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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Selfie Socks!! ~ Oh, And Of Course Other Good Things To See!

Our petcretary is going cuckoo we think...she was wearing Pipo on her feet! Can you believe it?? MOL/BOL!
She wanted to show off Pipo in a unique way, seeing as he wasn't too interested in making a 'real' selfie...
I was trying to take a sunpuddle nap, when...

Petcretary came around with her camera...sheesh, great idea: *not*.
So then she said , OK, I have an idea!

Kitties Blue...

For letting petcretary...
Win some fun socks!
So does that count as a selfie substitution? You be the judge.
But...thank you, Kitties Blue, for having your sock giveaway. Petcretary won a pair and she got them last week:)
So of course they had to be worn to show them off!
Well, then, I guess I will do a selfie to please you, since you were modeling me! I think the real thing is better though, MOL!!
 Dalton didn't seem impressed with that sock-y affair either, MOL/BOL!
Whatcha doing petcretary? I want you to play with me...

Sheesh, she's wearing socks with *that Pipo* on them...sigh...
Then she went outside to tend her plants and garden. Well at least that is normal...bwahahaha!
Well, some of her plants decided *they* were going to do selfies too, tee-hee. Of course they are not from the animal world, but they enhance it and some even help to feed us. So that is why they wanted to come here into the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!

Not a daisy, nor a black eyed susan, not sure what this is, it grew up without being *planted* and it returns each year.

Purple Cone Flower

Yellow Dahlia
White Dahlia
Another unknown pretty perennial.

When Hostas like where thye are, they like to BLOOM!

Bee Balm

Another variety of balm.
Sweet pea
Cherry Tomatoes!

We have been enjoying these for about a week, now. YUM!
We made some cards, too:
Timmy is having his birthday today!! Lets Pawrty!
Simba will be missed by many.
We are hopping in the long lineup of 'Sunday Selfie Pawticipawnts'! The host is Kitties Blue.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sunday Selfies And Lots Of Post Independence Day Fun

Oh, it was a hot one folks! We cooked (and we do not mean using the grill...), outside...well, I Pipo was inside in the AC, Phew! But the peeps did not even go to all the airshow/balloon things over the holiday time because it was simply to dang hot. And humid. They did go a wee bit on some of the days, but then on the Fourth, they went for a longer time, it was a wee tiny bit cooler. Like down from 95F to about 92F. Hah! (The heat index was between 100 & 105...ugh.)
Now when petcretary;s vacation is over and she is back at work this weekend, the weather is perfect! Warm, a bit breezy and no humidity. Go figure!
Anyways, Dalton was semi willing to make some nice pictures...but  Pipo was not interested at all, so he will show off himself from last year, MOL! (Petcretary: It was too hot to do much picture taking...lame excuse, MOL!)
First we will show some of the things that  happened at the 2018 Field of Flight/Balloon Festival.
Airplanes and jets!
A10 with a MustangTF51D in a Heritage Flight
The Redliners
Canadian Harvard Acrobatic Team
Harvards are trainers from WW11
Hey, How did those Redliners get in here??
F18 Hornet

Balloons galore!
Those balloons you saw were doing what is called 'The Balloon Illume'. We did not see any regular flying balloons this year as we were not in the vicinity of the launches,and we were not at the airfield  when there were 'fly-ins', on account of the  heat.
The sunsets we saw were amazing:
There were some planets we could see before the stars 'came out'...however we are not sure which ones they were, MOL/BOL!

 And yes there were fireworks, too...from airplanes:
There were the 'real' fireworks, too. Spectacular and loud of course!
Here is a video of them...
 This is not a 'professional video', there is much background noise, and
sometimes its out of focus, but it still is fun to watch. (14minutes if you have the time.)
And now its time for us!!
Remember, Pipo's are recycles/backflashes, MOL!

 We made cards, too...but of course!
JJ, Julie & Georgia


Siddhartha Henry
We are hopping our festive selfies over to The Kitties Blue who are the hosts of this fun weekly feature