipo knows I am here?

D: Oh-Oh! I have been busted, I think...
P: No funny business you dog, you...
Sheesh, that dog was on my kitty tree...its *MY* private burd TV lookout post.

Hrumph! He's jumped down...good idea, Dalton...

This is my selfie today...I am green cause the bright sun was reflecting off the table cloth! Wowee, I wish we were having sun like that today...
Dalton: I am not too sure about posing with this bow tie.

Is this better, Petcretary?
How about like this?
I think this is my best selfie pose, yup, can I go now petcretary?
Look, petcretary, there are bluebells here!

Yes there are bluebells, but over there are more interesting things to watch:)

These pretty early spring blooms are going to be sorry later today, when they get all snowed or iced over...Brrr!

Rumpy turned eight! Click this caption to visit.
Toby has a birthday too! Click this caption to visit.
Maxwell also had a birthday to catabrate! Click this caption to visit.
We are hopping and blowing in the blustery stormy winds, along with The Kitties Blue, who are the faithful hosts of this weekly feature.


  1. Hi guys. Let me say, Dalton that you chanced your paw up there on that tree, just as well you are so smartly dressed for Sunday Selfies, I bet thats why Pipo let you get off without a scratch. MOL Pipo, we love the spring green in your selfie and eyes, it highlights the new season very well, and shows the warmth.
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. We purr that your weather will soon turn to be more Spring like.
    After getting snow last weekend, we had rain and will be getting more rain this week.
    We like the picture you you and Dalton together in the window.
    Purrs the warm sun finds you two again!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Nice selfies! Dalton is a terror for those moles, isn't he?

  4. You look great in your tie Dalton. And Pipo, you always look great. Maybe you could show Dalton how to use your litterbox on rainy days. Sorry you are having bad weather. XO

  5. Happy Birthday Maxwell and Thank You so very much fur Rumpy and Toby's Birthday cards. They are going to love them. Have a wonderful week Pipo and Dalton. No more insiders alright Dalton.
    Timmy and Crew

  6. Beautiful selfies ! Concatulations on your hunting skills, Dalton ! Purrs

  7. WE love the tie on Dalton!

    Abby Lab

  8. You both look great! Dalton, you are rocking that bow tie! We’re having terrible weather too. Lots of rain...things are flooding. When will it all end???

  9. Wow, way to kill Dalton! I's impressed!

  10. Great photos! And Dalton, you look very dapper. We have horrible weather here today.

  11. this weather is insane.....just sayin...........

  12. guyz....we iz glad for de most lee part de weatherz dinna hit yur place.....N dalton....ewe R rockin yur bowz tie.....even uz catz will say sew......oh, anda peace oh add vize.....pipo all wayz noez.......everee thing { dood we canna bee leeve yur burd state mint ~~~~~~~~~ petcretarry did an awesum job with de cardz thiz week !! ☺☺♥♥

  13. Wow, a woofie sitting on the cat tree? You really MUST have the Petcretary clean tha platforn REALLY REALLY well!

  14. Luv the tie, Dalton! But most of all I'm furry impressed that you can raise your ears one at a time! I can't raise mine at all!!