Monday, February 11, 2019

Belated SuperBowl And Valentine Day Selfies

We had a rather boring week...petcretary slowly is getting over this nasty cold, she felt quite ill for a few days, but now she is back at work and has no more fever, Only problem is, it turned her into a kind of upright one that barks and barks a lot, BOL/MOL!
The weather was like a yo-yo too; nice but frigid, not nice and snowing, we had some freezing rain, and we had high winds, and we had a wee bit of sunshine. At least when it was cold this week, it was not in the below zero mode. though the wind chills were. We still got no walks this past week...but we  pups did get some long and exuberant romps in the yard, through mud, slush, ice and snow! The whole gamut!

Benji still has an occasional accident in the dining room...he goes out, *she* sees him do what needs doing and he comes in only to do more after five minutes. Hmmm. It is not marking, cause they are from squat maneuvers, like puddles. Marking would be more of a spray pattern...ok, ok.,TMI, TMI!!
Petcretary got some bells and attached them to the back door, and is trying to teach him to use those to indicate the need to go outside.
Benji also has discovered that bird seed tastes yummy, at least to him...he goes outside and nibbles at the leftovers that fall from the feeders...and the suet cakes are the best. BAD...

And wonder of wonders, Dalton seems to not be nearly as bad with the submissive widdles anymore. This has only happened once in the past couple of weeks. He seems to be of a happier and more confident demeanor now that he has Benji around. Except when there is a camera around, down go those nice handsome ears...and pawppy is still not too trustable in his mind, but it is v e r y  s l o w l y getting a wee bit better.

A large box arrived here this week, and inside were lots of kitty items from the Tomlyn company. Petcretary won that prize at a giveaway from Truffle & Brulee at SweetPurrfections. 

But Pipo is a silly dude sometimes, and he did not give any of the proffered items the time of day. Sigh...
So petcretary will donate them to our vet who will then use them with his shelter kitties (Froggie'sPond), or for the rescue kitties he helps, which is  also the same group (ROAR), where Dalton came from.

Saturday, while the sun was nice and bright, the pups were outside romping in the not too big of a fresh snowfall, petcretary got out her camera, and though the battery had just been recharged, it only had 20% power left. Sheesh! So only a few bad pics were made.  Good thing she has these Superbowl cards for our selfies this week, BOL/MOL! She was able to still use the sites even though the game was long over! Phew!

Today, we are getting a new, fresh dump of snow, continuing through Tuesday morning..up to 5 inches predicted, and for once we hope those weather guessers are wrong.

Here are our Valentine's Day Selfies:
Pipo purrs that Valentine's Day is his fave day of the whole year...because well, its his Gotcha Day!!

This is Benji's first ever Valentine's Day...and Dalton's second with us.

Earlier this week, on Feb 5th, we silently observed the first year of being without our beloved MJF. These kinds of remembrances are always hard, esp the first time. Here is one of the special mementos petcretary made in his honor...
All these friends with MJF represent some of the many creatures he chased...

 We made a card for Fenris:
Fenris dogabrated his tenth combined Birthday/Gotcha Day!

This Valentine's Selfie Hop is being hosted by The Kitties Blue. Thanks so much!


  1. Whoa! Sorry for that odd layout...blogger must have a flea, MOL/BOL!

  2. it seems you are like da Phenny Benji, he did the same accident-thing like you...and he also liked berd seeds LOL

  3. Tomlyn are great people and the hairball formula really works!

    Give it a try.

  4. Aww, we are so pleased that the staff are well and up and around with you all. Better that than stuck in bed. Naughty Benji with the pee issue, that would drive Mrs H nuts. You are all very patient, and we are sure that things will improve over time, especially when the weather improves and the outside privy is less inhospitable, MOL

  5. guyz....yur selfeez fotoz for game day N hearts day oh loves total lee rox....N 984 pawz up ta petcretarry for de doe nayshunz her will give two yur shelterz....we sendz hugs N lovez as her N pawpy remember dood MJF; it is hard ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Oh winter is hard! Hard to pee outside and ago walkies. Hard to get well. Hard to remember those we've loved and lost. Mr. JF - sigh - he was truly a friend to cats.
    xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  7. your photos are sooo cute! I love Benji's face!

  8. Sweet pictures of you all and such a sweet remembrance picture of a beloved angel💗Pawkisses for a wonderful healthy week ahead🐾😽💞

  9. You have some very nice Puppy and Kitten Bowl photos my friends. Thank you so much for Miss Fitz's Card. She loves it.
    Happy Valentines Friends!
    Timmy and Family

  10. We loved your Puppy and Kitten Bowl pictures! We watched the Puppy bowl during our family dinner that day, and then Dad watched the Superbowl later. Happy Gotcha Day to Pipo. And we sure miss Mr. Jack Freckles! My ghostwriter worked the last four days, and they were super busy. But she's off to day and tomorrow. Oh, and I never thought to try the birdie seeds that fall on the ground. Hmmmm …

  11. Pipo, it will be so-of fun to share a birthday with Pipo! I don't know any other animals that have a birthday on Valentine's Day except us. Mom does know a human she went to school with that has a birthday on the holiday. I hope you get lots of nom nom treats and have sweethearts lined up at your door for smooches! Luvs.