Monday, April 23, 2018

Selfies on Monday, for Sunday Selfie Day...Earth Day, Too!

Petcretary has been quite busy the past week, a lot of her business had nothing to do with furry ones either.
She went to her oncologist, a 60 mile one way usually that means a wasted day as far as us two goes. She left just after lunch and got back after dark o'clock. She indulged herself in a day of shopping after her appointment. Silly petcretary she didn't get anything she couldn't have gotten here at home, BOL/MOL!
But she did enjoy herself:)
Because she got another good report from the oncologist. Way back in 2006, she was diagnosed, and after several surgeries directly and indirectly related to that issue, and 16 months of chemo, its good to still hear in 2018 that there is no 'evidence of disease'. Praise the Lord!!
Slowly ever so slowly the weather has been inching towards springlike conditions. There was snow at the beginning of the week, but not enough to dampen the spirits of the blue bells. They are still there, blue and bright and pretty. Saturday, petcretary worked in the yard for several hours, and she only had on a sweater over her shirt. That's a first! Sunday was similar. And there was sun! Glorious warm bright and happy times sun! YES! Even a daffodil decided Earth Day was a good time to show off its cup and saucer. Hopefully more will follow. Last year at this time our weeping cherry was about to burst forth in pink froth, but it will be quite a bit later this year...hope it will be just as beautiful! When we drove to church today, it was good to see the shades of color starting to brighten up the trees  in the horizon. We know that soon the trees will have their icky pollen (to which petcretary is very allergic to...), and then all the leaves will dress up the trees for the summer time.
Even though we grumble about the lateness of spring, it still arrives and this is what God has decreed, that there will always be a regular cycle of changing seasons...and yup, once again we are changing from winter to spring:)
OK. time for our selfies! Nothing special...just us in the sun. Well, Dalton was, and my selfie was taken inside, in dimmer early morning light, sans flash, so its rather grainy. But its ME!
The sun is just starting to come up, its comimg in through the front door window...

Hi Ya'll!

First Daffodil of the 2018 spring season at our den.

A closer view of the same daff, amongst the bluebells.
We helped petcretary make 2 birthday cards:
Raena turned two! Click on this caption to visit there.
Kinley turns two on April 23rd; that's today!

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  1. Glad the Petretary had a good report!

  2. Fanks so much for my birthday card!

  3. YAY, a clear report is time for celebration and spring coming sure is a timely celebration, and that daffodil too, meant for your mom. You both look wonderful, especially you, Pipo, your fur has an extra delightful colour in that morning light...
    Toodle pips and happy spring purrs

  4. Yay for a good report from thr Doctor!
    We are happy to hear Spring has arrived. It did here as well with a sunny and warm weekend.
    No flowers yet,but daylily shoots are through the ground.
    We like your selfies you two !
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Paws up for a good report from the oncologist!

  6. Four paws up fur a good report card from the oncologist!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Yay for the good report from the oncologist, and yay for spring coming ! Purrs

  8. oh yes you deserve to get yourself TONS of good and fun things! Thank COD for a good report! xoxoxo Love your photos!

  9. I am glad Petcretary got a good report from the oncologist.
    Those are nice selfies of both of you.

  10. doodz.....we iz mega buzzed happee yur mom petcretarry getted a grate ree port......thanx two ewe God.... yea & hooray !!!!!

    yur selfeez thiz week bee awesum....and we thinkz.....spring mite be hidin just round de korner in theeze partz.....pawz crossed for sure anda happee week a head !!!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  11. That’s great news for the petcretary! You all are looking good too.

  12. I am so happy your mom got a good report. She makes the world a better place.
    Great selfies and beautiful flowers too. XO

  13. Congratulations to your petcretary for getting a clean bill of health! Hooray! We're hoping our spring weather stays around. We have been known to have snow on Mother's Day. Ghostwriter says it's actually good that spring is late. That means the fruit trees won't bloom too early and then get a frost. Hopefully we'll be eating lots of yummy pears from Joey's pear tree this August!

  14. Great selfies, great news for petcretary and gud news to hear Spring is finally on its way there! Thanks fur da birthday card fur Brinley, we put it up on our blog.

  15. Fanky fank you sooooooooooooo much fur mine's birthday card. I's luvs it. We're celebratin' this sunday on sis Lexi's birthday. Sissy said she wouldn't mind since she's in heaven now. Glad ya'll are gettin' some sun and spring time weather. We sure hope we do soon. And we're glad fur the good mews. Mommy says she knows how that feels. Big hugs

    Luvs ya'

    Raena and Dezi

  16. Concats on the cancer work success! We purr it will last good like that.

    The daffs are lovely, but we dint realize how good bluebells look. TBT agrees we should plant a bunch around the daffs this Fall!

  17. You two look so lovely (and we adore the flowers!!)

  18. Great news fur the Pecretary - WOO HOO! Happy Belated Birthday Greetings and we're just loving the purretty flowers, really brightened our day now end, it's supurr dreary here again :(

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  19. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers! And bluebells, and irises, and wish flowers (I mean dandelions), and roses... Ok, maybe I just love flowers. ;)