Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve/New Year's Day ~ A Birthday ~ Selfies!

A busy post here this time round.

We are buried in fairly deep snow, and chilled by bitter cold, as well as even colder windchills. However we are thankful that we did not get as much snow as in some places where they were buried...and our cold would feel warm to those who are in the -30's...Brrr! Right now we are -3F (Which 'warmed up' to 12F later in the day...then it went to -10 the following night...)...but for now the snow machine has stopped production at least for a while. Some peeps as usual are not cautious enough when out on the highways, and there have been many crashes and slide offs around here. At least we do not have any major obligations other than petcretary has to go to her work on Jan 1st. The larder is full of good provisions and the pantry has lots of non-perishables too: And yes, there is plenty of noms for us according to petcretary. So we are glad to be warm and safe in our den.
Dec 25th, 2017...snow fell overnight! There was none on Dec 24...

Dalton is glad a path was cleared in the grass...

Sheesh, I am from Texas, this is not fun at all...

Its deeper than I am tall!

The snow continued to blow and come down...

Brrr, Dalton, I am going back inside.

Somefur braved the depths  of snow...

And the evidence is all on my harness!
I too am going back inside where its warm and dry.

Pipo catabrated Birthday Number 13 past Dec 26th. Petcretary was all busy and not able to post for, he is a 'teenager' now!!

Anypaws he was not interested much in his gifts of mousies a big can of silvervine, and another of good old nip...and some other toys including a wand toy and a crinkle nest to play in. He had a couple of mousie party goers to help his pawrtying:) Not sure why...maybe he just wanted his good old pom-poms!! MOL!
I woke up and these mice pawrty dudes were visiting.

And no I am not really trying to mimic Grumpy Cat.

Sheesh, those mousies!

Today he got another feathery toy, (sorry Tabbies), and Dalton almost ruined it before Pipo had a chance to even sniff it. Bad Doggie...
Pipo got a card from his good furends, Timmy Tomcat and crew:
Thanks so much, Timmy and crew!

 Christmas was quiet here, too.
We had a dump of snow overnight, so that we actually had a white Christmas. Petcretary says it can all leave now, MOL/BOL!
Pristine White blanket of snow...for the time being!

Some of the gifts Pipo got were also Christmas ones. He actually got a whole bag of new mousies and other small nip filled toys. His fave remains plain old craft store pom-poms! Go figure!
MrJackFreckles got a bag of new stuffies, and after a few cursory sniff, he just ignored them. Poor old pup just is not into playing with toys anymore. He did try to rip some wrappings...BOL!
Am I supposed to do something with these stuffies?

Thanks, though, Petcretary...sorry I don't much play anymore.

Hi, Peeps and furs!
Merry Christmas from MJF!
 Dalton?? OMD! He was one crazy pup! We do think he loved getting a bag of stuffies to start working on...and then he appropriated all of MJF's too...who did not make any protest:)
Stay away, MrJackFreckles

I really...

Like all...

My new toys! Thanks Petcretary!
 Petcretary got a MJF look-a-like! MJF knew it was a fake.but Dalton had a bark at it and some cautious sniffs...BOL!
Who are you??

Do you bark or bite?

Shh, don't tell anyone but I thought you were a real playmate!
They all got  a special little meal in their dishes...and they will again on New Year's Day. Pipo reacts adversely to dietary changes so we did not give him anything too different for his birthday. That  is a drawback of having your BD the day after Christmas. But he got TONS of loving on and big hugs. Including from Pawppy.
Pipo & Pawppy, Dec 26th, 2017
 Now it is New Year's Eve! Wait, we are late...its already New Year's Day!!!Wow, where did the year go? In less than a day it will be 2018! and by the time this gets published it will be: 2018 ~ Happy New Year To All!

So we wish all of you a Happy New Year! May it be a good one to be remembered with much fondness and good memories as eventually it too will turn into the next year....but not too fast pawlease! MOL/BOL! It is good to reflect back on the past and all the blessings we experienced, even through periods of grief and sadness. Now we can start with a 'clean slate' and write new memories and events on that slate. May all of our furends and furmilies have a wonderful and blessed 2018! May peace, health and good will be in the hearts of all.Happy New Year to all!
Too much pawrtying in a short time, MOL!

Well, OK! I will peek at you for a moment...

I pawrtied a bit too much too...
We are ready to ring and bark in the new Year!
Thinking about what might be in 2018
Pffttt on all this pictue taking!

We are not going to have a special posting for New Year's Day, as Petcretary has to go to her this year end/new beginning we will greet you all in our selfies post:
Auld Lang Syne!
Happy New Year!!
Of course we also made some New Year's Selfies:
Pipo purrs his Happy Mew Year greetings!

Dapper Dalton also woofs Yappy New Year!

Pfft! Leave me alone now...wait, you need a selfie??
And a happy New Year to all!

A first double selfie for the New Year
 And we made a card too:
Buddy Budd had his 10th Gotcha Day. You can find him by clicking on this caption.

We are starting 2018 with the Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by The Kitties Blue

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day! Our Card To Our Furends & Our Cards From You To Us: A Collection

Marv's Mom Barb made this fur us!

Ans she made this one too. Thanks Miss Barb and to you, also, Marv, for helping her:)

This is our card for all of you. If perhaps you were overlooked, furgive us and snag it now!
Now the moment you were waiting for: All the cards we have received and are grateful for, from you our furends! These cards are in no particular order, and there were a few I could not get to post no matter how hard I tried to manipulate them:(
And of course there were all kinds of cards that came in the mail, thanks so much for those, but we don't have any good way to show those if petcretary had a scanner at home...pawppy can you still get a purrsent fur us? BOL/MOL!)
Merry Christmas to all of you!
Happy Boxing Day too, MOL!

Pogo from Dogster

From Pam...from Dogster. Sorry I couldn't get this to be properly situated, LOL!

From another Dogster/Catster furmily