Monday, March 18, 2019

We Are All Irish Today! And An Update About Pipo

Well, as the saying goes, on St Patrick's Day, *everyone* is Irish, so that means us too, we think...MOL/BOL!
So we did our best, but petcretary at least was not as crazy as a week ago, tee-hee!
Pipo started vomiting a lot the past week, and it was not just little hairball was like 'Mt Vesuvius'...UGH. So he made a little trip to pay a visit to his fave man - not...
After a thorough exam and a complete blood workup, (which all was within normal limits and very good for a senior kitty like Pipo.) - we come up with - no idea. Sheesh. So Pipo got a shot of Cerenia to help control his vomiting, and given more to take at home. He won't eat either, though he is drinking, and using the litter box. Since his vet visit, no vomiting, but he is very listless and has zero desire to eat. So since the vet knows how petcretary helped Minko with feeding, he suggested that be done for Pipo. So he does get fed, twice a day...and that does stay down...but no improvement in his demeanor.  Even when the sunpuddles were out, he did not go to his critter TV perch...but he is not hiding, he just lays around in one of the various nests he has to choose from. We may need another trip to his fave-not place to have further tests done to find out what exactly his troubles are.

Please purr hard, wag your tails and send pawyers for Pipo, he really needs them.

OK, Here are our St Paddy's Day selfies, and even though Pipo was not 100%, he seemed not to mind too much to wear a festive hat and to relax in the finery:)

I am an Irish-Incognito!!

Irish Imbalance,BOL!

We made some cards, too...

And being late in posting, its already the 18th...we are showing this card, too:
Giulietta - She's from the Kitties Blue who are our weekly hosts!

AngelZoomSmokey  ~  Some of you 'old' Dogster peeps, may remember Demon Flash Bandit. AngelZoomSmokey was his sisfur...and she left for the RB recently. *This* is her old Dogster page in the wayback machine, and *this* is her brofur's blog...
Hector  ~  was the dog of Diane Kacher's Sister. Diane is the dog-mom of Buddy, whom you can visit  here in Facebook. They no longer have a blog...they were also on the old Dogster.
We are Irish-ly hopping with the Kitties Blue, MOL!


  1. that are super green selfies... and we wish your Pipo lots of POTP and all the luck of the irish to feel better...

  2. Pawsome selfies! And we are sending lotsa POTP to Pipo. We had a vomitus incident here too - but we know da cause wuz either me or Crockett eating dog food (it tends to have that effect on us when we eat too much of it). Hope ya feel better soon Pipo!

  3. Luv da selfies. And lotsa POTP for Pipo!

  4. Poor Pipo - I am sending lots of purrs his way.

  5. Oh, this is not good news for Mr Pipo. We are praying and purring lots (even Mrs H is) so we hopes the appetite will find its way back and he will be strong again very soon. Till then we are with you across the oceans.
    I must say that the St Patrick's day spirit really does seem to have taken off in your palace. Lovely selfies everyone, and I hope the nip and green treats are flowing as we speak....

  6. I am sending you lots and lots of AireZen, Pipo! Feel better soon. You guys look great in your green finery!

  7. I am sending lots of good thoughts for Pipo. You all look good in your St.Patrick's Day finery.

  8. We are sending lots of POPT to Pipo and hope he feels better soon. I heard my kitty cat cousin Hani has been having some problems lately too. But he's still a youngster.

    You all look so festive in your wearing of the green! We're hoping we get some kind of greenness (as in green grass and leaves) soon. It's so dreary and cold still. I heard we're supposed to get more snow tonight. Blah!

  9. You all look so festive! Sending lots of purrs to Pipo. Did they test him for pancreatitis?

    1. After labs and exrays and other studies, his vet thinks he likely has lymphoma in his small intestine:(
      He thinks we can buy him quite a bit of quality time with steroids,and appetite stimulants if needed.

  10. Pipo I just read about the lymphoma I will say a prayer for you every night for that quality time. Now I hope all of you stayed out of the Irish Whiskey on St. Paddy's Day. You all look great in green.
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Major Purrs and Purrayers, Pipo. And for the mom and the dad too.
    xoxo, Bibi & Meep
    P.S. you all look very dapper in the green.

  12. Very belated St Patty's Day! And we wanted to mention tht WE get many meals in small amounts because Iza cant keep down much food at once (and the Vet can't find the cause). So, in cat-solidarity we all eat small meals many times a day. And even then, TBT smears Izas Stinkey Goodness aroubnd the inside of her bowl so she has to eat a little slower.

    It must be working, some. Last year Iza weighed 9.4 pounds and she is back to 10.0 again. And the many small meals suit the other 2 of us just fine. TBT once read that the average outdoor cat eats 6 mice a day, so we get 6 mousie-sized meals.