Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Selfies ~ Quiet Week

Yup, a pretty quiet week for us pups. No intruders, or being stuck inside for long hours. But we didn't want to go out that much anyways, it was really cold. Some of the snow we had melted on the few sunny days we had, and we chased an odd squirrel or two...they seem to be hibernating until it warms up a bit, though there was a big fat grey one stealing birdseed on Friday. We ran him off...and he didn't know where to go, because the big tree of refuge is gone! But not to worry, there are still plenty of trees for him and his cousins to dash up when we see them out there. LOL!

We didn't pose (Or do candid) for pics this week so our selfies are a bit older, but new to the blog...taken a few weeks ago...

No snow...yet!

Everything seems to make me nervous some days...
JUst when  Iwant to nap, she wakes me up for a selfie!
An 'ussie' on a sunny but cold day. The sun sure made the shadows very stark.

Petcretary was the guest provider of the Tuesday Teaser image at Teddy's classroom this past Tuesday...(A pic taken by one of her cousins in Europe, on a vacation to Austria.)  She and Miss Pam thought it would be Un-guessable, but there are some really good sleuths out there! It was guessed in minutes! Wowee! It took petcretary hours to find it, even though she had a general idea of where it was from. But none the less it was still fun to have a fun class session:)

But wait, She was also one of the first commenters at class that day! Wheeee!

This is the church of Sankt Pankraz near Fügen, in the Zillertal Valley,in  Schwaz province, Tyrol, Austria.
It is a pilgrimage church, and one had to climb way high up the hill to get there.
Ouch if you have bad knees or hips!
Now it is a popular spot to visit when you do hikes in the not snowy season…such as it is here when my cousins were in that region a few years ago.

The brighter  image is from a site I found, which clearly shows the elevation of the structure…which has been mentioned as early as 1338, and this present one was built in the 1490’s! Sometime in the 1520’s it was expanded.

Here is a site for hikers that has some nice pics of the interior.


This past week saw more sadness in our blogging circles.

Mindy of Team Tabby
Bogie of In My Heart Forever


This is Rascal, She didn't have a blog, but you can find her here on FB, and we have known this family since our Dogster days...many might remember her, the sister who came after Droopy.

We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies! Thanks Kitties Blue for hosting each week! We love you and we love Sunday Selfies!


  1. Nice selfies this week, even if they are semi-oldies.

  2. A quiet week is good. Those are lovely selfies.

  3. my heart hurts for the rainbow travelers and the family left behind. that church is amazing and I am pondering how in 1338 they ever got the materials up there and built without falling down the mountain. your selfies are wonderful, all of them. my favorite is that last one... all of them made me smile and feel happy

  4. That church looks like a challenge to visit ;)
    Lovely pictures or the newest Rainbow angles.
    My furcousin Mindy was such a sweet, quiet kitty who loved to snuggle with her folks :)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. We like your selfies. We're always happy to be firsties with you on the Teaser.

  6. We love your selfies, even if they aren't brand new out of the box, as it were. We also often use selfies that are a few days old (don't tell anyone...)

  7. Hi ... how nice to have a quiet week, that's a really good thing to have sometimes! You look happy in your pictures. Hope the petcretary enjoyed that kind of week, too, she's always such a go-go-busy lady, some time
    off would be nice for her!

  8. Those are great selfies of you two. We've had some super cold days here too and it doesn't look like it's going to warm up any time soon.

  9. Lulu: "If it's got to be cold, at least it's cold and sunny, right? Sorry to see so many friends went to the Rainbow Bridge this week though."

  10. You two sweeties are so adorable and we love your expressive eyes!

  11. You guys do such adorable ussies/selfies. Happy weekend. Stay warm.

  12. Furst, your teaser was spoectacular! What a terrific shot and we never guessed. Mom says she would like to go there and see a church that is that ancient (kind of like her). We loved your photos this week (even if they are older). We LOVE it when you come and visit us and we hope you guys and your Peeps have a marvellously happy week!

  13. I loved the Teaser. I could have likely guessed the Country. Did a lot of hanging out in that and other Countries back when.
    The badges are superb! Beautiful. If I ever fly away, (promised mom I will wait a long long tiem) mom and I hope you will help us with a beautiful loving badge.

  14. It is sad when we lose some of our good friends in the blogosphere. The mementoes must be such a treasure. I know ours are.

    Well done with the teaser!

  15. Y'all look quite handsum. Big hugs

    Luvs ya'

    RaenaBelle and Zebby

  16. You guys take the best selfies! We finally got some snow today…about 3 inches or so. ~Ernie

  17. We had about an inch of snow, but it's so cold that this wee bit will stick around for awhile.

  18. You all look beautiful. We prefer the quiet times at hour house. The busy times bring trouble.

  19. your selfies are so super cute... we hope there was a big reward for posing so nicely for da cam....

  20. doodz....yur selfeez uzzeez izza good one thz week...& sum timez.....eye am still skitteree two....may bee coz tunas not heer ??? may bee itz de feral in me that will never go a way ??? any way, heerz two a happee healthee safe week....way awesum foto for de teezer two ;) !! ☺☺♥♥

  21. Furry nice selfies! Mommy says she remembers Droopy and Ranger. Ranger will hab fun wif her sisfur Hershey and Winkie and Mr.Jack and eberyfur up at de Bride!

  22. Your Selfies are so cute, Dalton and Benji. It's good to have quiet days, they make life so easy😸That was not an easy guess. We saw a lot of churches on the google, but not this one. Pawkisses for an Easy Week ahead🐾😽💞

  23. purrrrrs for a good week you cuties!I would not have guessed Austria. So pretty!

  24. purrrrrs for a good week you cuties!I would not have guessed Austria. So pretty!