Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hola! Selfies A La Cinco De Mayo

Yesterday was May Fifth...which is also Cinco De Mayo.An important date in Mexican history, but somehow it is widely celebrated here, MOL! BOL!
And Thursday was May Fourth...which to Star Wars aficionados has become known as May The Fourth Be With You. Petcretary is not into that at all...but the unfur bros were back in the day. When petcretary was at her work the CEO was dressed as Darth Vader..and he had his wee pup wering a cape too. Norman the dog a fluff ball...not too sci-fi if you ask us:) Anypaws he had fun sitting on residents laps and getting lots of attention. He comes regular to visit them as he is being 'groomed' as a therapy pet, and when he is older he will become the live in facility  pet. Wonder who will be given the role of care taker??
Anypaws, Thursday was very windy and stormy. he power went off a lot for many peeps due to falling trees, etc. It flickered at our den and the thermostat needed to be replaced, but that did not happen until late in the day...hours after the fact. Good thing it was not cold out. At work the flickering power happened too. Mr J, with Norman, well he said it was 'The Force', MOL/BOL! Petcretary was glad the power did not go off completely...and that the storms did not cause too much trouble in our area...but it did make lots of mess and havoc to the west of here. And it also smashed a baseball park building in our town. Wow, wind can be so destructive. (gusts of 58mph were recorded.)
Well, we suppose you want to see us in our festive gear...unfortunately we do not have props like maracas, etc...
She wants me to wear *that*?

Yup, Pipo, I think she does...sigh...
Well, way.

Just do it, Pipo, and then she will leave us alone:)

Well, maybe like this, OK?

For once I did it better, BOL!

And the spring time warmth that we finally got to enjoy made all the blossoms on our weeping cherry tree go poof! But the strong winds and heavy rains did not help those our tree is not quite as pretty as it was last year. But ii is still beautiful, cause it means that the real spring is here. And many other blooms are now showing up, too.
Weeping Cherry and the other tree is our dogwood, soon to bloom, too.

A primula

Grape Hyacinth

Wild violets


Bleeding pretty in our shady corner...

It will look so lovely when it is in full bloom.

The dogwood in heavy bud.

No springtime yard around here is immune to these bright blooms, MOL!

Well, they are kind of pretty in their own way:)

We made some cards...slowly, slowly petcretary is getting the hang of how to use the PSE program:) Though she still finds it furry time consuming. The kimi site is slightly improved, but still nothing like it used to be:(
Julie from Mickey's Musings is, or recently had her birthday:)
 Many of you may remember Meep and Bibi from our Catster days. Sadly both of them have become angels since that site has closed, First Bibi and now Meep. If you wish to send them any condolences, contact me and I will give you their Mom's email address. Io not know their Facebook info or even if they have one. And they don't have a blog, though they do comment on some of our pages now and then.

We are hopping with The Kitties Blue who are the dedicated hosts of this weekly feature.


  1. How cool that your facility has a therapy pet in training!

  2. Great selfies - even if there were issues with the hat... Loved the flowers, too.

  3. Gosh, such wonderful colours in your selfies and in your garden. It is great how nature can suddenly bring forth such magnificence. It sure does lighten the day too to not have snow and cold and rain. Hmm, maybe there is a job vacancy going for Dalton to become caretaker at your moms place?
    Have great week
    Toodlepips and purrs

  4. You look like a real Mexicano with the sombrero, Dalton, so handsome too <3 That sombrero suits you too, Pipo, even if you didn't wear it :D Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday :) <3

  5. Ole Dalton an Pipo!!
    Dalton you cutss a dashin figure inn thee sombrero an Pipo all thee colorss suit yur eyess. LadyMum sayss yur toetallee hansum!
    Thee luvley garden fotoss' cheered LadyMum uppy; fank you Lady Ingrid.
    An mee will say a purrayer fur BiBi an Meep...may they run free inn Pure Land.
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  6. You two sure are patient dressing up in costumes to humor your humans. And I know you may not be thrilled about the experience but I bet you were the life of the pawty. I somehow managed to escape dressing up for the festivities, 'cause Mom's attention was distracted to the garden. Those dogwood trees sure are pretty. We had a pink snowstorm the other day of cherry petals! Tummy tickles. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  7. Those are super pawsome selfies! We're impurressed at how well you did.

    Purrty flowers too!
    The Florida Furkids

  8. You both look very good all dressed up for Cinco de Mayo. The flowers and blossom are beautiful. I didn't know Bibi and Meep, but it is very sad they have both been called to the Bridge. I send my condolences to their family.

  9. You all look so festive ! Wonderful selfies ! Great pictures of flowers, Spring is beautiful by you. Purrs

  10. Nice to see everything in bloom. You both look great,so festive. Sorry I am so late. Happy Belated Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo. XO

  11. Muy bueno selfies! We love them. And we love those flowers too. Even the dandelions. :)

  12. Wow, you have some really gorgeous flowers!! Maybe your mom will bring some (non-toxic) ones in for you to sniff! :)

  13. doodz....we iz glad ya made it thru de stormz....kinda oh kay N glad it waz knot werst.....yur selfeez thiz week bee total lee awesum az R de cardz petcretarry maded ~~~~~~~~~...N speekin oh way kewl....yur cherry tree makez de one on TT landz look like a twig !!!!!! :) happee week a ahead guys ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥♥

  14. Your spring flowers look amazing. Dalton you are totally adorable in the sombrero. It helps to have those ears to hold it on your head. We can't blame you for not wearing it, Pipo. We really appreciate you always joining us for hopping. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  15. Lovely flowers!

    TBT uses PSE and has 6 and 12 but really prefers 6 as it is just easier to use for the simple stuff he does.

    He doesnt mind the dandelions much in bloom, but he goes around the yard every few days with one of those BBQ lighters and flames the seeds so there aren't TOO many next year.